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↔️🌈↕️ :: indigo + goldenrod + madder. tgif ! ! this is what i call plant magik 🧙🏽‍♀️ #naturaldyes

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Gg .. giant gingham ! 🔷 itajime shibori dyed - each panel individually dyed by hand with organic indigo and frankensteined back together. the middle part where the indigo overlaps and becomes darker makes me happy. one of my favorite ones yet !🧟‍♀️🔹 #naturaldyes

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Spring time pastel princess 🌸👑🌸:: naturally dyed + hand painted with avocado 🥑 . the avocado started off as a pastel pink and when i added a tiny bit of rust into the dye bath, it turned it into a pastel purple (the presence of iron darkens a color). #naturaldyes

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Got my 👁 on u // indigo w hand stitch shibori resist

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... still high from yesterday 🧡🧡🧡 **no poppies were harmed in this pic. try to respek nature without trampling all over it 🐾 !!

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New stockists ::: got some pipes + cmyk silkscreen prints at the @hammer_museum store as part of the ooga booga pop up ! runs til may 12. it looks so good love all the artists there ! 💓🌈💓 also have some of those things at @oogaboogastore chinatown. thank u ob for curating and including, been a fan since i was a lil teen !!! 🌟🌹

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Attempts at naturally dyeing a plaid using #itajime clamping. ahhhhh 4th time’s the charm ??? favorite result so far. i’m so hyped rn !!!!!! 😭🥰 it’s a real puzzle !! goldenrod, madder, and indigo and some iron. #naturaldyes

February 2019 comment 22 star 377

🌟la ! 🗣 sunday•sunday•sunday !!!!🌟 one day only ! happy to be part of this pop up with my favorite cuties ! we will all have new things ! please come and say hello :0) 💘 thank u @sethbogartofficial for putting this together 🐶❤️

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*this* weekend is the *last* weekend of the @electionreform store at @theicala !! please come check it out ++ there is an event happening at the store tomorrow (swipe) come hang if you’re free would love to see u :) // and the #bwurtz show at the ica is one of my favorites // big up @brendanfowlerbrendanfowler for curating such a beautiful lineup, it’s an honor to be included w many talented friends. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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▫️◾️🔄▫️◾️ .. more block printed naturally dyed somethings for a pop up coming this weekend ...!! details s👀n 🐕 #naturaldyes

January 2019 comment 21 star 610

Recently got a studio that isn’t my bathroom/bedroom 🤩 ! .. broke it in with these.:: all over block printed using a method i learned that requires no heat #noboilblack is based off a 1720s indian chintz dyeing manuscript. i pre-coated the shirts with milk + walnut tannins, and then printed with an iron medium, and then fixed in cold soda ash. so excited by this and having to use less heat :) #naturaldyes

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⚫️big dot energy⚫️
block printed ++ naturally dyed with walnut 🌰 #naturaldyes #bigdotenergy

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