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Photo by @ivankphoto | mario lundes stands in his bedroom with his four-month-old daughter, alexa sky lundes, in los angeles, california, in the fall of 2017. mario, who was jumped into a gang at the age of 13, talked about his troubled past, his recovery and a second chance. “i had my little girl and i got married. all that trust, i built it, little by little with my family members. i’m grateful to be alive. i made some really bad decisions in my past. but it’s never too late. i do regret a lot of the stuff i did. i have to live with that.” this photo was shot #onassignment for @natgeo with @kchete77. karla and ivan’s photos were published in the july 2018 issue in the feature: “how latinos are shaping america’s future.” please check the link in my profile (@ivankphoto ) to see the feature and visit karlagachet.com and ivankphoto.com to see more photos. thanks!!!

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Photo by: @renaeffendiphoto // captured #withgalaxy s9+ produced with @samsungmobileusa using pro mode f 1.5 iso 400 // i hiked in the love valley of cappadocia and came across a small herd of horses grazing in front of these stunning natural rock formations. cappadocia is a historic region in central anatolia of turkey. according to some linguistic research, it's first name dates back to the late 6th century bc when it appeared in the writings of the early achaemenid kings, darius i and xerxes of the persian empire. the old persian name was listed as - haspaduya, which derives from huw-aspa-dahyu - "the land of beautiful horses".

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Video by @franslanting and @christineeckstrom protein is a precious commodity for chimps in the senegal forest where we followed them. one important source is termites, which are plentiful, but hard to get to. to catch these nutritious insects, chimps go fishing in termite mounds, using plant stems as a tool. they insert the stem and termites cling to it. jane goodall was the first person to document this tool use among chimps many years ago and it opened everyone’s eyes. chimps learn this skill when they're young—and you can see in this video how 1-year-old fanta is trying hard. she watches how adults do it and tries to mimic them. she is not very good at it yet, but practice will make perfect. follow us @franslanting @christineeckstrom for more stories about chimps and bonobos as we explore the nature of our connections with them.
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Photo by @ chamiltonjames / charlie hamilton james - this morning in gorongosa national park, mozambique - an all female group of rangers signal to each other, with a quiet whistle and outstretched arms, to separate from their single file line and spread out. they patrol the plains looking for poachers and snares. gorongosa has 270 rangers. this group of rangers are known to the others by the name 'cigarras da gorongosa' which translates to 'gorongosa cicadas' or 'the singing ones' as they all like to sing a lot. shot on assignment for @ natgeo in @ gorongosapark

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Photo by @brianskerry
an atlantic bluefin tuna weighing close to 1000 pounds feeds on a piece of herring in the chilly, green waters of canada's gulf of st. lawrence. bluefin possess incredible biology - they continue to grow their entire lives, swim faster than torpedoes, crisscross the ocean each year and generate heat in their bodies allowing them to swim into cold waters to feed. revered for centuries their stocks have now dwindled due to a desire for sushi and due to commercial fishing methods such as purse seining. making sushi from bluefin tuna however, is not an old tradition. it became popular in the 1970s and 1980s.
to see more photos of ocean wildlife follow @brianskerry
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Photo by @shonephoto (robbie shone) // here is a view of the lower half of the 'grande salle' in grotte de la mine, showing a small gour pool in the foreground surrounded by a huge flowstone deposit. discovered accidentally by mining activities last century, the chamber contains many beautiful cave formations and is home to a large colony of bats.
we're following the work of a group of scientists from the tunisian geological survey and european research institutions (uk, germany, austria and siska in switzerland) who are looking at changes in rainfall patterns through time. several of their field sites lie inside djebel serdj, which hosts some of the largest caves in tunisia.

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I-phone photo by @paolowoods - a rainbow appears across the sky in the countryside near florence, italy, as a summer storm discharges a much welcome downpour. the sculpture of a stork stands watchful. #rainbow #summer #storm #rain #florence #italy #sculpture #stork #phonephotography

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Photo by @renan_ozturk //
the high uintas (named after the uintaat tribe) is a mountain range that contains the highest peak in utah, countless lakes, exposed colorful quartzite rocks and a unique ecosystem making up the largest alpine area in the intermountain west. elk, mule dear, moose, mountain goat, coyote, black bear, bighorn sheep, ptarmigan, river otter, pine martin, cougar and 75% of utah’s bird species roam this land. experiencing it in person the last few nights left me in deep appreciation for this designated wilderness area! follow @renan_ozturk for more images of this majestic landscape.

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Photographs by @vincentjmusi

louis, 2018

size mattered greatly in the formative years of louis, a pug formerly known as meatball, formerly known as a doggie in the window of a new york city pet shop where he was seen daily until he wasn’t.

meatball had grown too big for the window and was reassigned to, shall we say, a less than prominent position in the store when his owner-to-be, came-to-be looking for him.

and while meatball may have been too large for the window, the pug now known as louis was just small enough to be smuggled in and out past the doorman of a no-dogs-allowed building.

the things we do for love.

size matters less these days to this 12 year-old, although his five front teeth are locked in a constant battle for space with his tongue. a world traveler, he has exquisite taste in food, music, women and cats. between his frequent naps, louis is known to regale visitors with colorful stories about his time living in the city that never sleeps.

this #yearofthedogs dispatch from @vincentjmusi
is part of an ongoing personal project celebrating the beauty and character of these amazing creatures we share our homes and families and lives with.

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Photo by @kchete77 (karla gachet) | hundreds of activists rallied from macarthur park, to eco park to olvera street in los angeles on september 10th, 2017. they were protesting against the trump administration's efforts to end daca. this would phase out protections from deportation for roughly 800,000 immigrants brought into the country illegally by their parents. in the photo a trump supporter screams with a megaphone at the protesters passing by to go back to where they came from.
this photo was shot #onassignment for @natgeo with @ivankphoto. it was published in the july 2018 issue in the feature: “how latinos are shaping america’s future.” #latinos #activism #dreamers #daca # #latinxpower #facesofthefuture #losangeles #mydreamsarebiggerthanyourwalls #protest #students #trumpsupporters

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Image by @beverlyjoubert . where shadows become the solid form and striped backs are lost in the light. the early morning creates an interesting illusion in the shallow waters of the makgadikgadi salt pans as zebras follow ancient migratory paths. this is a migration that was thought to be lost following the e******n of vast fences to keep cattle and wildlife separate. however, a key fence has been dropped and despite numerous generations of zebras being unable to walk this route, they have once again followed their instincts and have returned. follow @beverlyjoubert for more. #zebramigration #zebramigrationbotswana #shadows #illusions #makgadikgadi

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Video by @joelsartore |
this spectacular bird is an andean cock-of-the-rock, photographed at @dallas_world_aquarium. the national bird of peru, this species is easily identified by its fan-shaped crest and brilliant orange plumage. they get their name from their preference for rocks and ledges as the base for their mud cup nests, which the females are responsible for building. males gather in groups in a location called a lek to perform elaborate courtship displays. they even try to attract females with a call that sounds like a pig squealing! they bob up and down, bowing and hopping around to display their bright plumage. males will mate with more than one female and, once she lays her eggs, she cares for the chicks by herself. follow @joelsartore to see another video of this spectacular bird! #photoark #andeancockoftherock

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