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I’ll never stop being obsessed with this #throwback as long as i live. #doc #snowwhite #halloween2014

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Ames is lining up little race cars in his backwards jammies for the seventh time, as brother keeps knocking them to the ground. 😆 and between his car-line-up destroying charades, welles knows how to really take a load off... book in hand and under his @calmingcomfort weighted blanket. this kid.... he really does know how to live his best life! 😜 i’m still getting dms almost daily about the weighted blankets... still the most popular item i’ve ever posted! code: oakley15 still gets you 15% off. happy friday friends!!! #nothingdownaboutit

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This is welles’ buddy micah. he was diagnosed with down syndrome at three months old and autism just a few months ago at four years old. did you know that individuals with down syndrome can have a dual diagnosis? some of our best buds do... and they are a bold light in their homes just like welles is. read what his mama, @amanda_booth (one of my dearest friends) wrote a few months ago... “we did end up getting a dual diagnosis (down syndrome and asd) for micah on wednesday. we opened the sadness door, walked through it, and have made it to the other side. we are really looking forward to learning more about @lifewithmicah and his needs, and putting more tools in our box. we are still #theluckyfew 🧡⭐️” it’s not easy walking down unknown roads. it’s actually pretty terrifying. but guess what?? we can do it. and btw, sometimes our greatest fears become our greatest blessings. #downsyndromeawarenessmonth #theluckyfew #nothingdownaboutit

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A few weeks back i listened to a podcast about “adventuring” with your kids…whatever that may be! for some of you that might look like going on walks to the park and collecting rocks along the way, for others it means road trips and camping, the family who was featured in this podcast talked about hiking every weekend. for us, it’s being in the mountains no matter the weather and no matter extent! sometimes we make it on trail walks for a while… but most of the time it’s a picnic in a spot we can almost pull up to or a short walk along a stream while the kids play in dirt. being outdoors is the best way for our family to connect and the best way to disconnect from the outside world. it’s sacred time, even when there are tantrums and fights to get out the door, it always ends up being the best thing for us. we teamed up with @walmart to share how we picnic and play in the mountains regularly! i just recently discovered their ozark trail line for outdoors and was so impressed by the quality and efficiency of all the products. the cooler backpack and double camp chair might be my favorites. last weekend we packed both coolers with snacks and drinks and had pancakes in the autumn air. scarlett, (the least outdoorsy of us all) agreed that when it has snowed, she wants to pack hot cocoa and cookies to bring to our favorite lake that ices over (a magical scene). i hope my dad and brothers-in law aren’t seeing this post…can you guess what i’m getting them all for christmas?? how do you adventure with your family? #sponsored #walmartwow

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This curious george never stops moving. i could just sit and watch him for hours. but if i did just sit... he would probably break every item in this house. 😆

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#dsawarenessmonth when welles was born i spent a good amount of time being afraid. looking back, i hate that. knowledge is power and i had virtually no knowledge about down syndrome. over the next 24 hours i want to answer any questions that you have about down syndrome! 💛 i wish the whole world knew a little bit more... and was less afraid of this beautiful diagnosis. ready, set, go! #askme #downsyndromeawarenessmonth #nothingdownaboutit

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Who needs a bucket bike?! cause we are giving one away!!
as part of our celebration this month of children with different needs and unique abilities, we have partnered up with some of our favorite people + companies who are all doing incredible things to promote inclusion and spread awareness for the special needs community. 💛
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we have a special place in our ❤️s for kids with different needs and unique learning styles. help us bring awareness to these awesome kids by entering and nominating someone you know that could use this bike to help their family!
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You asked and we’re delivering! just in time for (mid 😆) #downsyndromeawarenessmonth ✨ new sweatshirts to sport in support of all the cool cats in your life, like welles. when people ask what your shirts is about, take the opportunity to share the ways that you’ve been blessed by that extra chromosome! we’ve got light blue, black and a grey hoodie! my favorite is the light blue 🙌🏼 but i love em’ all! use code: nothingdown18 and take $10 off your purchase! thanks @centsofstyle for putting these together and helping us spread the word that there is nothing down about welles and his crew. 🙌🏼 #spreadtheword #nothingdownaboutit (link in profile!!)

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They’ve grown so much since last year! 🎃 ames in that final pic.... 👶🏼😭 these shots are likely the last of fun, coordinating costumes. this year they’ll all dress as their favorite cheesy characters and they’ll love it. just wait until you see scarlett’s costume. 🤪 what are your kids dressing up as? are your fun family coordinating days still alive?? i’ll miss it! 😆

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Today felt like a real win. a friend and i went to her sons school (which is also scarlett’s school and welles’ future school) and had a very calm, productive and insightful conversation about how to help our kids better succeed in an inclusive environment. 🙌🏼 i walked in there happy, optimistic and believing the best in this administration. i left feeling like it was a staff of rockstars. ✨ i realize this isn’t always going to be the case when walking in to talk about the expectations we have for our son, but today was a total win and i’m going to celebrate that! i also celebrate all of the educators out there who see the importance of inclusion and also teaching it to their peers. in my little window of experience... i’ve seen that for the most part... it’s a good world, with good people who want to join arms in advocating and loving all of these exceptional kids. and for that... i will keep celebrating! now tomorrow... we have his yearly iep meeting at his current school. (individualized education plan) wish me luck! 🤞🏼#downsyndromeawarenessmonth #inclusion #myguy #nothingdownabouthim

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I just caught welles trying to get soup out of the fridge for him and “ace”... earlier i heard scarlett chastising both boys for trying to get out the front door while slamming it shut to re-lock it and now ames is independently getting out games for everyone. soooo, i think it’s safe to say that these three could easily survive without me... or at least hold down the fort for a few hours. but no need to call cps... i won’t chance it.

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In the morning when one wakes up before the other... they refuse to leave the room without brother. i never could have dreamed up these two and their sweet bond. i also could not have imagined the kind of trouble two little boys can cause together. 😆 💛 #brothers #buds #nothingdownaboutit

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