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Vidas! já saiu a música nova do @andersonfelae, entre no perfil dele e confira. ❤

a ágape já está disponível em todas as plataformas digitais e youtube. ouve lá. 🎧
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She invites me to see the sunset of her city and take some photos, i loved this place, this color, i love everything here ❤️🇳🇴❄️📸✨ @gina_alexandria

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Rodearte de flores hace que tu jardín sea más bonito y colorido ¿a que sí? 🙃🌺🌸🌼 surrounding yourself with #flowers makes your garden more #beautiful and colorful, isn't it?

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Hello, world. today’s #weeklyfluff answers the question: what’s better than one bunny? two bunnies! nimbus and totoro (@nimbus_and_totoro ) are here, just in time to be our dual easter bunnies. 🐰🐰
“rabbits are best when they have a partner,” says their human pesha nguyen. “but some can be difficult to pair due to their desire for dominance and territory. fortunately, our buns were love at first sight.”
photo by @nimbus_and_totoro

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Want to believe you’re in a rustic fairy tale? “close your eyes and let yourself go,” says isa colino justicia (@akanita7 ), who did just that when she stumbled upon a wild horse in the outskirts of lleida, spain. #whpvibes photo by @akanita7

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Viral dance challenge accepted. we asked some of our favorite dancers, featured in the may 2019 issue of cosmopolitan (@cosmopolitan ), to bring their favorite hashtags to life.
tune in to our story to watch, and check out their cosmo feature story online and on newsstands now.

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Head in the clouds? welcome to the club. photographer fikri amanda abubakar (@fishide_ ) from jakarta, indonesia, created a space where dreams meet reality. #whpvibes photo illustration by @fishide_

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“that morning had such a calm and peaceful vibe,” says bettina halas (@bettina___h ), a photographer of thai and german descent who is pictured on a lake near her hometown in thailand. “you visit this place during sunrise and all the flowers start opening, so together with the flowers i soaked in the first sun rays.”
follow along as we share more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpvibes photo by @bettina___h

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Spanish artist rosalía (@rosalia.vt ) invited us to go to #coachella with her, and we’ll never be the same. 💃 🎡 “great artists that i admire have played at this festival, and coming from so far away, it’s an honor to be able to bring my show with my band, my dancers and my entire team,” says the singer from barcelona, spain.
what happens at coachella... ends up on our story. check it out.
rosalía nos invitó a coachella y claro que dijimos que sí. 💃 🎡 “grandes artistas que admiro han pasado por este festival, y viniendo de tan lejos, es un honor poder traer hasta aquí este espectáculo con mi banda, mis bailarinas y todo mi equipo," dice la cantante de barcelona, españa.
lo que pasó en coachella, lo puedes ver ahorita en nuestra story.

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Weekend hashtag project: #whpvibes good vibes only. this weekend the challenge is to capture an atmosphere and mood, as in this featured image by hong kong-based photographer zhao yuk (@zy.0516 ). feeling it? here are more tips for inspiration:
😎 express the energy. when there’s high energy, there’s often a strong vibe. think of a spontaneous, late-night dance party or friends racing into the ocean’s waves.
😎 find an ambiance. go to a place that’s drenched in atmosphere, like a beach bonfire right before sunset or pretty much any place with a giant disco ball.
😎 feel it out. the right vibe is not always bright and loud. spend a quiet afternoon enjoying ice cream, blowing bubbles or day dreaming to your heart’s content.
project rules: please add the #whpvibes hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpvibes hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpvibes hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.
featured photo by @zy.0516

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Color can make even the wildest fantasy seem true. 🧜‍♀️ for example, just imagine that greek photographer leda de piart (@ledart ) captured a pink fin belonging to a mermaid, not a sea bream. #whpfavoritecolor

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Hello, world. today’s #weeklyfluff is turtle (@turtlethebird ), a white-bellied caique parrot from queens, new york, with an amusing preening routine. “the toothbrush is a very effective way of scratching her itchy head,” says turtle’s human jaime altabet. when jaime got married to her husband jeff, turtle served as “best bird” at the wedding. 💍🐦
video by @turtlethebird

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Dress to express. 👸 embrace your personality. 😜 do what you love. 💝
in the new igtv film #corposlivres (free bodies), juliana romano (@ju_romano ) is one of the inspiring brazilian body positivity advocates who shares her story. today, juliana is sharing her tips for staying positive, celebrating individuality and embracing “amor própio,” or self-love. “self-love is not dependent on a body type. it goes way beyond that,” says juliana, who lives in são paulo, brazil. “i want to spread the message of self-love to those who look like me and those who look totally different from me, too. body positivity is a movement for everyone.”
to see more of juliana’s guide to self-love, tune in to our story.
photo by @ju_romano

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Blue flowers and a blue bow tie match samoa’s true-blue personality. 💙 “she is the most perfect dog model one could ask for,” says samoa’s human paula pereira ribeiro (@a_bunchofdogs ). “she is just as a flower: unique, fragile and beautiful.” #whpfavoritecolor photo by @a_bunchofdogs

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