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Land of ice & fire #whpplanetearth

5 weeks ago comment 42 star 1,103

What is your favorite location in iceland?

last month comment 24 star 376

Here is one from last summer...can’t wait to see this beautiful area again, this year on our trip through the alps, in may/june...where goes your next adventure?

last month comment 44 star 595

One of the most iconic spots in iceland...the dc-3 plane wreck that was crashed in 1973 on the black beach

last month comment 23 star 495

One of the rare aerial shots we did on our trip before we crashed the drone on the beach

last month comment 40 star 409

Iceland welcomed us really well with this beautiful sunset 🌅

last month comment 59 star 543

We are so stoked to travel to iceland for the first time this weekend...hopefully we see some northern lights...who has ever seen these magical lights?

March 2019 comment 39 star 658

Ready for a ride with the polar express?

February 2019 comment 85 star 756

Such a moody place...who’s ever been here?

February 2019 comment 169 star 2,308

Winter wonderland from above ❄️

February 2019 comment 51 star 597

Summer vibes from above at lake eibsee

February 2019 comment 50 star 521

A piece norway in the middle of germany

February 2019 comment 42 star 580