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Your boys.

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.don’t be the michael clifford of your friend group

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Probably on reddit looking at birds photoshopped with arms

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Took me to church.

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Comment with the sound you think i’m making with my mouth

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Nxjfkckepqieuofckncnsnclaofjskcodnskkcsnjcodjcksocxncjkaaoqiwiorovkdn - me.

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Don’t talk to me or my son ever again

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Day 1 of meet you there tour begins in osaka.

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I’m still using happy birthday photos from the same trip two and a half years later. happy birthday @lukehemmings

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Sports, i guess?

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I am honored that we can say youngblood is our 3rd consecutive #1 album in the us. i don’t have the words to thank the people that support us except that we f*****g love you. thank you to our team for helping us see through our vision and achieve what we set out to do. i f*****g love 5 seconds of summer.

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