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Cloudy days in switzerland 🇨🇭

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My heart is full. it is the best feeling to love and be loved by you, so unconditionally, wholeheartedly, & in a way that reflects god's love for us. you are amazing @ander_von

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Croatia 🇭🇷

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The best part of this entire year was falling in love with @ander_von. thank you for the love you bring into my life. you are my blessing & everything i've prayed for :)

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📍panajachel, guatemala 🇬🇹 this year, i promised myself to live in the moment while traveling, rather than posting each experience on social media. it feels wonderful to be truly present in the moment, to reflect, & to be mindful. over time, i'll share my favorite photos from my journey to 40 countries :) #bepresent

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✨merry christmas✨today i am reminded of the greatest gift ever to mankind. the gift that has given me a purpose, given me love, & eternal life. happy birthday jesus. #merrychristmas #happybirthdayjesus

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Ready for new adventures with my love @ander_von #exploretheworld

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Sphinx of giza✨

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Flying over kauai 🚁

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Egypt: the great pyramid of giza 🇪🇬 #sevenwonders

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🍂autumn in texas🍂 #happythanksgiving

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One of the most mesmerizing mornings in iceland was watching melting glacial water flowing into dettifoss. i was completely numb as i hiked & ran through the snow to arrive before the morning light. i stood there in awe as the sunrise revealed patterns in the snow made from layers of wind blown volcanic sand. every inch of iceland is filled with wild & serene landscapes...👤...does anyone else see the silhouette in the snow? #dettifoss #opticalillusion #chasingwaterfalls

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Icelandic countryside🇮🇸

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The ice diamonds of jökulsárlón, sparkling under the moonlight💎. i spent hours watching icebergs drifting endlessly in the glacial lagoon & washing ashore the black volcanic sands. i thought to myself as i trekked across this beach– this was unlike any of the beaches i was accustomed to while growing up in trinidad. this was one of those moments where i looked back and realized how different & surreal my life has become✨. #landoffireandice #longwalksonthebeach #midnight

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Foggy, midnight hike to soak in a hot spring river🌿 #iceland

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Chasing waterfalls in iceland🌈

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▪️black volcanic sands & basalt cliffs of reynisfjara beach▪️

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Yosemite🌲. #chasingwaterfalls

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✨10,000 followers✨thank you so much to everyone following my journey! this year, @instagram has connected me to the most amazing people around the world who share the same passion for travel. for those of you who do not personally know me, here are 10 facts for you to know a little more: 1. i have traveled to 40 countries and am always planning my next adventure! literally, always. 2. i love candy. if you opened my nightstand drawer you would find, a bag of skittles, starbursts, white chocolate kit kat, my sketchbook, a brazilian agate geode, and my canon camera. 3. i used to have a caribbean accent, but i lost it after living in new york, connecticut, pennsylvania, texas, florida, and california. 4. i stay awake until 2am most days. i’m usually up late thinking about moving to europe. 5. i learned how to fly and land an airplane when i was fifteen years old. 6. i enjoy cooking italian, caribbean, thai & american dishes. i wish i knew how to make sushi! 7. if you’ve met me in person, within minutes you pick up on my humor and sarcasm. i love puns, clever jokes, and play on words. 8. i'm always in water. 9. i earned a bachelor’s degree in english & marketing, while working full time to buy my first house in my early twenties. 10. i’m ready to find love and someone to explore the world with. i haven’t been single for the last eight years and dating is a whole new world for me- i’m really old-fashioned. #thankyou #10kfollowers #myjourney

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