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He said he was going to leave his mark on me for my next boyfriend... i had a scar wrapping from cheek to cheek, and now i'm known as the 'girl that had her lip bitten off'.
a year ago (oct 21, 2017), a pieceof me died. i wasn’t there to get back together with him. we were in a relationship and i only met up with him so he could apologise. i refused to be in a relationship with him anymore, only to feel him latch on to me and bit off my lips. i started screaming at the top of my lungs for help and out of fear for my life.
today, i sat in a court room surrounded by the ones i love most, facing someone i once believed loved me. someone who claimed would always protect me and keep me safe, but yet was my worst nightmare... i had to listen to his attorney say that when he attacked me, it was intentional. saying that he claimed he was going to leave his mark on me for my next boyfriend.
but today, october 18th, 2018, i have finally gotten a bit of closure. thank you to everyone who prayed and kept me in their thoughts. be careful who you are with and who you trust, evil is in the face of all types.
for many months i blamed myself for what happened to me. but now i have finally realized i am not at fault. this happened because i chose not to get back together with someone i knew didn’t deserve me - kayla hayes, domestic violence survivor ( swipe to see kayla now ❤)

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"the pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty."💯

life is so much more beautiful when you learn to change the way you think🤔🤗 just sayin🤷🏽‍♀️

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Having dinner with my pretty daughter 🚺 não é matheusinho... 💁🏼‍♀️💟 @mateuss2018

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80f for 2 hours. white peach. bourbon. brown sugar. maple. cider vin. this is the first time i’ve ever had a chamber vac in my home kitchen. so testing things out is about to get f****d up. #trashlord

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Cutie pie ❤️❤️❤️😍😍
baby | vianna
#babiesindia 🇮🇳
all rights reserved to the respective owners
pc 📷 @vianna_and_we
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.thank you🙏
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Самая улыбчивая и самая сильная в #instagram 😍
Сильная не телом, а духом! Не каждый проходит через испытания так, как прошла она
Зайдите на страничку к @iva_nova777 и прочтите ее историю о том, как она сломала позвоночник, но не сломалась сама
Каждый пост, каждая буква пропитана позитивом, за это я читаю Иванову каждый день 🤗

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Photo by @lyndaaa13
“a sister is both your mirror and your opposite,” writes lynda molenaar (@lyndaaa13 ), an aspiring photographer from the netherlands. this #whpmirrorimage submission features her two daughters who are 9 and 12.

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Photo by @hellohoku
shiba inu hoku (@hellohoku )'s human jennifer ha found her #whpmirrorimage inspiration while brainstorming halloween costume ideas. “i thought we could plan something around these cool, retro glasses," she explains, “figured i'd get his opinion, too.”

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Video by @topinlife
“it's good to remember that not everything, or anyone, is always how it looks outside. don't you agree?” writes photographer and student topi leikas (@topinlife ). “the longer i have watched it, the more i like what it represents to me,” he says of his #whpmirrorimage submission, created with his brother in southern finland.
follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend's hashtag project.

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Photo by @tahiafarhin
“i am a feminist, and i want to help for equality for all genders. i want to show that through my work,” says tahia farhin haque (@tahiafarhin ), one of the photographers who took part in “this is 18,” a project from the new york times (@nytgender ). “‘this is 18’ is about showing what girls go through all over the world when they turn 18 — being 18 is a crucial stage for all of us,” says 22-year-old tahia, who studies biochemistry and biotechnology in dhaka, bangladesh.
“i hope to give voice to the issues that are unheard and unseen in the world. i would like to make people question their perceptions and the paradigms. i work towards a goal to shatter traditional stereotypes about women in order to bring their unique perspectives to the forefront.”
watch today’s story to see more from tahia.

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Featured photo by @lennart
#weekend hashtag project: #whpmirrorimage this weekend, the goal is to take photos and make videos that play with reflections and mirror the world around us, as in this image from lennart pagel (@lennart ).
look for reflections at different scales. whether it’s a mountain peak reflected in the still waters of an epic landscape or a silhouette standing tall in a cafe window, mirror images can be seen and photographed in lots of different places. keep your eyes peeled.
think about the light and mood. a sun-drenched landscape captured in a rearview mirror fuels a very different feeling than a still portrait framed by a vintage full-length mirror.
play with perspective. bring mirrors into nature to explore optical illusions or capture a warped or distorted image, or use multiple mirrors and reflections to create your own “hall of mirrors,” a kaleidoscopic image with an infinity reflection.
project rules: please add the #whpmirrorimage hashtag only to photos and videos shared over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. by adding the #whpmirrorimage hashtag, you consent to and grant instagram all rights to repost your photo or video. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video shared over the weekend with the #whpmirrorimage hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured next week.

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Video by @hisuzanne
whimsy. emotive. evolving. these are some of the words artist suzanne saroff (@hisuzanne ) uses to describe her art. “my photos are about playful exploration and finding new perspectives. i like to find new ways of interpreting our reality,” says the 25-year-old missoula, montana, native who lives and works in nyc. “i love working with flowers — they are beautifully complex but simultaneously simple. i love using them in my work as expressions, to subtly and abstractly communicate emotion that transcends the photo.”
for suzanne, her artistic process is personal. “it’s all about harnessing inspiration from life. i love to hold on to an idea or a feeling in time and bring it into the studio.”
check out today’s story to see suzanne find new perspectives.

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Photo by @junotheangrycat
hello, world! today’s #weeklyfluff gives us the chance to wish juno (@junotheangrycat ) a happy early birthday. 🎂 he turns 7 on october 20. “juno is 75% himalayan, 25% burmese, and 100% handsome,” says juno’s human dominique. “i think juno just looks angry because he is annoyed when humans fail to recognize his level of beauty. he is essentially the george clooney of cats.”

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Photo by @jaipur.wala
photographer shubham jain (@jaipur.wala ) snapped a photo of this group of colorful ladies keeping each other dry in jog falls, india. #whpkindness

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Photo by @aboutlittlesandponies
meet alix (human) and zamoura (horse), two very important members of julie van landschoot’s (@aboutlittlesandponies ) family. 🐎 🍎 “i selected a photo of my daughter because she is only 2; her behavior is still very spontaneous, so her kindness towards the horses is genuine. she loves being around them daily and she adores giving them food.” #whpkindness

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Photo by @julia_crim
julia crim’s (@julia_crim ) favorite elements of her 🌈 🌈-filled #whpkindness submission are “this sweet sibling moment and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.”
julia took this image of her children in the hawke’s bay region of new zealand. “i am constantly inspired by my family and our adventures exploring the great outdoors,” she says.

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Video by @maplelatte_erica
“i think it started about 10 years ago — i happened to come across a book of fake sweets, and i just fell in love at first sight with it and bought it,” says erica (@maplelatte_erica ), a handmade artist from japan who creates adorable miniatures goods, mainly foods and sweets. “i do my best to create miniatures that make you think, ‘that looks real enough to eat!’”
watch erica’s mini munchie crafts cook up today on our story and our igtv channel.

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