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Photo by @shaulschwarz - rudy the dog rests on a table after an ice cream social celebrating mountain film festival on main street in telluride, colorado.

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Photo by @renan_ozturk // exited to share the @natgeochannel #explorer show "the yellow brick road" which airs this monday, may 29 10/9c! the show exposes the true path of conflict gold that is used for our jewelry, our phones and computers. it was one of the most exciting shoots of our lives as we documented as many sides of the story as possible, visiting warlords deep in the jungle of north kivu as well as government certified 'conflict free' gold mines. the man pictured paused for a moment in the middle of his manual labor in one of the government mines we visited. there is a lot to this important story, watch the show monday night to find out more! #conflictgold #drc #congo ~ film crew included @j.j.kelley @taylorfreesolo @elaishastokes @taniarashid @aldo_astoria and many crucial local fixers who made it happen!

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Photo by @petekmuller. ben van der waal, a south african ichthyologist (fish biologist) climbs out of the cubango river in angola after an evening collecting specimens. ben has been collecting fish species in southern africa for nearly 40 years. he and a team of other field biologists and botanists form a critical component of the @intotheokavango wilderness project which aims, in part, to chart biodiversity along the major tributaries leading into the okavango delta in northern botswana. evening sampling with ben and his colleague, paul skelton, is one of my favorite activities on the expedition. #intotheokavango #cubango2017 #expedition #biodiversity #science #angola #cubango #river #africa #adventure

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Video by @cristinamittermeier \\ sometimes the most interesting part of going to work is the journey. the freya heaved and bucked as we traveled through the rough barents sea in northern svalbard while on a mission to shine a light on the effects of climate change on polar bears. to see this gut churning moment in slow motion, #followme at @cristinamittermeier for @sea_legacy with @paulnicklen. #journey | @natgeocreative | #explore | #adventure | #commute

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Photograph by @thomaspeschak in the galápagos some groups of sea lions have learned how to hunt yellowfin tuna. in small bands they intercept the schools and drive them into convoluted dead end bays. the sea lions trap them in crevices or push them onto rocky shores where they dispatch the fish with a bite to the head. shot on assignment for @natgeo magazine in 2016. i believe this is the first time that this behavior has been photographed. check out the june 2017 issue of @natgeo magazine for my story on galápagos and climate change. in collaboration with @darwinfound #galapagosnationalpark @fonassociation #paulmangellfoundation to see a close up of this galápagos sea lion guarding its catch follow @thomaspeschak

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A crocodile enters kariba lake in zimbabwe - photo by @shaulschwarz - lake kariba was filled between 1958 and 1963 following the completion of the kariba dam , it is the world's largest man-made lake and reservoir by volume. before lake kariba was filled, the existing vegetation was burned, creating a thick layer of fertile soil on land that would become the lake bed. as a result, the ecology of lake kariba is vibrant. a number of fish species have been introduced to the lake, notably the sardine-like kapenta (transported from lake tanganyika), which now supports a thriving commercial fishery. other inhabitants of lake kariba include nile crocodiles and hippopotami.

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Photo by @dguttenfelder a cuban man parks his red russian car along the sea in the fishing village of cojimar, #cuba.

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Photo by @amivitale for @natgeo. wildlife keeper dorothy works as nutritionist feeding the baby elephants at reteti elephant sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) in northern kenya, the subject of a story i am very excited to share this week for national geographic. "before i was afraid of wild animals, especially elephants, but now i see them differently," she told me. "the sanctuary has changed my feelings about elephants. and they are helping our own children to become healthier too. our culture from samburu is being promoted." follow reteti elephant sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) and help the local samburu community save what is left. what’s happening here at reteti, without fanfare, is nothing less than the beginnings of a transformation in the way samburus relate to wild animals they have long feared. follow all of us, @r.e.s.c.u.e, nearby @sararacamp and @amivitale to support and learn more about these initiatives. @nrt_kenya @lewa_wildlife @kenyawildlifeservice @tusk_org @sandiegozoo @conservationorg @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nature_africa #elephants #saveelephants #retetielephants #ecotourism #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale

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Photo by @brianskerry. a large tiger shark swims alongside a diver in the bahamas. with the tiger shark once considered the most dangerous shark species in tropical waters, researchers are just now beginning to understand behaviors that were once a mystery. despite being large predators, life in the ocean is difficult, and these creatures face many challenges in order to survive. as with all species of shark, the tiger shark faces declining populations worldwide due to the continued demand for shark fins. photographed on assignment for @natgeo magazine. this photo appears on the back cover of my new book - entitled ‘shark’ - which will be available on june 13th wherever books are sold. this book is filled with photos of sharks, and it chronicles my personal journey of photographing sharks worldwide over the past 40 years. follow me on instagram, @brianskerry, to see more photos from the book and to learn more about my adventures as a national geographic photographer. #shark #sharks #bahamas #tropics #caribbean #tigershark #predator #underwater #photography #natgeo #nationalgeographic #conservation #preservation #savesharks #photooftheday

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Video by @bertiegregory. a wild peacock in yala national park, sri lanka. these amazing colours are surprisingly not caused primarily by pigments, instead by tiny crystal-like structures in the feathers. these structures, spaced at different distances apart, cause different wavelengths of light to be absorbed and reflected, creating the amazing iridescent patterns our eyes see. shot for @natgeo, @natgeowild and @stevewinterphoto. follow @bertiegregory to see this male in action trying to impress a potential mate!

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Photo by @gerdludwig after a spectacular wildflower season, the antelope valley california poppy reserve center in the mojave desert closed its doors, scheduled to reopen in february 2018. here is a selection of 4 images i have taken during short trips to antelope valley last month. due to the heavy precipitation during the rainy season, the poppy bloom blanketed the rolling desert hills of the valley but often closed early as a result of cold winds. you can see additional photographs from my visits to the antelope valley poppy reserve at @gerdludwig @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #wildflowers #antelopevalley #california #bloom #poppies #mojave

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Photo by @stephenwilkes. enjoy the memorial day weekend. a birds eye view of a crowded beach is always a great way to spend the day. to see more please visit us at @stephenwilkes #memorialday #beach #americanflag #cali #california #goodtimes #america #usa

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Photo by @kitracahana // anahi graciano celebrates her 15th birthday with a quinceañera celebration surrounded by her friends and family in richardson, texas on may 14, 2016. #quinceañera #texas #comingofage

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Brighton west pier, east sussex, uk by @simoncroberts from the series #pierdom for almost a century and a half the west pier has been britain’s most iconic pier. renowned for its wonderful architectural style, it has been visited and enjoyed by millions. today its sculptural remains casting an eerie beauty over the seafront. the british pleasure pier follows the story of britain’s relationship to the seaside, from the early links with the romantics, to the engineering feats and technical advancement of the industrial revolution. they bear witness to the growth of the coast as a pleasure destination for a monied elite, as well as the working class’ enthusiasm for the seaside brought on by the development of the railways and the bank holiday ruling. britain’s piers trace our changing economic fortunes too, from post-war boom to economic downturn, and now a slow re-awakening of our appreciation of these cultural and historic landmarks. see more from the series at www.simoncroberts.com #simonroberts #pleasurepier #brightonwestpier

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Photo by @pedromcbride // corridor of transport: glenwood canyon near my home is a maze of train tracks, an interstate, a hydro-electric dam and the lifeline of the american west — the colorado river which quietly provides water to 40 million folks. amazing it all fits in this narrow rock alley, and equally amazing it was under snow recently due to a cold may shower. follow @pedromcbride to see more images from the colorado and and rivers. #chasingrivers #coloradoriver #colorado #nature #light #petemcbride

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Photo by @amivitale for @natgeo. in a world where we focus only on the challenges and things that divide us, it's important also to talk about the solutions. very excited to share an important and hopeful story in northern kenya. we can empower these people and their incredible mission by visiting and contributing to the sanctuary — the link is at end of the story. follow reteti elephant sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) and help the local samburu community save what is left. what’s happening here at reteti, without fanfare, is nothing less than the beginnings of a transformation in the way samburus relate to wild animals they have long feared. this oasis where orphans grow up, learning to be wild so that one day they can rejoin their herds, is as much about the people as it is about elephants. https://tinyurl.com/kvopc69 follow all of us, @r.e.s.c.u.e, nearby @sararacamp and @amivitale to support and learn more about these initiatives. @nrt_kenya @lewa_wildlife @kenyawildlifeservice @tusk_org @sandiegozoo @conservationorg @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @nature_africa #elephants #saveelephants #retetielephants #ecotourism #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #whyilovekenya #africa #everydayafrica #photojournalism #amivitale

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Photo by @stephenwilkes. on my recent travels to the old city of jerusalem i visited the church of the holy sepulcher. the church was built by the mother of emperor constantin in 330 a.d. it is one of christianity holiest church’s. i found this magical moment watching patrons light candles as they take moments to reflect in prayer. to see more please visit us at @stephenwilkes #iphoneonly #jerusalem #churchoftheholysepulchre #israel #candle #meltingwax #christianity #travel #peace #religion #inspiration

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Photo by @shonephoto (robbie shone) - the monte corona (crown mountain) lava tube system on the canary island of lanzarote must rank as one of the world’s classic lava tubes. this lava tube was formed during the eruptions of monte corona volcano some 3,000 - 4,500 years ago. pictured here, a team of italian cartographers survey the lava tube using a high precision 3d laser scanner. such a high level of accuracy means that each drip of solidified lava that can be seen in the roof of this tube will be individually scanned and projected into the final 3d map.

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Photo @coryrichards | eventually, when there is nothing left to do, when the wind promises to die, when the temperature looks to raise... then, you move up. we are on our final summit push on everest now. the season will be closed out by the monsoon in the coming weeks. the next 48 hours will see some succeed, and others fail. a year of preparation will coalesce into a singular moment... or it won't. at the end off the day, it won't matter much who climbs the mountain and who doesn't. what will matter, at least to me, are these moments. moments when the world appears new again and opens up in unimaginable ways... when it's quiet and whole. to me, climbing is as simple as that. wishing good luck to all those on the mountain. follow the final hours of our no o's attempt on snap at #everestnofilter and at @adrianballinger and @coryrichards

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Photograph by @thomaspeschak during april/may 2017 i spent almost a month on remote marion island on assignment for @natgeo magazine. this south african sub-antarctic outpost is a true global seabird hotspot, with 28 species breeding there. these southern rockhoppers are one of four different penguins that nest on marion island. photograph shot on expedition with the south african antarctic program and the sa department of environmental affairs. #southafrica #seabird #marionisland #penguin follow #natgeo photographer @thomaspeschak for more photographs of penguins.

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