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So excited to share that @chillycow the first protein-packed, lower calorie ice cream made with ultra-filtered milk is now available at @walmart!
trust me – i am not a fan of other light ice creams either. that’s why i don’t bother with the ones with fake stuff like milk protein concentrate and enjoy the ones with real stuff like ultra-filtered milk instead. all of the chilly cow varieties are ultra-delicious!!! #ad
my favorites are the brown butter salted carmel & the chocolate brownie batter bars because they satisfy the sweet tooth with only 110calories and 9grams of sugar per bar.
i love that chilly cow’s bars, half pints, cones and sandwiches are perfectly sized and portion-controlled so you can enjoy them wherever, whenever! give them a try! you’ll thank me later because they are so ultra-creamy and delicious! #saveyourselffromyourself #chillycow #walmart #walmartfind

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😂😂😂😂this makes me laugh for so many reasons. 😩every trainer & nutritionist can relate to this statement. 🤣so for everyone on the journey to healthy living i’m just going to take a moment to remind you that the daily meals & snacks that you eat are the building blocks for the cells that make up your blood, skin, hair, bones, hormones, brain cells, muscles, connective tissue, internal organs and all of the living cells of your body. so make sure that you are eating quality nutrients so you can function at your best! ❤️eating healthy is not just about what you look 👀 like on the outside but it’s also about how you feel on the inside. acid reflux, heartburn, headaches, upset stomach, bloating, low energy, irritable, constipation, poor digestion & poor b***l function, candida/yeast overgrowth, leaky gut syndrome & inflammation are just a few side effects of a poor quality diet/meal plan. you are literally what you eat so spend time to learn as much as you can about nutrition and your unique body because we are all bio-genetically unique. ❤️the more you learn about your body & nutrition the more likely you will be able to make informed decisions about your daily meal plan which will in turn effect your quality of life.❤️if you need help with learning some basics we have over 150+ healthy recipes in our club @hollywoodtrainerclub and daily nutrition tips! ❤️

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Healthy eating inspo! 😋shrimp + avocado taco salad🍤🥑 by @cleanfoodcrush
make sure you plan your healthy meals for the week! if you need help we also have 150+ #healthyrecipes in the club! @hollywoodtrainerclub under the meals section! 📌pin it! @cleanfoodcrush https://cleanfoodcrush.com/shrimp-avocado-taco-salad/
makes 3 servings
1 lb. jumbo shrimp, peeled and deveined
16 oz. chopped romaine lettuce
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1 avocado, diced
1/4 cup packed cilantro leaves, roughly chopped
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
1/4 cup extra v****n olive oil
1 tbsp raw honey
1/2 tsp chili powder
sea salt and pepper .
combine the dressing ingredients in a food processor or blender and process until smooth. place shrimp in a plastic bag, or glass bowl, then add 3 tablespoons of the dressing and marinate in the refrigerator for just 10 minutes (no longer.) reserve remaining, untouched dressing for the salad.
heat a skillet over med-high heat, and spray it with avocado, or olive oil. saute the shrimp in two batches to avoid overcrowding the pan, for 1-2 minutes a side, or until just
barely cooked through and pink.
divide lettuce between plates and top it with avocado, tomatoes and shrimp.
sprinkle with sea salt and the drizzle the remained dressing.
mix the salad and serve immediately. #healthyeating

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I partnered with @cawalnuts #cawalnutspartner to create a lunch time stretch session as a part of our #chooselunch campaign. according to @cawalnuts latest survey, only 49% of americans are stepping away from their work at lunch to take a mental break. a mental break will help you recharge your mind, body and spirit. ❤️save this video, step away from your work and enjoy these amazing total body stretches. you will feel so good when you’re done! a little mid-day self-care! you deserve it! ❤️#chooselunch #stretches #backstretches #totalbodystretch #stretching

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Tag a friend & spice up your planks with these 10 plank variations!❤️💪our 10day & 30day #abblast challenges are both in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub www.thehollywoodtrainerclub.com and the club is only $20/month to access over 500+ #streaming workouts & challenges and over 150+ #healthyrecipes and meal plans. 😊💪just login click on #exercise then #virtualgym and get to work! ✅leave a message on our #communitywall it’s never too late to make a change for the better & it’s never too late to get started! 😊#workoutmotivation #planks #abchallenge

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Our bodies, our choice. ❤️i stand strong to protect the rights of all women to choose what they would like to do with their bodies. ❤️if you don’t want to have an abortion then with all due respect don’t have one but stay out of other women’s lives & their privacy & human right to choose. i donate & support @plannedparenthood and you can too. they have been helping women for over 100years. ❤️#womensrights #reproductiverights

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#lowerbodyblast 🍑tag a friend & motivate them to try this 7exercise lower body blast with you! 30-60sec each, 3sets! ❤️our 30day #totalbody bootcamp & #abblast challenges are both in the #virtualgym in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub www.thehollywoodtrainerclub.com just login, click on #exercise then #virtualgym for 500+ #streaming #workouts and challenges & over 150+ #healthyrecipes and meal plans! the club is only $20/month. ❤️try this lower body 🍑circuit!
1) skaters
2) squat jacks
3) high knees
4) side kick to jack
5) power knee up
6) plyo lunges
7) plank jacks to mountain climbers
bonus 😊happy dance! 😘💯 (song @djsnake @iamcardib @selenagomez @ozuna #takitaki 🎶❤️) #workoutmotivation

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Join me and #cawalnutspartner @cawalnuts and pledge to #chooselunch. 😊❤️here are just a few ways i like to add walnuts (packed with the plant-based omega-3 fatty acid ala) to my lunch:
1. ​add a handful of walnuts to your favorite 🥗 salad.
2. sprinkle walnuts on a greek yogurt parfait or smoothie bowl 🍓🍌
​3. add chopped, toasted walnuts to your avocado toast 🥑
4. snack on a handful with dried fruit or berries. ❤️join us & pledge to choose lunch with @cawalnuts to fill your body with quality nutrients & take a much needed mental break. ❤️for more great healthy recipe ideas go to www.walnuts.org or hit the link in the @cawalnuts profile! #chooselunch and ❤️😊#chooselunch #healthyeating #healthyrecipes

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Wishing you all an incredible mother’s day from me & my goddaughter ada! yes you know she busted out the #woahh i love this child! 😩😂💖

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❤️join me and #cawalnutspartner @cawalnuts and pledge to #chooselunch. we want to encourage you to stop skipping out on your lunch, it’s time to fill your body with quality nutrients! ❤️did you know that over 80% of the american population is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids? (source, nih)
omega-3 fats are an essential f*t the body needs and they are easily destroyed by light and heat (yes cooking) so eating them in their most natural form, like the omega-3 ala in walnuts, is ideal.
1. omega-3 fatty acids transport oxygen throughout the body. oxygen is needed for your body to live, for your red blood cells, to create energy & to burn fat
2. omega-3 fatty acids are needed for your brain and to create hormones. 60% of your brain is composed of f*t once the water is removed (source, nih)and eating your daily essential fats may help decrease your risk of brain disorders like dementia, alzheimer’s disease, add and adhd
4. omega-3 fatty acids are also needed for your heart and may help decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease which is the leading cause of death in america. ❤️i have studied the benefits of good fats since 2000, wow how time flies, 19 years. i first studied the incredible research by udo erasmus @udoerasmus the author of “fats that heal, fats that kill” when i was writing my first book and i was blown away with all of his incredible research and that just opened the door to 19 more years of study & practice. ❤️so, when @cawalnuts asked me to partner with them for their #chooselunch campaign i was overjoyed at this full circle moment.
i pledge to choose lunch with @cawalnuts do you?

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Tag a friend & try this #totalbody #dumbbell circuit i did with keith @mindinmuscle and let us know how it goes! 💯30-60sec each or 10-15reps
1) lateral triple step
2) squat rotation single arm shoulder press
3) side lunge w bicep curl
4) single leg deadlift to knee up
5) squat t****t to mountain climbers to squat shoulder press
3sets! get it! 👉looking for a trainer in la hit up keith @mindinmuscle for some #training sessions & he’ll kick your butt! 💯💪we are in
week6 of our 30day #abblast challenge in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub www.thehollywoodtrainerclub.com login and get to work! ❤️💯song 🎶#middlechild @realcoleworld 🎶💯location @mansionfitness ❤️#fbf

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