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Eliud kipchoge - 2:00:25 the barrier just got that much closer. #breaking2 #justdoit

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Eliud kipchoge - 2:00:25 the barrier just got that much closer. #breaking2 #justdoit

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We believe barriers are meant to be broken – even one as crazy as running a marathon under 2 hours. can it be done? it’s a good day to find out. #breaking2 #justdoit watch live at nike.com/justdoit.

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Breaking the 2-hour marathon. crazy? yes. so we’re doing it. check out our story to learn more about this moonshot attempt. #breaking2 #justdoit

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Triple-double record? #whynot? @russwest44

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Straight up. shut down. #airmaxday wraps up in nyc with @travisscott.

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It's not a shoe, it's a movement. #airmax

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#nikelab presents: the vision-airs. go behind the design with famed industrial designer marc newson, whose #vapormax launches #airmaxday on nike.com.

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What will they say about you? maybe they'll say you showed them what was possible. #believeinmore #nike

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The bond between players should exist between people. thank you, new orleans. #equality #nike

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We step onto the court as equals. judged only by our performance. new orleans sets the stage for all star weekend @nikebasketball. #equality #nike

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Is this the land history promised? this field of play. where the dream of fairness and mutual respect lives on. where you are defined by actions, not your looks and beliefs. for too long these ideals have taken refuge inside these lines. equality should have no boundaries. the bond between players should exist between people. opportunity should be indiscriminate. worth should outshine color. the ball should bounce the same for everyone. if we can be equals here, we can be equals everywhere. #equality #nike

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Everyone loves an underdog. @rogerfederer #justdoit

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Everyone loves an underdog. #justdoit

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Do you believe in more? watch @fkatwigs x @nikewomen, featuring @ughlyducklin and @mchamleywatson. ⠀ #doyoubelieveinmore #nikewomen

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Are we running today? for @kevinhart4real, the answer is always yes. #justdoit

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Acg means all conditions gear. and all conditions means all conditions. ⠀ the new #nikelab acg collection, designed in collaboration with @erlsn.acr is now available at nike.com/nikelab

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The future isn’t tomorrow. it’s today. ⠀ innovators tinker hatfield and tiffany beers give you a hands-on look at the auto-lacing nike hyperadapt 1.0. hit the link in our bio and watch the full video. #hyperadapt

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If anyone can. #justdoit

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