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founder, chief creative officer, entrepreneur, ice cream maven — meet jeni britton bauer (@jenibrittonbauer ). “i quit art school to start my first ice cream business in 1996,” says the 44-year-old behind jeni’s splendid ice creams. “it’s been my lifelong pursuit — literally, more than half my entire life has been devoted to ice cream.”
jeni likes to say, “flavor is everything.” “flavor is what you experience when you eat ice cream, but it is so much more,” she says. “it’s about memory association and that is unique to each person. it’s about gathering knowledge and experience and going deeper. so, for me, ice cream is about flavor, and it’s about conversation and getting to know someone else better. my favorite part of my job is scooping ice cream and helping people find a flavor that inspires them and the conversation that unfolds.”
she’s based in columbus, ohio, but jeni is often on the road to visit her scoop shops all over the country— and she loves what she’s seeing. “the maker and entrepreneur movement is a massive tsunami. women, especially, are so united and connected and gathering all over,” she says. “and it’s only growing.”
watch our story to learn more about jeni’s sweet creations. 🍨
jeni is part of the #createcultivate100 list, honoring 100 inspiring women across 10 categories. head to @createcultivate to learn more.
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