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Throwback thursday to 15 years ago, i think. a fatninja and a puppy named scrappy. note: i’m 6’ tall and about 220lbs in this picture and scrappy still makes me look like a piker. . . #tbt #throwbackthursday #dog #dogs #puppy #puppydog #rottweiler #dogsofinstagram #pet #pets #petsofinstagram

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I’m on vero to avoid needless censorship on facebook and instagram. if you’re on vero hit me up.

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Preach it! repost from @firepowerunited #letgomyeggroll

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My arbow (what i call my right elbow) is wrecked. getting old sucks. . . #fatninjaism #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #inspirational #instagram

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There is an influx of new boxing/striking/muay thai "coaches" and "instructors" out there with little to no experience. all of them just trying to cash in on the current fad of wannabe fighters. here's the thing, the art and science of fighting is about not getting hit! anybody, anybody, can teach you to punch and/or kick. are they teaching you about not getting hit? there's an increase mentality, especially in mma, that a fighter is willing to take a hit to give a hit. that's the same as giving your leg up for a leg lock so you can attempt a leg lock on your opponent in jiu jitsu. or your instructor choking you so your throat gets stronger when you get choked in competition. if your coach is teaching you to take a punch to give a punch or training you how to take a hit, find a different coach!!! (not sure what's going on in this video, just using it as an example) #fight #fighting #fighter #box #boxing #boxer #muaythai #coach #coaches #coaching #mma #ufc #train #training

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Repost from my uso @uflackerbjj➡️ the best attacks are those your opponent can’t see. great technique to drill!collar drag to single leg takedown, opponent counters with the whizzer and you surprise them with an armbar attack. check it out! 🥋👊🏼🛡🔥

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@ups facility located at 1 ups way hodgkins, illinois. several upper management personnel have been removed and fired for s****l harassment at this ups facility. with possible dozens more to follow. ups has for several years allowed part time management positions to be filled by employees as young as 18 years old with little to no experience in the work place. recently it was brought to the attention of their local human resources department that upper management has been threatening to stop any and all promotion or advancement in the company unless these young women are willing to exchange s****l favors for promotion and career advancement. reports indicate that several senior management officials including division, district, and building managers are involved. ups corporate, located in atlanta georgia, is reportedly taking over this investigation as members of this buildings human resources and security management seem to be involved. calls to ups regarding statements to this story were never returned. ups media and press teams are working overtime to suppress this story and stop it from spreading to any media sources. please share and raise awareness to the fact that ups allowed these practices to happen for years at this location without reprimand to any of management involved. #metoo #timesup #harrassment #ups #bigbrown #whatcanbrowndoforyou #cach #zerotolerance #coverup #woman #women #news @abcwnn @cnn @nbcnews @cbsnews @foxnews #abcnews #nbcnews #cnn #cbsnews #foxnews @bbcnews #bbnews #r**e #rapeculture

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Anyone else getting this? you double tap or like a post, then instagram unlikes. random censorship? selectively making sure some accounts get more views and/or likes than others? i used @kike_luna_tatau as an example but it’s happening to a lot of accounts i follow. what’s going on? happened after the most recent update. #instagram #censorship #like #unlike @instagram

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Intersection shoot out caught on dash cam. #florida #dashcam #shootout #idiots #dumbfucks

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Attention amateur chicago boxers and boxing fans. chicago golden gloves are coming up. great experience to challenge your skills with some of the best in the midwest and support a great charity. . . #boxing #chicagogoldengloves #goldengloves #fight #fighting

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Dolores mary eileen o'riordan 1971-2018

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All of my art is posted on my art page @artofthefatninja i will randomly post artwork on here from now on. just a heads up. . #moderndesignsbasedonancientmarkings #artofthefatninja

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Driving thru silent hill this morning . #driving #silenthill #fog #foggy #winter

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Flashback to 5 of january 2014 snowstorm. . . #flashbackfriday #flashback #snow

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Road trip to nowhere. #roadtrip #nowhere #driving

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