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In honour of #blackhistorymonth remembering frederick douglass, a welcomed friend of ireland, who spent a deal of time there in the 1840s, transitioning from speaking his own story to becoming a voice of contemporary issues of the day. #frederickdouglass

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I made this piece over the weekend knowing it wouldn't be long before it was relevant to post. the gun control debate isn't really about gun control anymore. it's about identity. those who identify as gun owners feel their identity is threatened when the issue of gun control is raised- that we shouldn't discuss policy change when emotions are high. but if the barrel from one shooting has barely cooled before there is another, this 'unemotional' window does not exist. so how do we change the question? any gun owners out there willing to concede the culture of mass shootings in this country is pretty f****d up (doesn’t happen anywhere else), concede that a conversation is needed, and give clues how to go about it where it doesn't feel your identity is being hijacked? it feels like sensible debate based on the societal impact of gun control ended the day of sandy hook- when congress decided that shooting a bunch of little kids was preferable to questioning the right to bear arms. yes, a huge part of the problem is the nra buying off senators. but do the nra really make so much money from current gun laws that they are not prepared to give an inch? or is it that their identity feels threatened? there is one thing senators love more than accepting lobbyists money and that is getting re-elected, so if the will of the people demands it, they will jump in line. but how do these atrocities go from outraging only half or two thirds of the country, to outraging the entire nation? there must be a more rational / creative way to go about the non-existent conversation on gun control where vast swathes of the population of the usa don't feel (pun intended) under attack. sincerely interested in hearing from gun owners on this. this is the 18th mass shooting this year and we are only halfway through feb. on average there is more than one per day in the us. is this really just the way things will be? is it really just roll the dice and send your kids to school? my kids will go to school before long. i can only imagine the special hell that begins on a day like yesterday for all those floridian parents, and so many parents before them in the last three decades....

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Saturday morning studio light. (this is what happens when 'finished' paintings hang around my studio too long. after 8 years i put another touch in this piece)

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Both my homes #belfast #brooklyn #postcards

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Let the great world spin 2017 (seeing as i'm in the topsy-turvy world of newborn babies...)

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For all the fickle decision makers out there, @oliverjeffersstuff and @tattly teamed up to make some short term tattoos (featuring the animals from #hereweare) find your set via link in bio πŸ™πŸ³πŸ¦“πŸŠπŸ§

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That time i did a dipped painting performance in chicago i laid out all the test photos on the floor before we started. they looked like this. #dippedpainting

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The duck hunt ducks from yesterday's post were getting a lot of love, so here is a close up of them. they were made as a wedding gift by our pal jonny miller, and here is the best bit - they are made out of lego!!

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For all of you nosy folks out there, this is where i live. you can get the full tour on apartmenttherapy.com (p.s this is the only time the place has been this tidy!) πŸ“Έ by @chloeberk

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Foreign policy 2018 / acrylic and enamel paint on found globe. #made america great again (at the expense of everywhere else). today trump slapped a huge tariff on imported renewable energy, again acting as if the usa is a walled garden and showing little concern for anything that happens outside of it. nature doesn't recognize borders.

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Standing (in spirit) with all at the #womensmarch today in multiple cities across the globe. people come in many shapes sizes and colours. we may all look different, act different and sound different, but don't be fooled, we are all people. #resist

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Kinda looks like a dipped landscape painting, but it's not. it's two separate paintings stacked together. #studiotime #workinprogress #dippedpainting

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In case you wanted to know anything about penguins... πŸ§πŸ“‹ found in a drawer- a page i made for the fabricated book 'where penguins come from', as part of the @studioaka short film adaptation of 'lost and found'.

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Gettin a kick out of reading #hereweare to my newborn daughter. never got to do that with the first one. i thought of the book for him when he was a couple of weeks old, but he was almost two and a half by the time it was complete! "it looks big, earth. but there are lots of us on here (7,593,247,731 and counting) so be kind. there is enough for everyone." #bekind

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Unlike most of us, harland has already fulfilled one of his new years resolutions! last night, just after 9pm, his little sister mari came rushing into the world. she was lucky not to be born in the taxi! #bigbrother #welcometoplanetearth πŸ“·@rosebudmulholland

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New years resolutions: - put on some weight (5lbs or so) - grow half a foot taller - learn some new words - get the hang of a knife and fork - become a big brother #resolutions #happynewyear #2018

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'here's to you and the year that's gone. 'twas a bumpy road and things went wrong. we haven't always gotten along. but we're almost there, so let's move on. now, here's to us and the road ahead. let's fight some less and think instead. we'll find a way to fix our car get it running smooth once more. considering all the things at stake, remember, there is no other road to take.' -oliver jeffers, written just this morning. #happynewyear #2018 #lovenothate #planetearth

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My #best9 of the year in no particular order: -releasing my book #hereweare into the wild. -couple of #dippedpainting performances in my hometown of belfast. -various @oliverjeffersstuff activities, including these #crayons finger puppets and the pop up store in brooklyn. -seeing the short film @basberkhout spent the last two years making about me. -helping @erinallweiss and @theno29 set up loveletteramerica -seeing the moon completely cover the sun in the middle of a summer afternoon in tennessee (and meeting @dollyparton the next day!) -being part of the 'text me' exhibition @debbiemillman curated for @modatl -going on a 5 week trans continent book tour and getting to say hi to so many of you lovely people. -and lastly (but not leastly) so many fun times with my growing family! spread the love into 2018 people!!! #best9of2017

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Happy christmas all πŸŽ„

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Little last minute studio time before πŸŽ„ and πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

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