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Skuad up #kinjaz #vibrvncy 📷: @littleshao

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Amazing day, amazing team!

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1/5: “forward”

shot at #badwaterbasin somewhere in #deathvalley . being the first “chapter” of the video @patcruz and i talked about starting off strong visually, but at the same time we knew we’d have to do some scouting before we found a spot that we felt was right. luckily this group pulled through! ended up being huge tourist attraction so that in itself was a fun challenge. enjoy!

choreographed/performed by @russellbanzon @iamsmalls @mazzy_chaz @jessiemunoz @tj.andaya @alanmanosca @marinacotton28
filmed & edited by @vibrvncy @gerald @nickkim90

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Rizr - “night time”
had a lot of fun with this one! welcome @kevywinz to the brotherhood!
choreography by @kinjaz

filmed & edited by @vibrvncy

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Celebrating you, my love, every moment of every day 🤓#internationalwomensday

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5. “wow”

choreography by @kinjaz

filmed/edited by @vibrvncy

@postmalone “wow”

February 2019 comment 11 star 239

Happy one year my love! 365 days ago i never could have imagined how amazing life with you could be. safe to say that you continually surprise and challenge me in the best ways. a lot of things to say, but you already know. i’m the luckiest guy in the world. i love you! oh and happy valentine’s day 😂😁

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4. “sunflower”

here’s something fun to start off the week! shoutout to the homie @jyshih21 for always changing the game. enjoy!

choregraphy @v1nh ft. @mikefal @charlesvnguyen @chad.mayate @_anthonylee_
filmed/edit/vfx by @vibrvncy
special thanks @notorious_le

February 2019 comment 6 star 300

3. class “bury a friend” by @wherearetheavocados
choreography by @galenhooks
fear. @charlizeglass @maddieziegler

filmed/edited by @nickkim90 @vibrvncy

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2. relevance

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1. adventures

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Happy birthday to this dude right here. you’ve taught me so much and still continue to do so, not only in the ways of pushing boundaries as a creative genius but as a genuinely good hearted human with integrity and kindness. a lot of people will say how much of a wizard you are with your craft, but honestly i appreciate the moments when you let loose and just have fun with those around you. people are going to shower you with love today, and i feel like that speaks volumes as to how good of a man you are. thank you for all that you do. love you bro #vibrvncy #kinjaz

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