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🔥 can i sip my tea next to a fireplace every morning? 🤤🤓 #happysunday #kuschelsockenamstart - 📍@zherohotelischgl

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Spending the weekend with my beloved mom in ischgl ❄️🤓 we are soooo lucky with the weather - think of me on the maldives, usually rain is chasing me 😂🙌🏼 and thanks @zherohotelischgl for having us!! check out my insta story to see our amazing roooooom 😛 #snow #saycheese

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Dreamer .. 💭🖤 absolutely in love with this delicate and pretty jewelry by #cluse 🤤 tiny necklaces, bracelets and rings like those are literally the only thing i pair with my every day jewelry 🙏🏼 also a good affordable alternative to the heart necklace that i’m usually wearing (you know which one? 🖤) .. you can also get your fave watch strap for free with „pamelarf“ if you buy one watch at @cluse 🙌🏼 #cluselovestories

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Can i be your homie

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... say cheeeeese 🌚 - - 📷 by @studio_ah_

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10min sixpack workout now up on youtube 💥 (i don’t even have a sixpack but i guess if i keep on doing it i’ll get one 😛😂) .. it’s in real time - so you can do it together with me ♥️ direct link in my bio!! #motivation #causeitsmonday

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Thinking ‘bout 💭

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Since i’m sick in bed: let’s just remember the wonderful time i had at @stregismaldives 🌅🙏🏼 also just uploaded a verrrry long blogpost about my stay with tons of pictures (auch auf deutsch 🇩🇪🤓)💦 direct link in my bioooo 💗 #heavenonearth

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Back home 🚖✈️ .. 🇩🇪 für alle die ihre guten vorsätze nicht schon am 2. tag über bord geschmissen haben 😂 von heute bis sonntag (07.01.) gibt es wieder 15% bei @hejnatural über meine webseite www.hej-pamela.de (link in bio) 😛 von veganen bio riegeln in verschiedenen sorten, bis hin zu proteinriegeln und -pulvern oder müslis ist wieder alles dabei 🤗♥️ auf insta story habe ich euch meine momentanen lieblings produkte gezeigt!! auf dem weg zum flughafen hier habe ich den "organic coconut" nussriegel gegessen 🙏🏼🙏🏼 der ist vegan, glutenfrei, laktosefrei und bio ♥️ das ist übrigens auch danielas favorit hehe .. besteht aus mandeln, kokosnuss chips, erdnüssen, haselnüssen, reis crispies und agavendicksaft für die süße 🙌🏼 snacken kann nämlich auch gesund sein gell 🤓 #hejbite #alwayshungry #snack #healthy

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01/01/2018 ♥️ i wish you a year full of laughs & love .. i think business wise daniela and i only survived 2017 because of our friendship and our ability of laughing about literally everything haha 😛 i struggled so often, got into s****y situations although it wasn't even my fault and for sure failed to succeed more than once .. but that's life i gueeeesss 🤓 so thanks to everyone who made my last year horrible and thanks to everyone who made it beautiful 🙏🏼 at the moment nothing matters to me more than really living a moment, making memories and being in absolute peace with myself. we rush way too often and don't take the time to take a step back and enjoy. you don't wanna regret that later in life (my granny told me that 🌚)! so let's be real, loyal, loving, kind and a little silly this year! life’s too beautiful to worry and too short to take yourself too seriously ♥️♥️♥️ #2018

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Happy new year ♥️♥️♥️♥️ love you guys so much!!!! #nye

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Last day of 2017 ♥️⛸ spending it in stunning london with the biggest smile on my face 🌚 wishing all of you a wonderful daaaay!! #qualitytime #lifeisbeautiful

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Ending this year right 🙏🏼 .. love to superset those 2 exercises! keeping my legs almost straight for the deadlifts to have a better focus on my glutes & hamstrings 🍑 choose a weight with which you can perform about 10 reps and make sure that your back stays straight.. ➡️ go down to the floor for the roll outs to challenge your complete core!! burns like hell in my abs & arms and also brings up my heart rate ♥️ do as many reps as possible, i aim for 12-15 🙏🏼 - - 🎥 video & cut by @emrahbayka - 🎵 song: i just can't by @r3hab / @fabianmazur remix - - #friyay #workout #motivation

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Happy kid 😛 #itsabikini

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There are always 2 sides to everything, above the surface and underneath it 🌚 #woopwoop 😂 ps: i might look chilled but taking those kind of pictures is a hassle haha .. hold the camera 2 millimeters higher and you won't see anything from the underwater world. hold it 1 millimeter deeper and all you can see is legs 🤦🏼‍♀️ was our first attempt tho 😛 shared outtakes in my insta story!! hope you're enjoying the holidays guys 💗💗

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You deserve everything and more

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Merry christmas ♥️🎄fill your day with lots of laughs, love and joooy 😛 it's all about happiness today!! spending christmas at home with my parents & my grandma .. my brother is missing for the first time as you know 😑♥️ #merrychristmas #hohoho #smilinglikealittlekid - - wearing the vedette @cluse watch, it's the really tiny one 🤓 #newobsession #merryclusemas #cluse // advertising - anzeige

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Sharing is caring 🙏🏼 ich weiß, jeder ist im weihnachtsstress, aber es gibt unglaublich viele menschen auf der welt - um genau zu sein 815 millionen - die viel viel weniger haben als wir!! ihnen mangelt es an ganz grundlegenden dingen: nahrung. ich möchte euch heute nur kurz ans herz legen, dass ihr auch mit ganz kleinen taten übers handy helfen könnt. bis weihnachten gibt es noch das „sharethemeal“ un world food programm und wenn ihr die folgenden steps durchführt verdoppelt mastercard eure spende 😊 man kann bereits 0,40€ spenden, das ernährt ein hungerndes kind für einen tag. - - ⬇️ so funktioniert es: 1) „sharethemeal! app herunterladen (link in meiner bio) 2) team #pricelessmoment auswählen (ganz wichtig!! nur in dem team verdoppelt mastercard die spende) 3) spende 40 cent und teile deine mahlzeit 🖤 - bei insta story zeige ich nochmal wie es geht 🙌🏼 #againsthungertogether #sharethemeal

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