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perfect you by nünude - @londonfashionweek ❤️ no make up and fully natural - love your imperfect flaws - body positivity all day every day.. you see ....... but i see perfect 👌🏽
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@thanassis_andriotis @showerhands look, you basic dumb bitch. first of all, skinny by definition is not in any way offensive. second of all. you didn't state in what way i am privilaged but by a rough guess i will sat it's my genes. my brother is actually luck since he gets to eat a lot and not get fat. but if i eat, i get fat. simple, right? recently i started working out, and for once i feel proud. you should try it instead of telling your self you cant do s**t and giving up.
@jumboairbus @thanassis_andriotis okay obviously you didnt read my comment, again. and just got butthurt over the fact i called you skinny. im not dumb nor basic nor a bitch, not sure where you got that from. skinny is offensive to a lot of “skinny” people so try again. i work out 4-6 times a week and im gluten and dairy free and im low carb. i have never given up nor did i say it. now, maybe you should actually read the comment before you respond
@thanassis_andriotis @showerhands last response since you are uncivilized and you realise you can't win this arguement so you beg me to leave. no i am not 11. i am 14. i am in no way in position to give medical advice but i sure do know that giving up makes you look dumb asf. some people were born with one leg but they sti managed to walk. and you sit here bitching on how we "offend you". grow the f**k up. peaceee
@thanassis_andriotis @showerhands it was my mistake judging you without knowing your story or you personaly and for that i apologise. have a nice day and never give up.
@jumboairbus @thanassis_andriotis im 16, i already have won this argument since you keep on saying i have given up, i literally never f*****g said you offended me, you’re actually making me laugh because you are assuming and then trying to make your argument off that. i have military family that has trained me. now learn your facts and grow the f**k up
@jumboairbus @thanassis_andriotis your apology isnt accepted because you didnt listen to me in the first place
@thanassis_andriotis @showerhands well i don't give a f**k anyways. kys hoe
@jumboairbus @thanassis_andriotis l**o when did i become a hoe lmao?? and i will note that since ive been suicidal for a long time since my dad passed away and you can be sent to jail if i k**l myself!!
@thanassis_andriotis @showerhands wouldn't be kinda dumb making people around you feel bad so one asshole across the world could get potentially go to jail?
@jumboairbus @thanassis_andriotis l**o ive wanted to die for years, you arent special
@thanassis_andriotis @showerhands well, fuck. 1-800-273-8255 give em a call. they have helped me in the past.
@insta_maddy_ Ok the girl on the left i get her problem, like agencies literally starve you and make you work out non-stop. but the girl on the left is just killing herself
@_rainbowmuffinz @sir_babajide give me a good reason why.
@sir_babajide @_rainbowmuffinz because sign is only applicable to the slim girl
@i000 🤔 the message would have been more affective if the girls with the body most would consider "perfect" or "bangin' " wasn't there.
@minami_kaido_cure_mermaid_ I like the body positive movement, but clothing is something i would wear.......
@jordy8565 😘😍😍
@jolly_mickle @mike_the_d i can see where you are coming from and i agree but some people are built differently and if your six hundred pounds that’s an issue but having a little extra isn’t bad and if you eat healthy and you exercise and your healthy then you should be proud
@mike_the_d @ilikebears_ yeah there's nothing wrong with having a little extra weight and being happy with the way you look. but being happy with the way you look and thinking you're perfect are two different things. like i don't have a whole lot of extra body f*t on me the way i am right but i can't say i'm perfect because even with the little excess f*t that i have it affects both my health and my appearance negatively, albeit in a small way. the lady on the left is in a situation where her extra body f*t likely has little to no excess body f*t but she's not "perfect" for whatever modeling position she applied for. whether it be her build or her extra body fat, she can complain all she wants but i can't say it's very rational, she's simply not qualified for the modeling job she wants, the same way i am not if i was interested. and if potential love interests turn either of those girls down for whatever reason, they gotta realize it's not because society is discriminating them, but because people have natural, personal preferences that they don't meet. like it's already not socially acceptable to call someone f*t or even comment on a persons extra weight so at the end of the day in that situation, they're not being discriminated, and even if they are, they're not discriminated by society as a whole but radicals in this subject i'm particular