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3:00 am on the lofoten islands. sun has already risen, the seagulls are screaming and there’s a decent fishy smell in the air. can’t imagine a better place to be right now.

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The first look on the peak of segla wasn’t really promising, because it was covered in fog. so glad we waited some time until it fully revealed its beauty.

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@theolator enjoying a fresh morning breeze on the french coast.

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Postcard from switzerland 🇨🇭

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Last light on a natural sea arch on the north-eastern coast of scotland.

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Sunrise with the old man.

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Sunrise at the iconic coast of étretat, france.

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Stoked / soaked

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Take a deep breath. exhale.

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Last light hitting the cliffs of the scottish coastline. what a place.

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this castle from the 15th century in the scottish highlands is definitely a real beauty. on our road trip through the country we had an amazing dinner there with traditional music and dancing and enjoyed some of @theglenlivet_de best whiskys.
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after an adventurous day in the highlands of scotland, the home of the @theglenlivet_de , we finished the day at the coast. blessed with rather unusual sunny weather this trip was beyond expectations!
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