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The evolution of my emotions today. blessed. honored. excited. overwhelmed. exhausted in the best way. a true dream of mine came true today when i got to be in the presence of my absolute fave! if you have a dream, put all your faith behind it. it can come true 💕 i met selena, anything is possible. gonna go meditate on my life now. ✌🏽💫❣ #dayofselena #slayenagomez #anythingforselenas #coachxstepup #therecanbemiracleswhenyoubelieve #dreamsdocometrue #ilovestepup

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Guess who showed up at my job today?! 😩😩😩 none other than #slayenagomez. our awesome bloomfield girls got to hang out with sg and talk overcoming adversity and that inner superpower that we all posess. (and yes, she is just as pretty in person. yes, i freaked out. no, i'm not ok. yes, my entire life was made!!!) thank you @coach for believing in our mission at @stepupwomensnetwork! thank you god for allowing me to see onr of my idols. thank you @selenagomez for being so real. completely human, completely loved. today i learned some dreams do come true ❤😩😍👏🏾. #coachxstepup #istepup #whenyourdreamcomestrue #lookatgod #brbcrying4ever #32317

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I found a smile today. i think it looks good on me 🙂. #clovers🍀 #underconstruction #theglowupiscoming

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This was such a look 👏🏾👏🏾😩 @mui28 @instan8er's wedding day. shoutout to @annel143 for the dress my mama for the pearls. @britnope for my hair @god for my face 💅🏽 #throwbackthursday #gome #freshaf #takesavillage

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Woman. that word holds so much in it. my sex. my identity. both a label and a literal way of being. a controversy. a package of roles to ascribe to. a performance. am i less of a woman if i don't cross my legs when i sit? if i don't cook often (and i don't enjoy it)? would i be less of a woman if i never bore children from my womb? if i chose to never be a parent? if i never got married? am i less of a woman if i don't defer to a man? if i am independent? if i can provide for my own wants and needs? if i am loud, passionate, bold? the point of today and feminism in general is to let women decide for themselves, by themselves, who and what they want to be. so, i am...loud, passionate, sassy, outgoing, outspoken, smart, and independent. i don't always shave. i wear make up like twice a year. i'm "ratchet". i speak culturally, not academically. and i, too, am a woman. #internationalwomensday #blackgirlsmatter #blackgirlmagic #aintiawoman #feminist

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Creating #outspokenladies posters at @stepupwomensnetwork programming this week. ladies, speak up, speak out. you matter ❤ #weslay💅🏽 #internationalwomensday #istepup

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Troof 👌🏾

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Me.. in all of my messy, confused, but still hella cute glory ☺

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Throwback. same mood. "this is hell on earth but i can turn it into heaven"[email protected] #whyidelethis #ilookgood #clovers #justkeepswimming

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When will you ever? #blackgirlmagic #blackexcellence

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#blackexcellence #blackgirlmagic #blackhistorymonth✊🏾

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Today jay became the first rapper ever to be listed in this category. how's that for some black history?! 💁 #blackhistorymonth✊ #blackexcellence

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I grew up on @iamjojo. i wanted to be her. she was sassy and unapologetic and bold (she still is). her music was 🔥 and her voice was hand crafted by heaven. as a kid i sang her songs, not being able to relate but acting like i knew. she seemed sooo much older then (we're 2 years apart 😝 ha!).i've lived alot of life since then. now her songs make sense. tonight, she was singing my life with her words. sinus infection and all, she powered through and served us vocals like she was ascending into the pearly gates. and with the most positive attitude and happiest face i've seen in a while. thank you! for your spirit and your professionalism and badassery and empowerment. thank you for not giving up. thanks for being jojo. #madlove.

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Never forget this day when she snatched us covered in nothing by pink diamonds like the goddess she is 😩 the legend. the icon. queen of not giving a fuck. #happybirthdayrih #rihannanavy

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Happy president's day ✊❤

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I march because just like black lives, i want immigrant lives to matter. #blacklivesmatter #muslimsmatter #immigrantsmatter

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