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take a look around: everyone is multitasking. we’re doing more than we’ve ever done, attempting to fill every interstitial zone with more work. every downtown scene is the same: heads tilted downward, faces lost in glowing screens, technology turning people into zombies.⠀

we live in a busy world, one in which our value is often measured in productivity, efficiency, work rate, output, yield, gtd—the rat race. we are inundated with meetings and spreadsheets and status updates and rush-hour traffic and tweets and conference calls and travel time and text messages and reports and voicemails and multitasking and all the trappings of a busy life. go, go, go. busy, busy, busy.⠀

americans are working more hours than ever, but we are actually earning less. busy has become the new norm. and if you’re not busy, especially in today’s workplace, you’re often thought of as lazy, unproductive, inefficient—a waste of space.⠀

but for me, busy is a curse word. whenever someone accuses me of being busy, my facial features contort, and i writhe in mock pain. i respond to their accusation the same way each time: ”i’m not busy, i’m focused.”⠀

henry david thoreau said, “it is not enough to be busy. the question is: what are we busy about?” if i were to append his quandary, i’d say, “it is not enough to be busy. the question is: what are we focused on?”⠀

there is a vast difference between being busy and being focused. the former involves the typical tropes of productivity: anything to keep our hands moving, to keep going, to keep the conveyer belt in motion. it is no coincidence we refer to mundane tasks as “busywork.” busywork works well for factories, robots, and fascism, but not so great for anyone who’s attempting to do something meaningful with their waking hours.⠀

we shared an essay on the blog today—not busy, focused. visit our website to read the essay in full! ⠀

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waiting for some new mourinho material 😩

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who’s excited for @vividsydney in less than two weeks?! i know i am and can’t wait to see all the installations and projections this year! #vividsydney

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who’s ready to see @atlutd win here tomorrow? ⚫️🔴
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tag 4 friends you’re doing this with in 2019 below👇i’m happy that over 100,000 of you have taken my free masterclass. but i genuinely want more of you to take it because just 1 insight could change the outcome of your whole year. head to the link in my bio @jayshetty right now for my free masterclass! it won’t let you down!

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“take the time to look around.” #shotoniphone by oleg f. @foxvell

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on the road to reaching freedom. the bmw z4 m40i.
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bmw z4 m40i – fuel consumption (combined): 7.1-7.4 l/100 km; co2 emissions (combined): 162-168 g/km.

further information about the official fuel consumption and the official specific co2 emissions for new passenger automobiles can be found in the 'new passenger vehicle fuel consumption and co2 emission guidelines', which are available free of charge at all sales outlets and from dat deutsche automobil treuhand gmbh, hellmuth-hirth-str. 1, 73760 ostfildern, germany and on http://www.dat.de/angebote/verlagsprodukte/leitfaden-kraftstoffverbrauch.html

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another great end to a great day! it’s probably safe to say that we know why this is one of the most liveable cities in the world. photo by @calvnlau #curiocitytoronto

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what’s a closely held belief you haven’t questioned lately?⠀
when’s the last time you changed your mind?⠀
why are you clinging to blind certainty?⠀

want to change something?⠀
change often starts with a question.⠀

holding onto a precious belief?⠀
question it.⠀

want a better answer?⠀
ask a better question.⠀

who? what? when? where? why? how?⠀

who is the person you want to become?⠀
what is truly important?⠀
when will you let go?⠀
where do you want to be?⠀
why do you give so much meaning to (blank)?⠀
how will you define your own success?⠀

better questions lead to better answers, and those answers allow us to more confidently traverse the path we’re on, or change our minds and find a new path. either way we win.⠀

tag a friend in the comments—someone who inspires you to question your beliefs. ⠀

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with just a hint of magic

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