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This one needs zero explanation. the match is set, the contracts have been signed. there is no going back for either one of these men. former best friends, former tag team partners, now bitter enemies. ⁣

career vs career. only one man walks out. the first ever house of 1000 beers match. ⁣

bo prichard vs kasin. ⁣


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As promised aftermath signified the dawn of a new era in nywc, and with that new era came a set of brand new tag team champions, now former champions the rep are looking to take back what they think is rightfully theirs from talon & papadon at april reign! ⁣


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Last month at aftermath jaden való & corey cooper tore the roof off the sportatorium when they squared off one on one, at april reign former wwe crusierweight champion rich swann joins the party for this blockbuster three way dance! ⁣


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Last night we were live at bk grossos for the official contract signing of the career vs career house of 1000 beers match between bo prichard & kasin and things certainly got heated. ⁣


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Bo prichard & kasin both put their careers on the line saturday, april 27th at april reign in the first ever house of 1000 beers match! only one man will walk out of the sportatorium. ⁣

purchase your tickets now at nywcwrestling.com ⁣


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Nywc returns home to the sportatorium for april reign, saturday april 27th!! ⁣

secure your tickets now by swiping up in our story or by visiting nywcwrestling.com ⁣


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Great night training at the nywc training academy! ashley massaro is such an amazing talented person. ⁣


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After taking out his former partners and friends jt kasin has now taken a new path in life as kasin. ⁣

in his first statement as kasin he answers bo prichard's challenge for a career vs. career, house of 1,000 beers match. ⁣


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In honor of such an historical weekend for all those a part of the new york wrestling connection, we are proud to announce the launch of our pro wrestling tees store!! ⁣

visit www.prowrestlingtees.com/nywc or swipe up in our story for a direct link!! ⁣

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Dreams do come true! congratulations to our own tony nese, zack ryder, and curt hawkins for each capturing wwe championships at wrestlemania last night and never once giving up on their dreams!⁣

#maverick #myersandmathews #wrestlemania35⁣


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We are so proud of our three nywc training academy graduates, zack ryder, curt hawkins, and tony nese who will be stepping on the big stage tonight at wrestlemania 35, and each going after wwe gold!⁣

#nywcwrestling #wrestlemania35

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At aftermath we promised you a new era would begin in nywc. jt kasin kept true to that promise on saturday night when he turned his back on his best friend bo prichard, the beer belly bandits, braydon knight of reckless and wasted, and joined forces with the big dog steve forge. ⁣

now bo prichard has issued a challenge against his former partner and is willing putting his career on the line, in a career vs career, house of 1000 beer cans match at april regin. only one person will walk out of this one... ⁣will kasin accept?


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