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Feliç sant valentí @miretormo ! en res estic amb vosaltres 😘 t’estimo!

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Today was qualy mode.... #crossfit session ☠️#competizionigt

2 weeks ago comment 1 star 265

Second day done! today we had some swimming and artistic gymnastics lessons! good skills on the rings right?? 😂😂 #competizionigt

2 weeks ago comment 0 star 275

First day at training camp survived! nice fast ride close to the dubai dunes in the morning and yoga in the afternoon!🤪 #competizionigt

2 weeks ago comment 3 star 337

What a team effort! thank you guys💪🏼 for sure it hurts, a lot... but we should be proud with what we achieved. so close to get this watch this time! a pleusure to work with you @daviderigon @ale_pierguidi @jamescalado .
what to say about @risicomp... perfect car, perfect pitstops, perfect strategy... we did our perfect race! thank you. #rolex24

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A lot of things tested for the #rolex24 ! in 3 weeks time again on track fighting for the watch🤪 ⌚️!!

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Com sempre, un plaer assistir a la gala racc i rebre el trofeu pel campionat i sots-campionat adquirits aquest 2018! moltes gràcies. #pilotracc

December 2018 comment 3 star 366

I was there!! 😂😂 this morning i received this newspaper picture!😱😱 una de las mejores experiencias deportivas que he vivido!! what a game dolphins vs patriots! check the las minute of the game, you will understand 😱🏈🏈🏈 #usa

December 2018 comment 6 star 484

Missing my girls! 😩 love you! #mmm

December 2018 comment 1 star 385

Corriols de l’avi 2018! #dead #pushing #lloretdemar #strava

November 2018 comment 5 star 367

Ayer tuve el privilegio de dar una conferencia en madrid delante de 200 personas. di mi punto de vista y beneficios de la simulación para preparar las carreras.
gracias @ansys_inc esp. por la invitación.

November 2018 comment 0 star 388

Here we are one more year! #finalimondiali #ferrari

November 2018 comment 2 star 667