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#realtopic of the day: joking about race --- when is it okay to joke about to race? does being in an interracial relationship give you the right? “the real” ladies and guest co-host mel b weigh in on this tricky question, in today’s #girlchat. tell us your thoughts in the comments.
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@heyyodandan No no no no no
@skyjess @therealdaytime i am in a interracial relationship and i say heck to the no. when you have children they pick up on what you say. you can be playing around with your spouse, but say your child repeats it to another child. how would that child feel. we have to be the example of love and peace to our children.
@shania_strickland This is the topic i emailed to @therealdaytime !!!!! i love how they are using it and talking about it! it really needs to be done!
@kkyi12 It's rude either way even if you aren't in an interracial relationship 😕😕
@callmepintobean_7 Yes. it doesn't have to be negative nor offensive. just have boundaries. anyways jokes can be made without being hurtful or insensitive.
@ladylibra542 Your grown you can joke about anything if that's what you want to do it's just a joke ( i think lol ) ?
@conorvalente @aretakalungii well you know my opinion on all jokes anyways lol
@aretakalungii @conorvalente oh i know, haha but i think some people take it too far
@dadeeva30 Oh my gosh!! i would have had so much input on this subject.
@baldwin.andrea No license!
@iwillalwaysloveyou__p First of all there is no such nonsense as interracial/different race. there is only one race, human race just as god created it. yes people have different shade of skin . people need to stop this separation .
@louislana You can say what you want to say because you but that doesn't make it nice
@aerobicjen Absolutely not