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Photo by @amivitale. snack time for baby pandas at chengdu panda base in sichuan province, china. pandas nurse for the first 8-9 months of their lives and then eat as much as 40 percent of their body weight daily in bamboo. their bamboo diet does not provide them much nutrition and has been further threatened by habitat loss. but thanks to years of research and a focus on conservation efforts, china has brought pandas back from the brink of extinction. giant pandas have been upgraded from endangered to threatened, with an estimated adult population of 1,864 in the wild and 500 in captivity. follow @amivitale for more stories from around the world! @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #chengdu #sichuan #china #climatechange #conservation #natureisspeaking #savetheplanet #panda #pandas #babypanda #ipanda #giantpanda #pandacub #photojournalism #amivitale

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Photograph by stefano unterthiner @stefanounterthiner. two young sulawesi crested black macaques playing in the tangkoko nature reserve. even the tiniest macaque youngsters in tangkoko have a lot of freedom to play in and explore the forest, but they don’t stray far from their mothers. if hunters take a mother for meat, they may also capture her offspring for the pet trade. shot on assignment for @natgeo for the upcoming magazine story ‘fight for survive’ (march issue) follow me @stefanounterthiner to see more images from my personal projects and my work with @natgeo. thanks! #iucn #redlist #sulawesi #macaque #play #mother #ecotourism #youngsters #forest

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Photo by @jimmy_chin the atlas cedars in taghia, morocco, are a constant point of fascination. they perfectly depict the dichotomy of beauty and harshness here. #onlocation @natgeo

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Video by @maggiesteber. in havana, cuba, laundry hanging from the balconies of beautiful old buildings in the city center dries in the breeze. i was in havana a couple of weeks ago leading a wonderful group of people in a @natgeoexpeditions photographic exploration of one of the worlds most beautiful cities, uplifted after years of neglect. cubans know how to make the best of difficult situations. it is in their character to create beauty. i have been to this city countless times since 1982. havana always reminded me of a beautiful woman who tried to hide her aging by putting on a little lipstick to brighten her face. for years paint was scarce as were building materials. now thanks to her being named as a world heritage site havana is re-claiming her bright and shiny self. this is the time to see this beautiful city before things change too much because they will. they will take a more modern turn and that's good for cuba but i hope cubans can hold onto the memory of a past that reflects their remarkable resilient character. the whole city is a museum of great architecture, history, nostalgia, and courage. havana is still as beautiful and accessible as ever and this is because of her great people. even the laundry hanging from the beautiful art deco balconies knows how to move with the sensuality that inhabits the whole country and its people. #natgeoexpeditions #havana #cuba #reduxpictures #natgeotravel #natgeocreative #thephotosociety #seeforyourself #traveltheworld

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Photo by @renan_ozturk // currently in the drc on assignment for @natgeochannel - self protection and resilience after hundreds of years of conflict. this community deep in the jungle in north kivu seemed at peace. they had schools, agriculture and mineral mining all in place. plus ak 47s just in case... ~ for more updates from the field follow the team - @j.j.kelley @taylorfreesolo @elaishastokes @taniarashid @aldo_astoria

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Let me set this up for you; while on assignment for @natgeotravel, i get to stay at one of the coolest lodges on the planet, sabi sabi earth lodge (@sabisabireserve), just outside kruger national park in south africa. i came to photograph big cats, but unfortunately for me, my arrival coincides with the most rain the region has seen in over two years. but rain or shine, tracker candy hlatshwayo (in front) and ranger chanyn-lee zeelie (driving) were ready to hit the bush at sunrise. this time lapse compresses four hours of soaked to the bone wet, into one minute. i spent more energy keeping my cameras dry than i did shooting. at the end of the video you'll see why i came to sabi sabi–leopards!  #sabisabi / #earthlodge / #sabisabireserve / #natgeolodges / #natgeoexpeditions / #kruger photo by @kengeiger

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'one up, one down' from work documenting community based conservation in the northern rangelands of kenya - 'with butterflies and warriors' by david chancellor @chancellordavid - this guy is a regular to @sararacamp and i'm indebted to @katie.rowe for introducing me to the beautiful gentle giant. to see more of my personal work and projects for @natgeo follow me here, or @chancellordavid #conservation #elephant #ivory #poaching #stoppoaching #africa @forrangers @kinetic_six @hellokiosk @sararacamp @katie.rowe #sarara

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Video by @bertiegregory. wait for it, wait for it, boom! as their name suggests, giant otters really are giant growing up to 6 ft/1.8m in length. whilst they are the longest otter, the sea otter is heavier. giant otters are extremely social, living in family groups of up to 20 individuals. i filmed this family playing and grooming in the northern pantanal, brazil, on assignment for @stevewinterphoto, @natgeo and @natgeowild. follow steve and i (@bertiegregory) for news on our jaguar film coming soon!

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Photo by @franslanting this is lana, a feisty female bonobo making eye contact with me. she’s a captive individual, and i spent time with her for a series of portraits aimed to reveal personalities and attitudes, to combine with the images i made of bonobos in the dark jungles of the congo basin on assignment for @natgeo. bonobos are our closest relatives on the great tree of life, along with chimpanzees. lana has lost most of her facial hair, and that makes it easier to see ourselves in her. after all, we as humans are truly "naked apes,” as desmond morris once called us in his classic book by that title. to see what lana does when she really wants to get my attention follow me @franslanting. @natgeotravel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #attitude #greatape #bonobo

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Photo by @chien_chi_chang along china and north korean border in november 2007. peering from a bunker on the tumen river, north korean soldiers have orders to shoot anyone trying to sneak into or out of north korea. cross-shaped posts possibly support electrical wires. many guards take bribes to let defectors cross to china. #escapefromnorthkorea #defector #tumemriver #magnumphotos #cccontheroad

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Photo by @haarbergphoto (orsolya haarberg) last week, mist appeared as ribbons of smoke, colored red by the sunset in the frost-covered spruce forest of the muddus national park. it has been a strange winter up here in north sweden. the last big snowfall reached us in november and since then there has been little snow and we experienced regular huge fluctuations in temperature instead of stable cold winter weather characteristic to this area. last week we were camping in the forest in -26 degrees c (which was without doubt cold enough in the sleeping bag), returning back to our house the temperature rose to +4 c within 48 hours. record high temperatures have been measured for february over much of lapland. what is going on? based on statistics, climate warming is a fact. how far will it go before we realize that we are all responsible for the climate change and to all that it is doing not only to the planet but also to our life on this planet? do you try to travel less? do you eat less meat, produce less rubbish, save energy? does it ever cross your mind that we are truly too many on this planet? it has been calculated that we only have 27% of the total amount of carbon pollution to emit (73% has already been emitted since 1870) if we want to keep global warming under 2 degrees c (relative to the period from 1861-1880). are we going to manage this? and if we make it, is it enough to avoid the serious consequences of the changes we have already induced? please follow @haarbergphoto to see more of our work in north-sweden this winter. #winter #sweden #lapland #muddus #climatechange @thephotosociety @natgeocreative

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Video by @joelsartore | a behind the scenes look at joel capturing images of a mother koala named augustine with her young ones gus and rupert (one is her own offspring and one is adopted) at the @australiazoo wildlife hospital. everyday, this wildlife hospital receives up to 100 emergency calls and treats up to 30 different species of animals. on average, about 70 koalas come in for care each month. the dedicated veterinarians, nurses and volunteers work here around the clock to provide treatment for sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals of all kinds. they also conduct research in order to learn more about koala diseases, migration and wildlife health management. to see how this family portrait turned out, check out @joelsartore! . . #photoark #koalas #babyanimals #behindthescenes #animalconservation

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