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Just another magic monday ✨ #boston

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Currently contemplating on what to order off ubereats and pizza seems like a good option 🍕 happy sunday! #boston

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Homemade peach galette, fresh strawberries, and organic @chameleoncoldbrew with a splash of milk make for a perfect gloomy morning fix! ⛅️however you like to stay caffeinated, #makeityours with #chameleoncoldbrew! ☕️ #ad #sustainablybuzzed #raiseyourcoffeestandards

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Is it just me, or do interiors with lots of plants instantly boost your mood? 😌🌿 #boston

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When your new neighborhood coffee shop has a great lunch menu! 😋 what’d you pick: stuffed bell pepper or lamb kebab sandwich? #boston

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Some places leave you speechless no matter how many times you see it. ending our hawaii trip with a bang! seeing the beautiful jagged sea cliffs of the na pali coast from the pacific ocean this time. on the ride there, we saw a few pods of dolphins (next slide for video) before we were greeted by this majestic mountain range.🐬
shoutout to @holoholocharters for making the journey here a memorable one. #hawaii

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Sunday mood: room service breakfast and a beautiful view 🌺 #alwayskealani #hawaii

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Aloha from kauai! 🌺 seeing the beautiful jagged sea cliffs of the na pali coast is an absolute must when in kauai. ⛰ there’s really nothing quite like these mountains. loved experiencing it from the air with @islandhelicopters! 🚁
did you know the dramatic cliffs and pinnacles of na pali coast have served as a backdrop for major hollywood films?! 😉 #jurassicpark #hawaii

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Tickling our tastebuds with the flavors of maui and beyond at @fairmontkealani’s @ko_restaurant. a must for when in maui! #alwayskealani #hawaii

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There aren’t many roads in the world more beautiful than the road to hana, so we dedicated a whole day (sunrise to sunset) to drive this super windy and narrow road with 620 curves & over 46 one-lane bridges. 🚗
it weaves through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, including lush rainforest, beautiful waterfalls, towering cliffs, stunning seascapes, and (my favorite) striking volcanic-sand beaches! 🌋🏝 #hawaii

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Grabbed some hawaiian eats to-go from @fairmontkealani’s gourmet makana market. my favorite part is their poke bar which specializes in locally-harvested fish. 🐠 #alwayskealani #hawaii

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How surreal is this view, though?! 😍
hawaii had been on top of my bucket list destinations for so many years, and for as long as i can remember, this iconic jurassic park backdrop was one of the main reasons for it.
we went there on our second last day in oahu; it was rainy and the mountains were completely hidden behind clouds. so, on our last day we woke up super early, checked out from our beautiful hotel @alohilaniresort and drove west of the island to try our luck — and it was more breathtaking than any photos or videos i had ever seen! #alohilaniresort #hawaii

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