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My amazing husband gave me an early surprise! you guys have no idea how excited i am!! 🏕️ gonna be some fun times ahead! ❤️ #itsabigone #ilovecamping #funtimes #lotsofmemoriestomake #nature #tentcamping

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Praying for all in the path of hurricane michael!!! so many amazing memories made at panama city beach!
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"sometimes the electric charge felt deep within the bones calling us to move forward completely out of our comfort zone down the scariest, wildest and most overgrown looking paths ever taken actually turns out to be god’s hand guiding us into answered prayers...our destiny.  it's risky. it's definitely scary but what looks like a mountain to us may be just an anthill to the lord. move and leap with arms wide open to the possibilities of experiencing the greatest adventure out there, the most beautiful of sunsets is waiting just beyond the forest of trees. your dreams fulfilled." ~ ❤️ melissa pollock

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Hello october! you are so lovely! 🍁🍃🎃🍂🍁 #october #fall

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I will never forget that last day, the last hour or the last breath! or the first breath i took without you on this earth. branded upon my soul forever. two years tomorrow! 😢


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When i gave this to you four years ago to represent all that we had been through together i never imagined that i would be getting it back, especially not just two years later.  i looked everywhere for that special something to show the love between a mother and daughter. something to remind you, momma, that no matter where life took either of us you would always be “close to me”. today i needed so desperately to hear your voice. anytime i received sad news, or happy news for that matter, you were the first i would always call.  i want so badly to just be able to talk to you. to have the opportunity to tell you about my day and hear about yours. something so simple yet i will forever yearn for.  as i watched the light shine just right lighting the faces so beautifully it felt as if you were delicately saying “i'm here, peanut. forever and always." close to me. ❤️ #willowtree #closetome #beautiful #motherdaughter #love #missyou

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“am i the only one who wonders about the colors of heaven? tonight as i captured a small rainbow coming through my kitchen window onto my paper, i began to marvel at all of god's beautiful colors. each one beautiful by itself and if mixed with another the possibilities could be brilliant endlessness.  i often wonder what sort of colors the lord reserves only to paint on the heavenly skies. colors so rich and unfathomably gorgeous no doubt. colors never even thought of. one of my favorite things to do is photograph sunsets. there is something so magically mesmerizing to watch as god paints a little pink here, a little orange there and maybe even a little dab of purple or red over here. each one completely unique, no two ever the same. it's like a love note beautifully written and unwrapped each night by the creator himself. magical. beautiful. a small taste of what is to come when our eyes open in our eternal home. something for us to ponder and look forward to until that day, the colors of heaven.” ~ melissa p*****k ❤️️ #tuesday #lovely #godsbeauty

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"even with a broken wing she flies. ❤️ we all have battle scars from when life has tried to break us down but with faith, while trusting the lord to lead, we can rest assured knowing that anything is possible. even with broken wings you too can fly. no more excuses allowed. the time is now.  bless this world with your beautiful/handsome presence. go out and fulfill your destiny. your story is not over. embrace each breath and cherish every moment in your journey. go. adventure lay ahead, spread your wings and fly.”~melissa❤️ #photography #journaling #canon #writing #beautiful #butterfly #life #adventureawaits #photooftheday #loveyourscars

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Pure sweetness ❤️

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