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The warm monochromatic hues add to the elegance of this beautiful portrait that the nikon z 6 mirrorless camera captured with ease. #throughyourlens
nikon #z6 | 24-70mm | 24mm | 1/160s | f/4 | iso 640
image courtesy: harpreet singh

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Survival of the fittest and ferocious. #throughyourlens
this final image is a composition of two images shot by sumanth anand at masai mara national reserve, both of which have varying depth of field.
image 1: nikon #d5 | vr 250-550mm f/5.6e | 550mm | 1/500s | f/5.6 | iso 560
image 2: nikon #d5 | vr 250-550mm f/5.6e | 550mm | 1/1000s | f/5.6 | iso 800

image courtesy: @photobhyasa

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Deepu verma captures these endless smiles on our new nikon z 6.

nikon #z6 | 85mm i 1/250s | f/1.8 i iso 100

image courtesy: deepu verma

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Capture all your holiday moments perfectly this season with the nikon d5600 and d3500 and keep them safe forever.
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When the dusk begins to fall the nikon mirrorless z 7's wide, 493-point hybrid af system with superb focusing accuracy and the new expeed 6 image-processing engine contribute to achieving sharper images than ever.
have you experienced the #mirrorlessreinvented? share your images with us!

nikon #z7 | 600mm f/4 | 600mm | 1/3200s | f/4 | iso 400

image courtesy: shaaz jung

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The z 7 has true nikon heritage and craftsmanship in its dna which helps you capture a story as beautiful as this.

have you experienced the #mirrorlessreinvented? share your images with us!

nikon #z7 | 35mm 1.4g lens with mount adapter ftz | f/2.2 | 1/640 | iso 640

image courtesy: @ankita_asthana

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Ranjan m. zingade from @weddingkraft used nikon z 7 for one of his projects where he has showcased splendid use of auto focus feature while shooting moments in slow motion.

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Watch @ravi.mistry experiment with the new firmware update now available on the nikon z 7 and z 6. 
enjoy the new eye-detection af feature with quick and easy focus selection and smooth movement tracking on eyes. 
capture beauty on the move with the push of a button.

download and update today: 

link in bio.

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Now on the purchase of a nikon z 7 or z 6 mirrorless camera you can get atomos ninja v at 40% off or get the zhiyun weebill lab gimbal at 50% plus off. the zhiyun weebill lab gimbal is 100% compatible with nikon z series cameras. so hurry, make your cinematic experience effortless and unique!
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“for a change, i found a place in delhi that was bustling not with humans but these visitors from lands afar - the gulls, the place where the chirps of these white creatures felt much different from the noise of honking, and it was hard to believe that the most serene spot of the city lies in the heart of the city itself. an ode to a beautiful morning, that i am ready to wake up to any number of times." #indiawithnikon
nikon #d5600 | vr 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g | 18mm | 1/4000s | f/3.5 | iso 640

image courtesy: shikhar gupta @__shikhargupta__

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Vanshdeep singh sisodia @1shdeep captures the window to a bright future. #throughyourlens
nikon #d5100 | 50mm f/1.8g | 50mm | 1/500s | f/1.8 | iso 160

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Also called as the great indian desert, thar desert is an arid region of rolling sand located in the state of rajasthan, india. it is a fine choice for travellers who are keen on understanding the local flora and fauna of the land and experiencing life in local life of the people who reside in this tough topography. #indiawithnikon
nikon #d750 | 24-120mm f/4g ed vr | 24mm | 1/160s | f/10 | iso 64

image courtesy: pulkit gandher @framesbypulkit

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