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On monday, january 14—one and a half months before the opening of the xxii triennale di milano, “broken nature: design takes on human survival”—the museum of modern art hosted the second broken nature symposium, to explore the notion of restorative design.
drawing on architecture, urban planning, geopolitics, linguistics, and other overlapping fields of research, the symposium traced design’s potential to repair humans’ collapsing bonds with nature, and offered a dynamic exchange of opinions through individual presentations, panel conversations, a debate, and video contributions.

for more information about speakers and schedule, and to watch the recorded presentations, please see www.brokennature.org (link also in bio) > public programs.

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The glorious mystery of an indignant baby girl holding a glob of spinach purée in her cheeks for more than 10 minutes, refusing to swallow it. the mother is the lady with the head in her hands. #ohnoyoudidnt

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Intraspecies conference call with (fancy) nutella. photo by sam ozer. #techneverworkswhenyouneedit #brokennature

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We are @broken__nature : the curatorial team is taking over the triennale building. left to right: erica petrillo, ala tannir, paola antonelli, laura maeran (laurie mandin is already on vacation.) follow us. you’ll find out more about the xxii triennale di milano at www.brokennature.org and @broken__nature #brokennature #triennalemilano #latriennale #anthropocene #sustainabledesign #toughchicks

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#repost @broken__nature
"the extinction of george’s species cannot be reduced to a singular moment on the night of june twenty fourth two thousand and twelve, but rather it is a measured unraveling of loss. (do not stare at me like that: you too have been betrayed by a loved one)."
read "a cenotaph", the new post by khaled malas, on brokennature.org.
photo credits: image courtesy the author. #brokennature #triennalemilano #latriennale #lonesomegeorge #extinction #disappearance #therevolutionisamirror

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The 29th moma r&d salon: dependency, was great. it will soon be online, we will keep you posted.——-
whether psychological, political, chemical, territorial, or biological, dependency is about power, control, and negotiation. prompted by many dependency-based current emergencies—from the opioid crisis to the environmental havoc and the migration upheaval—we will discuss dependency and hierarchies between humans; between humans and substances, environments, and behaviors; as well as between communities and nations.
i will host a conversation with (in alphabetical order) with disability and human development expert lennard j. davis; artist park mcarthur; anthropologist and activist gina athena ulysse; and nida (national institute on drug abuse) director dr. nora d. volkow.
the presentations will be accompanied by of a series of 1-minute videos by, among others, yarimar bonilla, amanda palmer, l.a. kauffman, and jeffrey sachs. ——
in the image: john gerrard, spindletop, texas, 2017 ——
#opioidcrisis #addiction #brokennature

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“with bugs, you’re never home alone: a citizen-science project aims to catalog the spiders, insects and other many-legged creatures that live indoors with us.” a great story by nicola twilley in the new york times reminds us that not only our apartment, but also this earth does not belong to us only. illustration by heidi younger. #ilovebugs #homealone #brokennature #citizenscience #nytimes ht @annaburckhardt

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Angels. link in bio.

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The most recent moma r&d salon, devoted to angels––and not only of the winged kind—is now online. the link is in my bio. we have celebrated those who protect and guide us, mediate between individual and established powers, zero in on each soul with surprising intimacy and focus, and do their best with generosity and abnegation.
it was a great conversation with mustafa ali faruki (from thelab-lab, a brooklyn-based architecture practice), annette yoshiko reed (associate professor in the skirball department of hebrew and judaic studies and program in religious studies at nyu), jacolby satterwhite (visual artist), and calder zwicky (assistant director, teen and community partnerships, moma.) in the image, pieter bruegel the elder, the fall of the rebel angels, 1562.

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On november 2 at moma, architecture critic (and fine photographer, go figure!) oliver wainwright will discuss with moma curator sean anderson his new book ‘inside north korea,’ an adventurous foray into the dprk and its unique design sense. you can register on the moma website. #insidenorthkorea #ollywainwright #architecturephotography

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