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Introducing the pt18s!

inexpensive and only one inch long, the pt18s makes for a convenient pin taper for studios that have gone fully disposable or just wanted to lower costs without losing quality.

the pt18s is a 18ga 1" titanium pin taper and is available now! contact us at info@neometal.com for any additional questions!

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A special thanks to @theendisnear_brooklyn, candice ludwig @candicesayss, anthony zotto @azpiercing and george louis @piercingsbygeorgelouis for making neometal look good for @seventeen and @cosmopolitan ! 😘😍😘 video here:

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August 2018 comment 9 star 429

Keep an eye out! physical catalogs are on their way and digital catalogs have been sent!!!

July 2018 comment 19 star 726

We don't want to overwhelm you...but we also got new colors. meet morganite and london blue, our latest editions to neometal's rainbow.

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Don't look now, but i'm pretty sure we just released 14ga threadless navel curves.
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Neometal team at app. timothy, amber and justin #safepiercing #app2018

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From the people who brought you neokawaii and the neopuss comes a new friend from the pacific northwest:
the neosquatch!

complete with hipster coffee, a forest-dwelling space needle and indeterminable weather!

neosquatch is now available on redbubble.com with all his other neopals!
color: https://www.redbubble.com/people/neometal/works/32517226-neosquatch

b&w: https://www.redbubble.com/people/neometal/works/32517091-neosquatch-bandw ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
the neosquatch was inspired by @justinthulu. and drawn by @theladycrass #sasquatch #neometal

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Happy halloween from all your friends at neometal!

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Some of our clients are ordering their lapis and onyx ends to be textured! we loved them so much we just had to show them off 😍.

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Available now: 12ga titanium pin insertion tapers for 12ga threadless n****e bars.

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Neometal is happy to announce the arrival of the 18ga labrets with the big backs in "half-size" increments. now available in 7/32", 9/32" and 11/32"

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The neometal team had a blast seeing old friends and meeting new faces at this years app conference! we can't wait to see everyone next year!

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