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I do.

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If you're not following @status_single_101 you need to! read all of her captions to her posts! absolutely hits the nail on the head with them all! follow @status_single_101 @status_single_101 @status_single_101

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Literally me and @thehandyj 😭😭 follow @thehandyj @thehandyj

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I just love going out with @scousebarbiex and ruining my f*****g life x @scousebarbiex @scousebarbiex @scousebarbiex

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Omg this follow @confessionsofablonde πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ @confessionsofablonde @confessionsofablonde

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Me trying to get @scouse_ma to share food with me. follow @scouse_ma @scouse_ma @scouse_ma

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I believe this. what is suppose to be for you won't pass you by.

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Me rn

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The level of disrespect

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Can't relate i'm a c**t follow @scousebarbiex @scousebarbiex @scousebarbiex

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Killed me! @scouse_ma slays my life @scouse_ma @scouse_ma @scouse_ma

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