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Flying to me is our soul's urge for freedom & bliss, our natural instinct to want to break all limitations & strive for full liberation. flying to me is about nature's beauty, divinity, generosity, abundance, vastness, immensity, intimacy & awesomeness. it's about serenity, purity, grace, humility, peace & silence. it's an exploration, an aloneness, an expansion, a connectedness, a presence, an aliveness an adventure & a discovery. to fly is to learn to rise, to ascend, to evolve, to aspire, to go higher & to go beyond, to fly is to be in the active present, to be in real-time with the universe, to fly is to taste what it is to be the sky flying to me is sacred, a benediction ! a love- affair with the unknown ! - avi malik @aviairborne
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