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Do you have a 2019 mantra? ....this one’s mine, what’s yours? #2019mantra #preparingforagreatyear🥂

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Have you ever heard the old saying, “money won’t make you happy”? i believe that’s true, money won’t make you happy. however, the opportunities attached with the freedom you have with money will. when you’re wealthy you experience life on a different level. you have more options, and yes, options will ultimately make you happy!💫 #moneywontmakeyouhappybutoptionswill #wealthbuilders #moremoney #moreoptions

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Wishing you and your family a wonderful & peaceful holiday!

happy thanksgiving! #thankful #grateful #blessed

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When you’re a wealth builder you don’t have to wait for the united states government to decide to increase the minimum wage, you can do it yourself! 🥂@jeffbezos #makingamericagreatagain #wealthbuiders #legacyminded

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Oprah winfrey is a billionaire media giant and philanthropist best known for hosting her own popular talk show from 1986 to 2011 and launching her own television network, own.
however, when asked what is most important to her she said, “my legacy”. oprah is worth billions but her legacy is most important??? have you thought about your legacy? what you will leave behind on the earth when you’re gone?
how will someone benefit from your life’s lessons and journey?
take the time today and think about it...💫 #thinkaboutit #yourlegacy #yourlife #oprah #legacy

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My sunday funday reading!✨ #theautomaticmillionaire

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There’s more value in you than your bank account!💫 #youhavevalue

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I’m finally able to put up my fall decor.🍁 🍂i so love fall!🍂 fall decorations, pumpkin spice doughnuts, crisp air, thanksgiving & my birthday! it doesn’t get any better then this! #thebestseasonever🍁#falldecor

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When you write down your budget and you look at all of your expenses think about ways to trim your expenses. the easiest ones are those you have the most control over like cable or a cell phone. each year i call my provides and ask for the current specials. i leverage the fact that i pay my bill on time and that i’ve been a loyal customer...some how this always work and i bank the savings!💫 #expensecutting #theartofnegotiations #wealthbuilder

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Budgeting 101: 🗣pay yourself first💫

always, always, always pay yourself first. whether it is through your 401k, hsa, ira or a traditional savings account pay yourself before you pay anyone else.

now, the amount may be small when you are just starting out but you must get in the habit of saving something for later. #savingsfirst #mymoneymatter #wealthbuilder

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That’s it! that’s how simple writing a budget is...knowing the difference of your income and expenses.
budgeting is a tool you use to measure where your money is going. nothing more, nothing less.
tracking your income and expenses are important because it will show you where to make cuts or add extra income to reach your goals.

start a budget today as a way to begin your wealth journey!💫 #budget #budgetbasics #wealthbuilder

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Yes, credit cards are an excellent way to build credit but relying on credit cards as a way to manage your finances is not wise.
when building your credit you should use no more than 30% of your available limit. and, you should pay off the balance at the end of each month.
unless it is an emergency, you should never pay interest on a credit card.
#rebuildingcreditwisely #teamnointerest

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