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We had the pleasure of having @lowridermagazine’s 1967 helldorado in our tech garage. although the paint was already in great condition, it wasn’t quite perfect. having the helldorado for a few days was enough time to get it back to a glorious shine and depth using wet sanding techniques and a lot of buffing with the mt300. #meguiars #lowridermagazine #reflectyourpassion

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Keeping up with maintenance is 🔑. 📷: @lewns07 #photooftheweek #maintenance #meguiars #reflectyourpassion

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Sometimes we just don't know what will show up at the office. #rallyfighter

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💕don’t forget to give your car some lovin’ too. 💕#meguiars #valentinesday #detailersofinstagram

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It was another awesome year at world of wheels indianapolis, here are just a few of the cool cars we saw! #meguiars

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Starting off monday right 🔥🔥 #porsche #flamethrower #911 via @jonsibal

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Fridays are days for fun cars at the office 👍 #vorsteiner #meguiars #tgif

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The combo of dark paints & gold class carnauba plus wax makes reflections mirror-like ✨ #meguiars #goldclass #photooftheweek #reflectyourpassion 📷: @pogui_vipcar

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When working with leather you always want to use a product made specifically for leather since it's a fairly sensitive material. this way can safely prep and maintain your leather while making sure you get the best results too. #meguiars

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We often think of how the outside of our car takes a beating in winter, but the winter's harsh on our interior too. this month focuses on quick tips and ways to keep your interior fresh and clean during the winter months. #meguairs #interiorcare #reflectyourpassion #madebymeguiars

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A little project we had in our tech garage yesterday ✨🙂 #meguiars #reflectyourpassion

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Perfect for those who don't like dealing with tangled and kinked water hoses 🙃 #meguiars #photooftheweek #reflectyourpassion 📷: @fortress_george

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@fourwheelermag is in our tech bay at the moment trying out some new techniques to remove "trail rash". stay tuned! #meguiars #fourwheelermag #trailrash #detailing 📷: @fourwheelermag

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The grand national roadster show proved to be amazing again, here are some of the cool rides we wanted to share from pomona this year. #meguiars

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Meguiar's® perfect clarity™ glass car kit is a two-step kit includes everything you need to keep your glass perfectly clear! the glass polishing compound provides deep cleaning removing things like water spots while improving clarity, smoothness, and preparing the glass for protection. the glass sealant offers durability, makes the glass easier to clean, and relentlessly repels rain. this kit also includes applicators for each step making it easy to clean and protect your glass, and keep it crystal clear. #meguiars #glasscarekit #reflectyourpassion

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Swipe left to see the new ultimate all wheel cleaner in action against the grime on the back side of this this wheel 😱😍 📷: @javierbc87 #meguiars #photooftheweek #reflectyourpassion

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Be sure to join us tomorrow for our facebook live segment on new car tips! 👍🏼 #meguiars #newcartips #facebooklive

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We often hear that people think they don't need to wax their brand new car. in some cases the sales person will tell a customer that they don't need to wax because the car comes with a clear coat. then, some people say that new cars come with wax on them. so, do you really have to wax your new car? it’s true that almost all cars these days have a clear coat on them, and clear coat is just additional paint that’s clear. however, clear coat can be damaged by harmful uv rays over time causing it to break down, fade, and even peal. a good quality repaint can cost a lot of money, and an aftermarket paint job is never quite as good as oem paint. then, when a car is produced, the manufacturer does not wax it. sometimes your dealership will offer to have it waxed for you before you take delivery of the car, but if the dealer isn’t waxing your car you do want to start out by applying a quality wax or sealant to your new car. some think you have to wait for the paint to cure for a certain time on a new car before waxing. with oem, or factory applied paint, no curing time is needed because they bake the paint under such intense heat. it is advisable that you wait 60-90 days for the paint to cure when dealing with aftermarket paint. so, when you get a new car wax it as soon as you can so you have protection against the sun, and so you can preserve that new car shine. then, apply your wax regularly so you always have maximum protection on the paint as this will help preserve it and keep it looking newer longer. #meguiars

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Last week was a very busy week for us at this years @barrett_jackson in scottsdale az. our mobile training center, staging lane wipe downs, training seminars, and the meguiar’s staging tent were incredibly busy! we hope to see you at our next event! to see where we'll be; follow our events tab! #meguiars #barrettjackson

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Meguiar's® ultimate fast finish makes protecting your paint easy. with this unique aerosol you simply spray onto the included high quality microfiber towel, spread, and flip your towel for a final wipe. there's no dry time and no buffing is needed. you'll get extreme water beading, protection that lasts for up to a year, and increased slickness and shine both quickly and easily. it's an amazing way to get the protection you need without all the effort you usually have to put in to wax. #meguiars

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