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💕poetry 💕

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Laying on your back all the time isn’t easy

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Ready to be a w***e on cam

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Webcam time! missymartinez.cammodels.com

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Feeling froggy? link in bio #tubtime #froggy #censored #onlyfans

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That one time @realdanavespoli did stuff to my bottom #butts #bottom #cheeks #thongs

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Shout out to all you beautiful multitaskers out there!

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Who’s coming to @killtonyshow tonight?! i’ll be there! you might even get a chance to hear me perform one minute of brand new stand up for @redban and @tonyhinchcliffe ! starts at 8 at @thecomedystore ! see you kids there! #missydoesstandup #killmissy #comedystore #neverstoplaughing #deathsquad

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Bikini season is coming (make sure you’re following @porous_walker for amazing art like this) #bikinibody #summeriscoming #fitspo

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Hide your space boners!! space milf missy is on the prowl! #inspacenoonecanhearyoucum #milfmissy #barbarella

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Hide your dicks. @thisisbridgetteb and i are coming for you 😈 #digitalplayground #bridgetteb #girlswhokissgirls #milfmissy

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Missy martinez was locked in a cage because she ___________ #comingsoon #a**l #brazzers

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🍀want to win my p*t of gold this #stpaddysday ? here’s how: 🍀 1) like this post 2) follow @docjohnsonusa 3) comment below with what you would use my toy for (besides its intended purpose) be creative and you just might win!! good luck!! 🍀

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Don’t scratch my expensive pots with a metal spoon, @sofiryanofficial !! #milfmissy #twistys #girlswhokissgirls

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She has underwear on, calm down everyone #twistys #milfmissy #milf #girlswhokissgirls

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I’m living proof you can turn a ho into a housewife #wifey #hoandahousewife #ironingmyasshole

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Wardrobe change. feeling devilish 😈 missymartinez.cammodels.com

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After riots in the streets and people with pitchforks demanding it, i’m making my return to webcam in 15 minutes! missymartinez.cammodels.com let’s shove things in my holes, boys and girls! #missycam #webwhore #diddlemyskittle #givememoneyandillmakeyoucum

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My claws have returned! protect your testicles! #majinbuu #pinklikemyvagina #meow

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Llamas make terrible pajamas

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