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Sailing through a perfect nyc sunset last night... ✨ @venturasails more on instastory ❤️

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Once you paint with gold it's hard to stop! #shadowdancers

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Painting the moon today ✨ #shadowdancers

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Kind of into her unfinished...

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The results of a perfect night of art and @taittingerusa champagne. ✨ #ownyourmoment #ad #taittingertime

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There are far too many times i hang out with my creative friends… and we don’t create!! so last night, i invited a couple of people over to paint and get artsy! put on some good music, stopped thinking, and sipped @taittingerusa. it’s so fun to watch people who don’t normally paint let loose and have fun with it! see what we created on my instastory! 🥂🍾 #ad #ownyourmoment #taittingertime

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There are little fleeting moments of magic in this world. look for them.

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Remembering today, 16 years ago. living, breathing, american spirit. ❤️ #911 #neverforget #september11 🇺🇸

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Midnight in venice ✨ #papertravels

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Felt like a little kid inside this magical venetian shop today!! except these are way more fragile than the toys i ever had... handmade terra-cotta puppets! #papertravels #aliceinwonderland @antoniasautter

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What i would give for a balcony at home in new york! enjoying it for the moment at this @airbnb ☀️ #papertravels

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Quiet morning with my paints... 🎶🎵 colors. more on instastory! #papertravels

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Exploring the art shops of venice! this one is arcobaleno s.a.s. di nube massimo & c. #papertravels

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Another night under the moon in venice celebrating cinema with @jaegerlecoultre #likeinamovie dress by @vilshenko_official! #papertravels #ad

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Star gazing with @jaegerlecoultre#likeinamovie (🎶 "the time to run" by dexter britain) #ad

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Sketchbook in venice. @jaegerlecoultre #likeinamovie (posted the process on ig story! #papertravels #ad

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Just #likeinamovie... last night was a cinematic dream (on my instastory!). playing in venice under the moonlit sky, as time goes by... illustration featuring the @zacposen gown worn by @cocorocha last night at the @jaegerlecoultre gala #venicefilmfestival ✨🌙 #papertravels #ad

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The past 24 hours have been a blur... in some sort of dream, i ended up in venice, italy dressed in gold to attend the #venicefilmfestival with @jaegerlecoultre... just #likeinamovie ✨ follow the red carpet adventure on instastory! #papertravels #ad

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