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Photos and captions of some of @sonsofthehounds more glamorous travel moments than his welcome to mallorca from the english clientele at the prince william pub over @slamcityskates curated by the always eloquent and og lola fam @jakesalley

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@bradcromer and @pangggggg making lo-fi ✨📹✨

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A photo from a roll of hp5 that @28f2 gave me before i headed out to the desert on a skate trip a couple of months before his passing. his influence on me was profound and his friendship something i'll cherish forever. sending you leican love up there in heaven x ✨🙏🏻✨ #fuckcancer

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Constant rewind on the @isleskateboards atlantic drift feature by @jacobelliottharris on @thrashermag featuring twinkle toes @t0mkn0x

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Prepared for hypnotization! ✨🎥✨ @the_italian_one pellicola il gino a milano centrale.

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Happy birthday wishes to @nicktucker and his uber tweaked switch game ✨🎂✨

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👀🐯 @devine_calloway

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Always über @prod84 ✨🏆✨ @berrics

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Happy birthday @pete_eldridge seen here switch heelflipping in milton keynes by the light of @braceyerself's 🕯 generator. #masseyforever

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