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Relax lp out now !!!β™‘β—‡β™€β—‡β™§β™€β—‡β™§β˜†β™€β—‡β™§β™€β—‡β™§β˜†β™€β—‡β™§β™‘β—‡β™§β™§β˜†#occupymarsmusic

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Some knowledge i've acquired over the past couple days... and a thing. #lemon #learn

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Good morning lost angeles

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I'm tryna maintain man but give me a..._______

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#mars is the fourth planet from the sun #ruffiankick

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Nu music numiraclerecords.bandcamp.com/album/relax

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On mars...don't forget to save your files. 3/16/18

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I've eaten several #oranges a day this whole week. #7dayveganchallenge l***o anyway they taste amazing it's the season y'all

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Mooooooooood i love this woman. #janetjackson #control #newjackswing

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I did it i won the internet...happy pi day everyone. don't let lord pi steal you qi. like if u get this lol #piday #3/14

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I'm in the hot tub

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Let me make you cry.

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Imma drop a couple k on u. #$

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Go with the flow and go check it out on bandcamp!!! #occupymars #occupymarsmusic

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#dreamland coming soon... the nintendo switch came out a year ago today .

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