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My friend megan slankard is a badass artist. so great seeing her and the band at great american music hall in sf this weekend. what a great show!!

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My happy place...

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Late afternoon happy hour on muir beach. marin county, ca.

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One way and the only way!

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These five 8 year olds beat a team of ten 8 and 9 year olds in the final game of the season today (meaning they had no subs all game). i think we have some legit players in the ranks. my little player is back right. papa is beaming!

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Landing in minneapolis. 6 degrees outside...super bowl lii here i come.

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Started work today with this small start up on a project for the next 2 weeks.

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#riverdogsofficial circa 1990

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These 2 know how-to party!

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View from the deck of our beach house this week. spring break 2017!

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Me and this girl...forever!

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