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Good morning wilhelm i.

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The best lookout high above geiranger.

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Had to stop a this cute tiny village in one of norway’s nationalparks.

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Pre-sunrise vibes at lake bled, slovenia 🇸🇮

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Wembley, camp nou, bernabeu, henningsvær. for me, this football pitch located on the lofoten archipelago definitely makes it to the top 10 football stadiums in the world!

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Morning bliss in swiss valleys 🇨🇭can’t wait to return here this year!

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Lit dolomighty peaks 🔥

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Bonjour porte d’aval et aiguille - good morning from the normandy, france 🇫🇷 thanks for posing little friend 🐦 #whpunexpected

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Unforeseen encounters on swiss mountain ridges. #whpunexpected

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Let’s reflect on the things we experienced last year, the good and the bad, and focus on what’s to come in 2019. i personally will try to reduce my consume of animal products to the minimum possible. what’s your resolution for 2019?

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One of my highlights of 2018 was definitely visiting a part of switzerland 🇨🇭 i haven’t heard a lot about before. all these cozy stone rusticos nestled in beautiful green valleys. wishing everybody a great year ahead! 🎇 i’m beyond exited what 2019 got in store! #whpresolutions2019

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One of the most rewarding views after a short but steep hike up to reinebringen, lofoten 🇳🇴 definitely one of my favourite views of 2018. more of this in 2019! #whpresolutions2019

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