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One of the cooler places in switzerland

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The best place to relax 🍂

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I’ve always dreamed of camping in the swiss alps

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My apologies for not posting lately. i’ve been out exploring the swiss alps and have been too distracted by the jaw dropping views.

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China was something else

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The immense power of the all mighty skogáfoss

2 weeks ago comment 63 star 6,756

From a day exploring the southern coast of iceland. on another note i’m headed back to the swiss alps tomorrow. if anyone has any suggestions of hikes to do or places to see let me know!

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Explore more of what’s around you

2 weeks ago comment 77 star 3,320

An unforgettable sunrise in one of the craziest places i have explored.

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You know what one of my favorite places to explore in canada is? ... all of them! happy canada day 🇨🇦

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Swipe right to enjoy the most beautiful view in washington

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Poolside hangs over looking a secluded part of west lake. who would you enjoy this view with? 💦

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