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“one of the salaf said: 'when i am afflicted with calamity, i praise allah four times: i praise allah for it not being worse than it is. i praise allah for nourishing me with the ability to bear it patiently. i praise him for granting me the accord to say: ‘to allah we belong and to him we return.’ and i praise him for not making the tribulation in my religion.'
looking to relief through patience is an act of worship since tribulation never remains forever. patiently bear every calamity, take heart, know that harm never endures forever. be patient, just as the nobles were patient: it is a fleeting event, here today, gone tomorrow.” (ibn qayyim al-jawziyyah, heartfelt advice to a friend)
“anas b. malik reported that allah's messenger (ﷺ) said that one amongst the inhabitants of hell who had led a life of ease and plenty amongst the people of the world would be made to dip in fire only once on the day of resurrection and then it would be said to him:
‘o, son of adam, did you find any comfort, did you happen to get any material blessing?'
he would say: 'by allah, no, my lord.'
and then that person from amongst the persons of the world be brought who had led the most miserable life (in the world) from amongst the inmates of paradise. and he would be made to dip once in paradise and it would be said to him:
'o, son of adam, did you face, any hardship? or had any distress fallen to your lot?'
and he would say: 'by allah, no, o my lord, never did i face any hardship or experience any distress.’” (muslim 2807)
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@nurlzhrahmdsllh In shaa allah aamiin . it's very good motivation for us ~ thank for sharing !
@dawah_to_peace @islam4everyone_ this is beautiful, exactly what i needed. jazakallah khair
@dawah_to_peace @islam4everyone_ never stop what your doing
@deweyasha I won't give up..no matter how bad the situation...how tired i am...how worst everything..i won't give upppppppppp 😢
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