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Thank you la

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@thesunisalsoastar is out in theaters today. i am beyond proud of this story we told and am so proud of everyone involved. thank you to mgm and warner bros. for this incredible journey.

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Thank you miami

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First late night talk show where we discussed my most embarrassing moments with one of my biggest fans...my dad. @latelateshow

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💜i purple you 💜@bts.bighitofficial

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So happy to share this big moment of my life, with the source of mine. love you mom

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A week from today. may 17th. beyond proud of this film and everyone involved @thesunisalsoastar

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Thank you nyc

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Met gala

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Truly the best morning

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Dear met gala,
thank you for having me & sorry for eating all the mashed potatoes.

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@thesunisalsoastar brooklyn mural with these dreams @helavanna & @nicolayoon

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