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The alleyways of bari old town are a mecca for pasta enthusiasts and the women here who make orecchiette for a living have become celebrities. porzia petrone is one of them. they have a particular method for making orecchiette and it's jolly difficult! porzia’s episode is now live. go and have a watch and try them yourself this weekend.

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Drum roll, ladies and gentleman... tah-da! here is the final cover for the pasta grannies cookbook! i like how it manages to capture both the modern and traditional aspects of pasta grannies and i am thrilled to share it with you; it means we are one step closer to publication in october. if you would like to pre-order the book now, you can do so by clicking on the link in our bio where you’ll be directed to the amazon page #pastagranniescookbook 📖

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Today the lovely @gaiausala came and helped on the last day of our cookbook shoot. she is a culurgiones pro and taught us all how to pinch and fold to make these plump, potato filled pillows. have you tried them yet? the full recipe will be in the book so save this post for when you come round to giving them a go!

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Today we’ve been busy with the second round of the london cook book shoot. here i am with julia of @granofarina rolling pici, one of my absolute favourites to make. check out our stories for more behind the scenes footage and don’t forget you can pre-order the book on amazon through the link in our bio.

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It’s rained all day in london today and all we want is comfort. this lasagna was from our first london cookbook shoot a few months ago and we’re looking forward to round two later this week. keep your eyes peeled for sneak peeks on our stories.
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Gnocchi con spuntature di maiale - gnocchi with pork short rib stew - made by marielle in rome. real comfort food. it’s a classic winter dish but we’d take it any time of year!

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A pasta for when you’re not feeling very well. frascarelli is a cross between soup and polenta in texture and is traditionally made for the ill, the elderly and breastfeeding mums. annunziatina made it for us in abruzzo and now you can watch how on our youtube 🥣 🥣 🥣

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Carmella making raschiatelli on her gorgeous table.

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Throwback to sardinia back in november when we met gilda and erminia who taught us how to make one of the most beautiful pasta shapes - lorighittas. they serve this with a simple chicken ragù: sauté carrot, celery and onion in olive oil. fry a jointed chicken in the same pan until golden then add a bottle of passata, season, simmer for an hour and finish with parsley. you can watch their episode on our youtube channel.

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Thank you @food52 for sharing my favourite go-to pasta dish for when there isn’t much in the fridge. tinned chickpeas, dried pasta, rosemary, garlic, olive oil, a knife-tip of cayenne and plenty of cheese. that’s it! find the recipe on their website and try it for dinner tonight.

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Three friends doing what they do best - making pasta! these were taken a few months ago when we were taking photos for the book with @juliagriner_photo @emma27lee and @vickybennison

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Pasta con le sarde caltabellotta style, with tomatoes, fennel and breadcrumbs made by rosetta on our most recent episode. she uses a dried pasta called ruvidelli that had a lovely bite to it. a truly delicious lunch alongside their homemade wine.

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