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#repost @nunude_official ・・・ perfect you by nünude - @londonfashionweek ❤️ no make up and fully natural - love your imperfect flaws - body positivity all day every day.. you see ....... but i see perfect 👌🏽 . . @kay.ellee @kat_v_henry . 📸 @ilusphotography . . #londonfashionweek #fashion #weekmarch #march #slutwalk #london #streets #undewear #bikini #bodypositivity #diversity #plusmodel #positive
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@hedonisticabhi Start workout to make it imperfect
@esawcouture Iwn cur if you f*t b***h can s**k a d**k wit out bittin me f**k allat.
@dannis_tanaka You so thin but i see perfect @ebbi25
@milliebobbebrownn @the.duke.71 ur so rude go to hell
@weekndjckes Y’all in the comments need to chill, you can’t tell if a girl is unhealthy by looking at her weight. that’s not how it works. you don’t know her diet or how often these girls work out. bigger girls can be ten times healthier than the stick thin girls you’re used to seeing.
@weekndjckes And for those saying that this is ‘shaming skinny women’ or targeting thinner people - no it isn’t. i agree that all body types should be celebrated but bigger girls get a much harder time than skinny girls.
@paulinelrc_ @panoulii lol nn la bise
@comedylovetragedy As long as you're healthy bruh. the question is: are you?
@_samsharma_ You can't be that f*t and be fit and healthy
@jibril_gabriel I hope they see perfect in f*t men also
@rabun_rb @glasrain7 yah it is go for run like everyone does u can do hobbies by ur own
@flatf00sie Disgusting
@carrie.anne @mxm.w i'm questioning your comment. how is she 'nearly anorexic'
@_.croatoan._ @realandresfeir i think you might be the most obnoxious person i have ever had a conversation with. stop. stating. your. opinion. as. fact. you think it's unattractive, i think it's part of life and i think my boyfriend is attractive as hell. acne also isn't "unhealthy". health has nothing to do with "clogged pores" . health is general.
@_.croatoan._ @dezztinoyaaa this guy, am i right?
@_.croatoan._ @miss._.spn and what's the definition of "perfect" if i may ask
@_.croatoan._ @loser_in_disguise_ finally someone who is able to express their opinion in a non-insulting way. thank you, we need more people like you on this earth.