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Day 2 of my napa vacation. doing a wine train today *prepares to be thrown off* #napavalleywinetrain #winewhore #vacation #grapegape #vineyardvixen #bottlebimbo

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3 day vacation in napa starts now! *prepares liver*

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Thank you @wildcardjoe for my meeseeks onesie!! #rickandmorty #missymeeseeks #lookatme

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I'm a sucker 🍭

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Catch my final show of the weekend at 1am here at @hustlerclubvegas ! grab your cocks, friends and cash and let's make sin city earn its name!!

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Yeehaw! first show is around 11pm here at @hustlerclubvegas ! grab your wallet and your c**k and head down here asap! cold drinks, hot b***s and my tits!

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Final 2 shows tonight at @hustlerclubvegas ! i go onstage around 11 and 1! last chance to get these huge t**s in your face! see you kids there! #lasvegas #featuredancer #s***p #sincity #hustlerclub #hustlercovergirl #plasticmakesperfect #implants #b***o #800cc #silicone #juvederm #humanbratzdoll

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Thank you @hustlerclubvegas for another fun and amazing night! so bummed tomorrow is my final 2 shows!

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Going on stage for my first show of the night at @hustlerclubvegas in 10 minutes! get your a***s down here !!

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Heading to @hustlerclubvegas in 40 minutes! 2 shows tonight! let's make sin city earn its name!

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🔥vegas side b**b 🔥

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Time to rest up before my 2 shows tonight at @hustlerclubvegas ! all my vegas fans should come down and get my b***s in their face! i'm dancing 2 shows a night until saturday :)

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Next stop: @hustlerclubvegas ! i'll be dancing 2 shows nightly 20-22nd! come down to one of the strips hottest clubs and let's make sin city earn its name! hot babes, cold drinks and me shoving my t**s in your face! i'll be doing onstage giveaways, lapdances, selling missy merch and taking pics with fans! see you kids tonight!! #featuredancer #stripclub #makeitrain #lasvegas #vegasbaby #shotsshotsshots #topless #sincity

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💕today's love note 💕

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Sin city!!! i'll be dancing at @hustlerclubvegas thurs-sat (20-22nd) in las vegas! i'll be doing onstage giveaways, lapdances, selling missy merch and of course : taking my clothes off! let's make sin city earn its name! see you kids tomorrow! (fyi: if you call the # on the flyer you can get a ride to the club for free!) #featuredance #weekendplans #sincity #vegasbaby #strippers #costume #cocktails #partytime #nightlife #makeitrain

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Bra straps are a thing of the past thanks to @sneakyvaunt ! strapless, back less and push up! i'm ready to take over the world now #ad #sneakyvaunt #flauntyourvaunt #cleavagefordays

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Thank you boys and girls for making this one of the best birthdays of my entire 31 years of living. i think i'll stay alive another year! ❤️💕❤️💕

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I had bday lunch with my family. candles are f*t free #31 #oldlady #granny #bdaybimbo

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