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We are so stoked to travel to iceland for the first time this weekend...hopefully we see some northern lights...who has ever seen these magical lights?

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Ready for a ride with the polar express?

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Such a moody place...who’s ever been here?

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Winter wonderland from above ❄️

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Summer vibes from above at lake eibsee

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A piece norway in the middle of germany

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This ride w/ @__mrs__f was so cool...can’t wait for the next trip!

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Curvy roads are the best💯

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One of the best castles in germany in my opinion...what do you think?

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Winter vibes from this famous lil lake in bavaria ❄️

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Italy you are so beautiful 🙌 can’t wait to see you again in spring!

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Moody vibes from the past weekend with @__mrs__f

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