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Some girlfriends and i were talking about scary things happening in schools right now... one of which has teenagers (super scary). there is so much garbage out there that our kids can’t avoid and while i want to be ready and understand it all, it’s a pretty terrifying and draining topic. i came home thinking of the battles ahead and how i can protect and prepare my little ones... it was s*****g all of the energy right out of me. so... i was getting ready for bed when i heard welles’ little voice talking from his crib and knew exactly what i needed for a recharge. i climbed into his crib and he giggled with delight to have company after hours. his stubby little hands kept stroking my face and then cupping my chin and pulling me in for little slobbery kisses. my heart exploded over and over again. his eyes were smiling as big as his mouth as he would dive into my arm for extra tight snuggles. that boy is as pure as they come... full of joy and goodness. i’m so glad that he can remind me of all that’s good in the world with just a quick late night snuggle. he just gives my heart so much hope... if i can send a kid like him off to school to influence his peers the way he influences me, we can create some change... even if it’s just in little ways. ♥️ i swear... he always knows exactly what i need. ✨ #magic #thisboy #nothingdownabouthim

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Raise your hand if you dropped, shattered and had to replace three phone screens last year?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ it’s a real problem for me. and i wonder why.... maybe it’s because these monkeys have thrown my phone at concrete steps. or maybe it’s because while trying to hold them through a parking lot in both arms, i dropped it on the crosswalk. and just maybe the third time was my own fault for texting, walking and tripping all at the same time. clearly, i have horrible phone luck. 🤷🏼‍♀️ since i got this @loopycases cover last fall, i haven’t even come close to breaking another screen. the loop on the back makes it so easy to hold and not drop. it’s hands down the best case that i’ve ever had. 🙌🏼 anyways, you’re welcome for that little public service announce. take your selfies safely, people.😉😂 (use code: oakley10 for 10% off) #momproblems #clumsyproblems

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Just another manic monday! 🎵 what kind of “chores” do your kids do? scar is only six but i’m realizing how capable she is of more than just picking up toys. she feels pride helping out and it’s a great way for her work towards things that she wants (poor december birthday... all the goods come at once! 😂). what kinds of chore systems do you have in place? after i compile some of your ideas and try them out, maybe i’ll do a blogpost about what worked best around here. for now, ames and welles are becoming pros at putting toys back in the toy basket. 👌🏼 #littlehelpers #teachemyoung #nothingdownaboutit

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I wish mothering today was as beautiful and clean as this picture... but not quite. that pretty girl and i had a couple rounds of duking it out this weekend... and tonight, after the final round, i looked at her brushing her teeth while scowling at me because i’m such a “mean mom” (didn’t let her have a second bedtime snack) and my heart softened... i had to stop and remember that she’s still too young to process how hurtful her words can be (“mean mom” was only one of many phrases directed at me today). i needed to get down on her level and remind her how much we love each other even when we feel angry. then we read some scripture verses and she snuggled me like i was the best thing in her entire world. ♥️ and now, all is well... until tomorrow morning, but i’ll soak it up. 😉 this girl has a million emotions and most of them are so so positive. she amazes me even when she’s draining me. 👱🏼‍♀️ #mygirl #worthitall #littlemissamazing #nothingdownaboutit

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Most popular fella in town. ♥️ papa rock steals the show again. i could hardly get these boys to even look at me this whole weekend. i get it though, he’s the best. we all love him to the “sun, moon and stars... forever and ever!” ☺️ #hisphrase #daddio #paparock #familyiseverything #nothingdownaboutit

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Ran for our angel boy in heaven today. 👼🏼 i can’t believe it’s almost been a year. love you ares... so so much. #nephew #angelbaby #runwithangels ♥️ (ames got a little tuckered out after that first big mile😅)

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“come at me friday!” 🌊 wishing we were at the beach. instead the boys played in a muddy plastic pool. 🤷🏼‍♀️ improv at its finest. happy friday, people!! 😘 #tgif #nothingdownaboutit (thanks for snapping this @meeshellsullivan ♥️)

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I can’t believe that i get to take credit for making these little people. 🙋🏼‍♀️ they sure bring me a lot of sunshine and happiness. ☀️ speaking of sunshine... what are your favorite outdoor activities with littles around this age? it’s finally that time of year (i swear... if we get another random late-spring snow storm 🤯!!). let’s get creative! #mylittlepeople #nothingdownaboutit

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Some days you just gotta bring that magic... and today that magic came in the form of bubbles. ✨ ran wild with these three on the capitol grounds where i used to intern. i have fond memories at this place watching laws pass and change happen first hand. ♥️ someday i hope to be back on this hill speaking with/and for people who are differently-abled. in the meantime, i’ll chase my babies around in the bubbles and roll down the grass hills with them. thanks @brittanynikolephoto for always capturing us in our chaos. (these outfits are from @luluandroo and i’m pretty sure they’re running a big sale right now 🙌🏼)

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Thanks to the many messages of kindness towards my “ranting” clips in stories today. the goal is to keep this space a positive space while always being honest. when i read an email today, i just felt like i had to speak up. we have to unite as moms and ask medical professionals to stop predicting our kids futures. they can tell me what welles life is going to look like just as easily as they can tell me what my “typical” kids lives are going to look like. so in other words.... they can’t! while i wish i could change the way they present this diagnosis as a sad thing, or stop them from convincing expectant parents that their lives will be so much harder and place limits on their child (who is still in a u****s 😆), i can’t. what i can do is shout the worth of children like my welles, share the immense joy that he brings into our home and let you know that yes, some things will be harder. but it will, without a doubt, be more than worth it. like i’ve said a million times, what child doesn’t come with hard aspects? none. what if we knew how hard certain things about our other kids would be? would we give up on them? no! parenting any child is hard. and wonderful. and messy. and exhausting. and the best thing that has happened to us. so keep spreading the word with me... keep shouting their worth and keep believing in these kids while having faith in the unknown. ♥️ thank you @brittanynikolephoto for sneakily capturing some of these moments with my kids and sending them to me today as i was having these thoughts... meant to be as they show just how happy and wonderful these kids light up our home... down syndrome and not. ✨ #nothingdownaboutit (thank you @jedediahsjourney for sharing your story in that email with me today!)

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When he’s missing.... just follow the trail. 😆 i had no clue that a tiny little person was capable of tearing a house apart as quickly as a tornado. 🌪 good thing i like him so darn much. #thiskid #moverandshaker #sheetmusic #everywhere #nothingdownaboutit ♥️

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Today i got scarlett all ready for school and then found out she doesn’t have it this week (i’m so on top of things). 😆 so we spent the day in comfy clothes, read books, watched a movie and jumped on the trampoline until i wet my pants... tmi. 🤷🏼‍♀️ speaking of mom problems.... let me remind you of a clothing solution. 😏 you can still get 10% off your purchase, including our “mom on the run” line/collaboration at @nestboutique (where this comfy dress is from)! just use oakley10 at checkout. hope you all took an extended mother’s day and were as lazy as i was today. #mondayfunday #thatswhatisay #nothingdownaboutit

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