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Little things in life @biggigantic

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No single wave is ever the same

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Do you feel the fire? @3lau

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Do. or do not. there is no try.

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Thankful to live in the evergreen state

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One of my favorite parts of the northwest ❤️

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Don’t think this water could get any more blue

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- nothing better than a wide open road and a car full of friends - i’d say more than half of our time this trip was spent in this car cruising the ring road around iceland. each day we woke up, got drenched at waterfalls, ate gas station food, went to bed way too late and repeated it for the next 9 days. looking back on this trip i know i will always cherish the good times that were had with these guys. can’t wait for the next one.

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Late nights on the coast to early mornings in the mountains. oregon was nothing less than spectacular.

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Peeking through the trees

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The past few days i’ve been exploring from the coast to the rainy forests of oregon. thanks to @stutterheim for keeping me dry in all conditions.

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Follow me on a journey to the top of mount storm king
song: imsxrry @brothel.brothel

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