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Due to the recent turn of events i am no longer interested in the brand gucci. i will discard my favorite perfumes and i am selling my gucci handbag. the cost is $450.00 and comes with a leather strap & dust cover. if you are interested in purchasing please inbox me. *will provide additional pictures upon request.

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Dr. martin luther king thank you for your sacrifice, and for being one of the greatest americans who ever lived. we salute you sir! 🇺🇸 #letsmakeamericagreat #hesacrificeditall #drmartinlutherkingjr #mlk

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Today marks the 27th day of the government shut down. over a hundred thousand employees and their families have been affected by this non-pay status. keep in mind, cnbc posted a study where 69% of americans said they did not have $1000 in the bank. how can you pay your mortgage/rent during times like these?

the employees aren’t the only ones affected. did you know medicare/ssi checks may be delayed? those income tax refund checks...yep, those may be delayed as well. ***remember, things trickle down from the top.*** if you haven’t started your savings, now is the time. making small changes and putting away a few bucks will go a long way. if you have a cushion to fall back on it would elevate unnecessary worry and stress. we don’t know how long the shut down will last, but what i do know is you can protect yourself from ever feeling the full affects of this senseless fiasco. 🗣savings work! #thegovernmentshutdown #weareallaffected #startyoursavingsnow

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This is true not only for the employment aspect, but also when you think about your money.
if don’t take control of your finances you will have someone control your money for you.
having poor credit will cause you to pay hundreds of dollars on average more than you should pay.
living pay check to pay check causes unnecessary stress and not building generational wealth will cause you to pass down hardship and struggle to the next generation.
start building your financial dream today. if you don’t, you’ll be a part of someone else’s financial dream. #buildyourdream #financialdreamsmatter

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Have you set your 2019 financial goals? if you haven’t, here’s a few easy steps i use each year to set and reach my goals. 🖊make a list of the things you want to accomplish for the year. anything goes...dream big! 📖write down three short term & three long term goals from your list. (short term goals are within 6 months and long term are within the year). 💡brainstorm ideas to reach those goals. think outside of the box. remember, you’re just writing down ideas.

these are the steps i use to set my goals each year. if you like, you can go a step further and vision board your ideas. either way, the idea is to think about where you want your finances to go, and to be intentional about getting there. #goals

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Happy 2019...wishing you all a happy & prosperous year!🥂

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Yep...just like that! three financial goals met.✨ 1. opened & funded a roth ira. even though we have a 401k & a hsa, the roth ira was a perfect option for us because the funds we contribute are already taxed and will grow tax free once we make our withdrawal at retirement.🌟 2. purchased shares of a etf stock. after reviewing several individual stocks, i bit the bullet and purchased a few shares on my own. we have stocks in our 401k portfolio, however, i wanted to dabble in the market myself. and, i must admit it was quite fun! 🎯 3. increased our savings. yes! this is always a win! i wanted to be intentional with our savings this year, and mission accomplished. i’m not a millionaire, yet! but, we where able to tuck away a few hundred bucks.🥇 super excited for meeting some major goals in 2018!💫 i’ve already started planning for 2019...it’s never to early!🥂

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Can you list three financial goals you have reached this year? i can, and if you can not it’s not to early to set goals for 2019. you can make and reach your goals by following a few simple steps.

step 1: make a plan. it’s easier then you think. write down your goals and come up with a strategy to accomplish the task.

step 2: have an accountability partner. someone you trust to be open, honest & direct with you.

step 3: this is the most important step - set time to follow-up and review your goals often.

that’s it...i told you it’s simple!💫

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Merry christmas from my family to yours! ✨

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Do you have a 2019 mantra? ....this one’s mine, what’s yours? #2019mantra #preparingforagreatyear🥂

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Have you ever heard the old saying, “money won’t make you happy”? i believe that’s true, money won’t make you happy. however, the opportunities attached with the freedom you have with money will. when you’re wealthy you experience life on a different level. you have more options, and yes, options will ultimately make you happy!💫 #moneywontmakeyouhappybutoptionswill #wealthbuilders #moremoney #moreoptions

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Wishing you and your family a wonderful & peaceful holiday!

happy thanksgiving! #thankful #grateful #blessed

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