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People of belfast, my two most recent dipped paintings, no.16 and no.17, will be on view tonight at riddel's warehouse on ann st for culture night 6-8pm (there'll also be a bit of an orchestra)

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Hot off the press in milan italy, my new book #hereweare is on its way. out everywhere on 14th november.

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Planet earth... or rather, planet water. a globe i made called 'the united confederation of planet water, est 2077' #climatechangeisreal

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I'm delighted to share this clip from my new book trailer. watch the full video via the link in bio to get a first look at my next picturebook #hereweare. written after the birth of my son, it's a book about the massive responsibility of having to explain our complex world to a new life.

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'deep in the heart' this piece, measuring 22" x 30", will be auctioned at the @thespaniardnyc #harvey relief benefit on september 25th from 7-10pm. all proceeds will go to @houstonfoodbank link in bio to donate directly

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A shot of me working on my alphabet mural last year for @colette it is currently being auctioned online with @paddle8 to support the incredible work of @theartofelysium, and today is the last day to place a bid. check the 🔗 in bio to see close ups of the final piece- i filled each letter with corresponding line art. #onceuponanalphabet #artofelysium

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If any of you were wondering why this date rings a bell, it's because today is the 11th anniversary of pluto no longer being considered a planet. i labeled it as a dwarf planet in my upcoming book #hereweare #notesforlivingonplanetearth #poorpluto #probablynottoscale

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Had the great privilege to meet @dollyparton while we were down in east tennessee. apart from being a country music icon, i think this woman has done more to promote children's literacy than many governments! with her @imaginationlibrary dolly parton has given more than 100 million books for free to children under the age of 5 internationally. there are only 60 titles in the library that gets distributed, so i was extremely honoured to learn earlier this year that one of my books has joined its ranks.

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Well, that was other worldly! i still have goosebumps. we got a very rare glimpse of a true cosmic perspective, where one floating ball in space drifted in front of another. it went from bright daylight to what seemed like orange street lighting, to complete night time, and back again all in the space of a few minutes. #solareclipse #pathoftotality #moonshadow #eclipse2017

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Fun fact for today's solar eclipse. the diameter of the moon is almost the same as the distance from california to new york. so that thing blocking the sun later is basically the size of the usa. although the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon, it is 400 times further away, which is why they appear the same size. #totaleclipse

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Found these friends on my desk this morning. check out @oliverjeffersstuff for more info on our new downloadable #thedaythecrayonsquit free activity sheet ✂️🖍

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Elvis died 40 years ago today. took a while to find, but this was made 15 years ago when i first became a fan of the king (thanks @roryjeffers ) it's acrylic paint on paper

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What can i say? i'm an optimist, and despite the odds, i still have faith in humanity. i hope i'm not wrong...

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I love the smell of oil paint in the morning

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I stole this idea from doreen. googly eyes on an old photo of the 19th century edinburgh police. made in 2007

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Playing with neon paint. unlike the us administration, it's pretty transparent...

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Excited to launch this brand new art poster staring all of your favorite crayons 🖍 to see more follow @oliverjeffersstuff - an account we've started to post behind the scenes content and exclusive promotions for everything #ojstuff.

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The sky is pretty complicated... my new book, out in november, tries to explain a few things. this is a part of one page. #hereweare #notesforlivingonplanetearth

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Nothing is forever constant oil on canvas, 2012 serves as a good reminder sometimes, that everything in time will change.

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