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Off to hawaii for the next few days, excited to explore of one of my favorite islands. hit me up if you are around oahu πŸ™πŸ½

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Can’t complain about days spent in the mountains πŸ”

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I’m blown away by the support on my last little clip from switzerland. so i decided to put together a few more for ya πŸ‚
song: halcyon by @alexlustig

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What washington looks like when it’s not gray and rainy πŸ‚

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Just wanted to say thank you all for supporting my journey. new content coming soon ❀️ what do you want to see more of?!

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Washington summers are unbeatable πŸ‚

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One of my favorite moments from 2018 πŸ‚

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A few of my favorite clips from the oregon coast this past week 🀘🏼
music by: @laxcitymusic

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Out before the traffic hits πŸ›Ά

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An early morning fog rising out of the valley πŸ‚

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I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past πŸ’«. here’s to 2019, i’m looking forward to meeting more of you, sharing stories, and experiencing the new opportunities this coming year has to offer. i hope everyone had a safe night last night and are ready to tackle the new year πŸ’™

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Didn’t really think that i would find myself in oregon yesterday 🌲. but you know how it goes, these things happen. after shooting on the most southern tip of washington and realizing we were only an hour away from this incredible beach, we decided to make the drive down into oregon. the weather wasn’t looking promising as we encountered heavy rainstorms on the drive down. with the thought of turning back, we pushed on and hoped that it would clear up. i’m so happy that we did πŸŒŠπŸŽ‰

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