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...🍞s o m e • b r e a d • a n y b o d y?🍞... the bread they are waiting for you to beg for, you shall bake it and give them to eat!
can i get an amen ? 🔊...
#godsplan #onalivingspree #faithittillyoumakeit #currentlybuilding #trusttheprocess #apieceofpeace #wonthedoit #thejourney #peace✌🏾 hair: @hairbyjmsbeau
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..🍪p i c k • y o u r • f a v o u r i t e🍪.. if you know me i love a good cuppa and biscuit!🍪☕️ it’s actually a major weakness for me? which one is your favourite? -
i found this image on one of my fave pages @askdamz always keeping me informed about my food intake! 🙌🏾😍 tag a biscuit lover and keep them informed on the basic calorie values of this bunch of tasty treats🍪!..#snacktime #caloriecounting #biscuitlove #favouritefood #whatisyours #commentbelow👇🏾

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...🙌🏾 s t a y • f o c u s e d 🙌🏾...
“it’s because she married a rich man. it is because s/he has a foreign passport. it is because of the company s/he works for!”. 🙄blah blah blah! allow people to wallow in their ignorance and madness. it’s not your job to cure them. your job is to keep building, keep succeeding and doing amazing things!

sometimes, god allows people to run their mouth about you so they can see they ran their mouth and still couldn’t stop anything!
the most important thing is to focus on your focus, do your best and serve god!! 🤷🏾‍♀️... #onalivingspree #faithittillyoumakeit #currentlybuilding #trusttheprocess #apieceofpeace #wonthedoit #thejourney #peace✌🏾

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...📌n e w • w e e k • & • i d e a s📌...
new day. new week. another opportunity to just start on the thing that god placed on the inside of you and you alone. the world is waiting for you to release it. take the first steps by faith and make room for god to do the rest. if not now, when? if not you, then who?
there is never a perfect time. you have to conquer your fears and just start. no matter your goal or dream, there is no better time than now! today is a perfect day to start. stop trying to perfect it all... so start now!🙌🏾
👣 follow @aimhigherafrica @aimhigherafrica today and let’s start building!..#aimhigherafrica #buildingforasuccess #juststart #designthelifeyouwant #educate #empower #inspire #ourfocusisafrica #ouraimisglobal #togetherwecan

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...👑 c i r c l e • o f • q u e e n s 👑...
i had the pleasure of attending the brand launch for @monkey47_dry_gin at @alaralagos 🇳🇬 with some awesome sisters @only_ronx and @topmodelaminat but that’s not the story... in the words of my dearest @amaechiokobi ! lol!😝
i ended up spending the majority of my evening with @bolanle talking away about everything from faith to fashion and food! despite her stunning looks her essence is phenomenal! i went home so uplifted and inspired by her... on your special day queen always remember to adjust your crown! hold your head up! i’m rooting for you! we’re all rooting for you! you will win! you’re a product of christ! his blood is in your dna! i look forward to what god has in store for you! you are already soaring and don't let anything stop you from fulfilling your purpose!!! wishing you a bornday as blessed as you are!😘...#onalivingspree #happyborndaybeautiful👑#mediaqueen #faithwalking #apieceofpeace #wonthedoit #thejourney #girlpower #circleofentrepreneurs #peace✌🏾
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...✨s m i l e • h e’ s • g o t • y o u✨...
✨let your light so shine before others that they feel the courage and power to do the same.✨
i’m about that vessel life.
my purpose is mine, but yet, i don’t live it by my own might. by my creator’s strength it is all possible. i am because of his call. ego aside. my constant prayer before any work i do, “hide me behind the cross so that others may see you and the light you provide to all.” during my times of stress i lean on that prayer. it’s a sweet and gentle reminder that it’s not about me...never has been and never will be. #faithbuilderfamily, if you’re feeling stressed, reflect and do an ego check. you don’t have to do it alone. lean on your true and enduring help. god has got you, just like he has got my smile looking so big and bright!😁...#onalivingspree #faithittillyoumakeit #currentlybuilding #trusttheprocess #apieceofpeace #wonthedoit #thejourney #peace✌🏾

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...✊🏾 h i s • l e g a c y • l i v e s✊🏾...
”knowledge is power. information is liberating. education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” - #kofiannan -
another devastating and heartbreaking loss for humanity. i’m so heartbroken at the news that one of my life’s greatest inspirations is no more. 😢 may you rest in peace and power sir annan in knowing that you served humanity with depth, compassion and vigour. this remarkable man was inspired me to start @aimhigherafrica. my heart is truly heavy #kofiannan your legacy lives on! we will dearly miss him but never forget neither him, his work, his words or the mark he left on this earth ✊🏾thank you for your invaluable service to humanity. 💔... #kofiannan #ripkofiannan #unitednations #ghana #greatleader #hewillbemissed😢

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...🥂 w e e k e n d • r e a d y🥂...
"too many flaws to be perfect. to many blessings to be ungrateful! "
this week has been tough! i have had a flu that refused to leave my system all week! 🤧 but somedays you need to tell yourself, to s**k it up, put on some make up and make today great. just in time for the weekend!🥂✨
thank you to my glam squad for making me look human and well! 🤷🏾‍♀️... #onalivingspree #faithittillyoumakeit #currentlybuilding #trusttheprocess #apieceofpeace #wonthedoit #thejourney #peace✌🏾 hair: @hairbyjmsbeau
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...🔺a i m • h i g h e r • a f r i c a🌍🔺... i love the way our generation has created opportunities instead of waiting for them to be handed to us. small businesses, blogs, public speaking, outreaches etc. really amazing to witness. if you are currently building but yet to see any results don’t worry! your time will come! what’s for you is for you. so when you see someone winning (whether it’s someone you know or may not know) clap 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾for them and trust that your moment is coming. because when one wins, we all win!
the @aimhigherafrica team and i are loading some exciting projects to take your business and entrepreneurial vision to the next level!
👣 follow @aimhigherafrica @aimhigherafrica today and let’s start building!..#aimhigherafrica #buildingforasuccess #educate #empower #inspire #ourfocusisafrica #ouraimisglobal #togetherwecan

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...💡i c e b e r g • i l l u s i o n✨💡... it's really easy to look at someone who is successful and feel envious. that they're just lucky, had everything handed to them on a plate.
what we don’t see is what's happening beneath the surface. the long hours, hard work, dedication and commitment. we don't see how many times they've failed, fallen down and had to get back up and start again. we don't see what they may have given up to achieve their success.
to get where we want in life isn't always easy. it does require a lot of drive and the right attitude. but any of us can achieve success if we want it bad enough.
look beyond the illusion. appreciate the reality of the moment you are in. see the your truth right now.
majority of the posts on social media is a manipulation of reality- don’t let it manipulate your thoughts about yourself!
if you have a desire to improve, let it come from a place of self love and self development. love your true self and where you are right now - and results will follow!
have a wonderful wednesday!🙌🏾... #theicebergillusion #weallcanbesuccessful #socialmediavsreality #aimhigherafrica #buildingforasuccess #educate #empower #inspire #ourfocusisafrica #ouraimisglobal #togetherwecan cc. @aimhigherafrica

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...✨a l l • n e w • e p i s o d e 📺✨... #atedopeterside is one of the most respected bankers in nigeria. at only 33 he built a billion dollar business and became founder of #stanbic ibtc bank plc. but it has not all been smooth sailing. just at the apex of his success his organization was hit with a scandal that threatened to not only upend his impeccable reputation but that of the bank he had spent his whole life building. catch the exciting episode in an all new episode of @forbesafrica tv’s flagship programme, ‘my worst day with peace hyde’ as it hits your screens✨thursday 16th august✨ on cnbc africa at 12:30 wat, dstv channel 410!... #anticipate #seeyouthere #forbes #forbestv #cnbcafrica #channel410 #myworstday #peacehyde #forbesafrica #atedopeterside #stanbicibtcbank

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...😁j u s t • b e c a u s e • i • a m... 😁... "heard that happiness is the sexiest thing a woman could wear so i decided to wear it inside and out."... #onalivingspree #faithittillyoumakeit #currentlybuilding #trusttheprocess #apieceofpeace #wonthedoit #thejourney #peace✌🏾 hair: @hairbyjmsbeau
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