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Too freeekin excited! going back to thailand and also vietnam in a month.

definitely gonna go play with the elephants again 🙃

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Super pumped to finally hit 405lbs! brings the totals to 1035lb @ 163lbs 📷 @ colby_howatt
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Spotted this little dood from my bedroom window this morning! 🦉

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Wild langurs are easily lured closer with bananas for a little photo op 😊

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1500 kms later the ducati made it home last night 🏍💨 #hypermotard #dainese #ducati #bc

August 2018 comment 3 star 47

Spent last thursday ripping 100+ kms of twisties on the ducati with @falls_in_bushes
duffey lake road was unreal, hairpin corners and incredible views, arguably one of the best motorcycle rides in western canada.

August 2018 comment 7 star 92

"i'm on a boat"

July 2018 comment 3 star 69

Picture doesn't do it justice. really hope i get the opportunity and time to make it back here in the future ☉🏄

May 2018 comment 6 star 70

Fender eliminator installed. much better versus bulky stock one 🖒🤙

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Renting this little bike in thailand was so much fun! can't wait to get back on my ducati when things warm up just a wee bit more in 🇨🇦

April 2018 comment 5 star 52

Dripping in sweat, exploring a spider filled cave in thailand 🕷🕷

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