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Loving life out here 🤙🏼 been putting in the work! physique is tightening up nicely, and workouts and diet is going strong. we are on the move every day but that’s no excuse not to get s**t done. is it fully optimal? hell no. is it possible? hell yea.
don’t be the type of person who always makes excuses because that s**t is easy to do. your mind will always play tricks and tell you its ok to skip, its ok to take a few days off, its ok to have another cheat day and its ok and even better to start later when the time is right. f**k that. we make s**t happen over here. always on the climb to reach my goals 👊🏼 how about you? are you a go-getter?

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Precious moments ❤️

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King of the fokin jungle

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My most important tip for those trying to get “shredded”? to get the real shredded look, it’s not just about being lean, but also having a solid amount of muscle mass. the combination of muscle and low bodyfat gives you that look you’re after. here are my main tips
👉🏼 spend a good amount of time in a gaining phase (also known as bulking). this doesn’t mean you have to eat everything in sight and get fat. it means you eat more than your body burns and also lift weights next to that to gain muscle mass. some f*t gain will always happen and that’s fine, because you will lose that in the cutting phase.
👉🏼 during your cutting phase, start with relatively high calories! your body adapts really quickly to the calories you are taking in, so if you start super low, you have litte room to play with. it’s better to start a bit too high than too low.
👉🏼 aim for 0.5kg (1lbs) of weight loss per week. this ensures you keep the majority of your muscle mass and only lose fat! if you lose too much weight per week, a part of it may be muscle mass because you are eating too little to support it. (beginning of your cutting phase you can lose a bit more, because of water weight/glycogen)
👉🏼 follow a “high carb diet”. carbs help you with your energy levels and therefore maintaining your lifts in the gym. many people go too high in protein because they copy pro-bodybuilder diets. remember that they are using steroids and therefore can take in more protein. as a natural, you will not be able to use all this protein to build muscle. therefore, it’s smarter to eat carbs instead. 1gr per lb of bodyweight is the max amount, and you should not take in more than that. 0.8lb per lb is already sufficient. keep fats high enough for hormone regulation but that’s it. keep them relatively low.
👉🏼 keep lifting heavy in the gym. many people believe the myth that “high reps burn fat” and are better for cutting. it’s the biggest mistake you can make. you should keep the low reps/high weight in as well, to maintain your hard earned gains.
hope this helped you out! tag your training partner 👇🏼 let’s get shredded!

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Jungle vibez 🌿 lovin it here. for those asking me about my sunglasses, they’re from @swole_panda and they have just been released! use code “merijn10” for 10% off on their website. link in their bio 👊🏼
other breaking news; first africa vlog is now live! head over to my youtube channel to watch 🔥

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Had to get a shot with the man who changed the course of history. put everything in line to make this world a better place and to stand for what he believed in. it’s an absolute honour to throw a flex here ❤️

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Work of art, that’s how i treat my physique ⛏

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Gunz on top of gunz 💪🏼😜

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So happy to be back in south africa! 🇿🇦 this time we’re getting the full local experience by @theinsidertravelrsa who will be showing us around and taking care of us for the next 2 weeks! we will be travelling through the country to many places doing awesome stuff and shooting the sickest travel/fitness vlogs ever 🤘🏼
subcribe to my youtube channel to stay tuned, we’ve already shot some amazing vlogs that i can’t wait to share 😱 @wiro_booth is making sure the cinematics are gonna be next level. i also just hit 250.000 subscribers there, which is pretty crazy thinking about it. quarter of a million people that decided to follow what i’m sharing with the world. the decision to pick up a camera about 4 years ago has changed my life forever. i’m blessed to be able to do what i love everyday, and it’s time to keep building this empire.
thank you, and let’s all keep crushing our goals, small and big, let’s keep failing hard and getting up again. living and learning. being open to new experiences and other cultures. always curious. always feeling alive. living life to the fullest, until the day we die ❤️

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Great catching up and lifting some weights last week 💪🏼🔥 currently on a flight to south africa ✈️ time to shoot some unreal content for youtube and have an epic time. who’s excited for some sick video’s? i have @wiro_booth with me to make sure it’s gonna be next level 🔥

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Current shape! almost 4 weeks into my diet and dropped 4.5kg so far. gonna cut cown slow and steady to maintain as much size as i can, and to bring my best physique ever! workouts are getting tougher, hunger is getting realer day by day. sure some of you can relate with that. gotta stay strong and keep the end goal in mind 💪🏼🔥

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Got some important news! as many of you know, i’ve been doing online coaching and offering different programs for the last few years. i love helping others, and seeing people transform their bodies and minds through my programs is the best feeling ever! my goal is to always keep doing this as best as i can as it’s my true passion.
i have currently shut down the ultimate physique transformation program that i was offering at the moment. there are things that need to be improved and i want to focus way more on the personal service aspect. with all the experience i’ve gained over the years i feel like i know exactly what needs to be done to create the best online coaching experience for anyone, and that’s what i’m working on perfecting. .
i’m beyond excited to share this project with you that i’ve been working on for a while and that i’m currently focused on, day in, day out. this coaching is going to be very personal by not only giving you the tools but also keeping you motivated and making sure you stay on track.
i am not saying that my previous programs were not good because they were and people got amazing results but i think it’s important to always keep your eyes and ears open to see what can be improved. i am an honest dude who is working at creating the best products and services and i would never act like everything is perfect already. i always keep listening and working on improvement.
so if you want my help with building muscle, losing f*t and combining it with your lifestyle, hold up until my new service is live! save your 💸 in advance because this is the best investment you can make in yourself!
that said, my website is currently down until everything is 100% finished but in the meantime you can leave your email there to be notified! there will be a very limited amount of spots on coaching because as i said, it’s going to be a lot more personal and service focused! i promise, you will love this.
link in my bio 👉🏼 @merijn

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