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Black panther: squad edition #wakandaforever✊🏾

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And i'm black y'all! and i'm black y'all! and i'm blackity black and i'm black y'all! #blackpanther #blackaf #blackhistorymonth

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#blackpanthereve got me feelin some type of waaaay! 24 hours to go 🙌🏾 #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth #blackgirlmagic

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Black love. girl love. self love. drown me in it ✨

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Happy birthday hubby 😍😍😍😍💕 (y'all better go see black panther next week!!!!) #finemanfriday #michaelbaejordan #godtookmoretimeonyou #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth

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🌆☻🌃🌚🌝🌠 #viewsfromla

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#incaseyouaintknow happy february---2nd best time of the year 🙌🏾 even though we gotta share this month with the superbowl and valentines day and all star weekend and usually the grammys and academy awars too ☻ .... i still gotta flex 💪🏾. show some love to the black people in your life. donate to a black philanthropy. buy from black owned buisinesses. mostly don't forget that #blacklivesmatter today, next month, and always ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

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Like the little fishy leaping courageously to the big bowl, i'm taking a huge leap of faith towards something brave i want to pursue. some of you know i attented the #dreambuilderlive conference this weekend and it stretched me. the same organization will have a training in march about growing skills in coaching and leadership and i really want to be a part of it. so i'm asking for your support! there's a hefty down payment to enroll and i can't do it on my own. would you consider helping me reach my fullest potential? go fund me link in bio. 🙏🏾

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🎵if you really love make an album bout me, word uuuup🎶-beyonce #oldiebutgoodie #feelingmyself #fineassfeminist💅🏽

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Bloop ✌🏾✌🏾😌

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Representing all the women, salute, salute 💪🏾👸🏾 #womensmarch18 #lawomensmarch2018 #feminist

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A list of words, mantras, and memos to guide me and shape me in 2018. ♧try ♧and yet... (there will always be things that didn't work out in my favor or social positions i was born into that seem unfair and yet i must take action and figure it out. i didn't choose my family, my skin color, or lack of financial/political/social privilege and yet...i must become who i am destined to be despite all obstacles) ♧messy... oh how beautifully messy this year will be. i am ready and not ready. but i. am. ready. ♧growth ♧transition ♧realizing ♧discovering...potential|capacity| ♧prove myself! (to myself) ♧begin with me ♧try. ♧change > comfort ♧ urgency ♧ searching for self-respect ♧try.

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Preparing for step up's return next week. i step up for #feminism and #blacklivesmatter and speaking your truth boldly! what do you step up for? 💁🏾 🗣#istepup #stepupgirlsarethebestgirls #thiswerk #activism

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Stunned at this goddess 😍

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Brown eyed beauty (#bigheadbeauty)

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The motto '18.

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Fuck whatcha heard. 2018 is gonna be fetch as fuck. word to gretchen weiners ✌🏽😌💃🏽 #blessup #makefetchhappen #itstotallygoingtohappen #2018

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2017 was equal parts lightness and darkness. it took 6 months to get out of a post-breakup depression and struggles of self worth. but i want to hilight the good and the fun! 2017 also was full of celebrity greetings and sightings and travel and oppurtinities i never would have imagined. 2017 was fun and it's ending so much better than it started. for that, i'm grateful 🙏🏾

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Big mood 👀

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