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Happy birthday mate ✨🥂✨ @paulshier 📸 @willharms

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@aidancampbell | b smithers | denver | 2012ish

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über happy for @foundationskateboards newest pro @aidancampbell ✨🥂✨seen here wallington grabbing in japan on an @etniesskateboarding trip published in @transworldskate #etniesalbum

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Birthday ✨📹✨ @robertneal_ via @kevperez

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Happy birthday ✨🥂✨ to my mate @robertneal_

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@eliasbingham nosegrinds in lyon for @frenchfred @theboulala @tompenny and @cairofoster in 2002

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#mikeytaylor @mikeytaylor | switch back fifty | carlsbad, ca | 2010

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#bobbyworrest @bworrest | panama | 2009

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#figgy @killerpizza | fakie backlip | tucson, arizona | 2010ish

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13,000 ✈️ miles in the hold and a marathon of being dragged around cobbled streets later, my @pelican_life air and its contents of glass-bulbed flash tubes has made it back to la from barcelona in one piece (minus its @tsa lock 🤔) which is no mean feat considering the suitcase which accompanied it came back looking full baghdad and came off the luggage belt with its handle ripped clean out the case! thanks pelican and @adcemy for keeping my gear safe (backpack went bougie in the overhead)

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#tobyshuall nollie front heels in memory of a time when london bridge meant sunday afternoons at the bottom of the 10.

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Very sad to read confirmation from @stropchops that spanish skateboarder #ignacioecheverría lost his life whilst defending a lady during saturday nights attack in london. rest in peace 🙏🏻

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Please repost and help find #ignacioecheverría missing since #londonbridge 🙏🏻 repost from @mrjagger_

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#marekzaprazny @marekzaprazny | back heel | brentwood, md | april, 2017

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Thanks @edwardscribblehands for giving this @therealberronteramirez photo your ✨🖊✨

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#marekzaprazny @marekzaprazny | back noseblunt | barcelona | #primitiveskate

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Happy birthday my dear friend, miss you daily ✨🙏🏻✨ photo @neilchester101

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Definitely the last time i get to see my @pelican_life case looking so ✨💅🏻✨ but i'm looking forward to all the bumps and scrapes we'll share together. see you (hopefully) on the other side! ✈️🤠🤦🏻‍♂️

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Not sure if this over-a-decade-old eric fletcher footage has ever seen the light of a tv or telephone screen, but it's absolute gold. reposted from @bo_def_son who's archive is crammed with more jewels than tutankhamen's tomb.

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