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Gotta love the fall 🍁 as you might have seen, i’m uploading a bit less on youtube these days (1/2x a week) because i’m very busy with other things. owning 3 businesses, having meetings, fully planned days etc. does not always allow me to create content throughout the day. i hope you guys understand. nevertheless, i still have cool s**t coming your way 🎬 whatever happens in my life, i’ll never forget what started all of it for me, and that was youtube and the amazing support i’ve received from you guys.
i’m still that same dreamer i once was, with new dreams and goals always in development. when i think back of when i started i would say “i’ve made it”, but reality is that “making it” to me means doing what i love everyday. those things can change, and i notice that my interests have indeed changed over the years and definitely will throughout my life. where it used to be strictly fitness, i’m now talking and showing you more about entrepreneurship, fashion and life in general. i can’t guarantee i will always stay “the same person” as far as my content goes because the whole point is to keep becoming better, to try new things and to chase happiness. what i can guarantee is that i will keep documenting all of it, because i believe that staying real, sharing what i do, my thoughts, feelings and my life have inspired and helped many in different ways.
i’m 23 years old now and i’m just getting started. in the last few years, i haven’t skipped a week of not uploading a video on youtube. my whole life is captured on there for the world to see. it’s not a movie or a documentary. it’s real life progress. it’s what i’m most proud of and i always look back at, the progress i’ve made as a person. i want to give a massive thank you to you guys, that are the reason i’ve continued doing all of this. what started in my room when i lived at my parents, recording myself with a phone evolved into something that back then seemed like an unrealistic dream, but i never gave up on it. i want to inspire you to dream big, and to always be yourself. one day the pieces will fall together. much love ❤️
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When your girl outangles you 💪🏼😱 big up to @veronica.alix for absolutely killing it 🔥 she’s been following my ultimate physique transformation!
a lot of people have no structure in their routine, not a proper game plan or they are following an approach that’s not tailored towards them. i can’t stress enough now important it is to have a clear goal and to not just “get your a*s in the gym” and “eat healthy” but actually follow a proven, scientifically based approach. your results will sky rocket once you do things effectively.
my ultimate physique transformation is a personalized program so you can pick your goal, gaining muscle or losing fat. you can also decide to change your goal during the program, since you will have full support throughout the way! i help clients from all over the world 🌎
20% off today only for those that want to follow my program! link in bio for more information 👉🏼 @merijn

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Hands down sickest gym wear in game 🔥 new launch is now live and in my opinion it’s the best one to date. they usually sell out real fast so be quick! i wear large on top and medium on bottoms. link in my bio to shop 👉🏼 @merijn
proud to be a part of this company, even though i don’t see em as a “company” but a team of amazing friends that lift each other up and work hard to fulfil their dreams and inspire others 🐺 only positive vibes ❤️

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When you get busted downing a pint of ice cream 🙄 taking it easy this weekend after a hectic, productive week! i will be finishing my new yt video tonight and then i’ll take the whole day off tomorrow 💪🏼 new thing i’m trying out lol, let’s see how relaxing goes 😁 what about you? chill night 🍕or going out? 🍾

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It’s easy to “kill it” on days that you feel like it. what your actions are on the days that you don’t feel like it, that’s what‘s gonna determine your success. day in, day out, the good and the bad. i’m always all-in. no excuses. life is what you make it 👊🏼💯
rocking the new @alphalete aspire longsleeve which is launching this sunday! in love with this burgundy color, so sick 🔥 have a good weekend my family ❤️✌🏼

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Chill day with my man @headhunterz ✌🏼🔥

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From now on, you will see @kennethkroes from @audiotricz pop up in my vlogs every week because he’s doing a 12 week transformation with me! i want to take you guys with me on this process. if you have any questions, fitness/diet/mindset related, make sure to watch the video’s and leave them in the comments on youtube! i will answer those throughout the series and use kenneth as an example. i want to make it fun, informative and interactive. let’s do this! 💪🏼 link to the first episode is in my bio 👉🏼 @merijn

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Current shape! weighing 84kg (185lbs) and stayed pretty lean so far 💪🏼 more food, lifts going up and high energy levels. feelsgoodman. let’s see what look we can bring to the table this year 🔥 what are your current goals?

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On fire 💪🏼🔥 #flexfriday

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Gainz gone wild 💪🏼🔥 @zacaynsley

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Everybody starts somewhere.. this is what a realistic 7 year body transformation looks like 💪🏼🔥 16 years old-23 years old. full video is now up on youtube showing my progression over the years! link in bio 👉🏼 @merijn

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