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@trentmcclung midweek bump back 5-0 in long beach #primitiveskate

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Pregame rewind for @romliss awake @venturetrucks video part dropping tomorrow with a switch flip in ventura from one of our first sessions back in 2016 for #primitiveskate

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@robertneal_ switch shove heel for loafers, white socks and #primitiveskate

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@_diegonajera nose blunted on a texan tall boy back in autumn ‘17 #primitiveskate

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@mikeanderson tail block to fakie | sacramento | 2010

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@robertneal_ switch front heels on a scorcher in riverside for @venturetrucks

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@robertneal_ 🎓levitation of a switch front shove down a greek double for his latest @primitiveskate ad in @thrashermag

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@_diegonajera blacktop blast frontside heel over a snack stack in the sfv #primitiveskate

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@carlosribeiro91 🔙 365 to a switch front board in barça during the @pendledon zoo trip for #primitiveskate

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@nicktucker nollington heels between a pillar and a pole outside an athenian church printed in the new @transworldskate

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Feliz aniversário @wacsonmass ✨🎂✨ #primitiveskate

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