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We heard you liked them big...
so we got you something special this valentine's day... introducing the 5mm cabochon and prong setting.

available for studios to order now!
*must be placed with a new order. cannot be added on to orders currently in queue.*

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Did you know that the word “topaz” may be related to the sanskrit word "tapas", meaning "heat"? is anyone else craving spanish food now?

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Good morning!

due to a technical problem, neometal's phone lines are down for the day (1/2/2019). please fee free to email us at info@neometal.com and we will be sure to respond as quickly as possible.
thank you for your patience!

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Seasons greetings and happy new year from the neometal holiday party!

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Neometal is experiencing some heavy wind storms and some crazy power flickers in our area! if you are not able to get a hold of us via our customer service phone line, please feel free to email us at info@neometal.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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We heard you loved our holiday card so we have made it available to you as mugs, shirts and posters for a limited time! from now until january 1st, 2019 don your rudolf and hail santa!


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Happy halloween from the neometal office! what did you dress up as this year?

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Introducing the pt18s!

inexpensive and only one inch long, the pt18s makes for a convenient pin taper for studios that have gone fully disposable or just wanted to lower costs without losing quality.

the pt18s is a 18ga 1" titanium pin taper and is available now! contact us at info@neometal.com for any additional questions!

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A special thanks to @theendisnear_brooklyn, candice ludwig @candicesayss, anthony zotto @azpiercing and george louis @piercingsbygeorgelouis for making neometal look good for @seventeen and @cosmopolitan ! 😘😍😘 video here:

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Keep an eye out! physical catalogs are on their way and digital catalogs have been sent!!!

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