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#realtopic of the day: joking about race --- when is it okay to joke about to race? does being in an interracial relationship give you the right? “the real” ladies and guest co-host mel b weigh in on this tricky question, in today’s #girlchat. tell us your thoughts in the comments.
578 2,016 January 2017
@red_e4me Of course not!
@mejiabug Nope not at all. my husband is central american and i'm black american. i don't joke about his race and don't expect him to joke about mine. we are all people.
@ry.20056 No not at all!!!
@jamaican_angeleyes Box braid tutorial 👇👇👇
@_love_lexi I'm biracial my white mother has never disrespected my black side or joked about anything related.
@leslieth2 Because you are in an interracial relationship you should have even more respect for the race of your partner. it's never okay to make a joke of another race never no matter the situation that's my personal opinion
@leeann_0426 You can make all the jokes you want but be respectful
@arose34u This is a tricky question from my perspective. im mixed but my husband is of east indian descent. we know what we joke about pertaining to our respective races. but we do it between us...experiences mostly but we also know to respect each others ethnicity. as adults we need to know what to say, when to say it and how to say it
@breeconnors14 With my husband yes (respectfully) but never with family members. think it depends on the person but me and my husband are definitely jokers.