Madonna Inn 110 themed guest rooms - pool & day spa - restaurants - bars - shopping - hiking - biking Located halfway between LA & SF in San Luis Obispo, CA 🎀✨🍰 http://www.madonnainn.com/
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The @madonnainntrailrides pink pony is every little girl’s dream. okay... let’s be real: it’s everyone’s dream!!!!

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Say hello to our *upcoming* new vegan offerings; farmer’s market salad, buffalo chickpea sandwich, and mediterranean sandwich!
to learn more, visit blog.madonnainn.com

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Have you heard?! madonna inn trail rides are back! visit our website or call (805) 550-5307 for details 🐴🦋🌈

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Did you know we have *amazing* retail shopping on-property? from men’s and women’s active-wear to designer jeans and handbags to unique jewelry and signature gifts, @madonnainnshops has it all!

pictured here are some items from @beyondyoga (also available in our spa) as well as some men’s items from @tbahama. and, of course, some signature madonna inn goblets! #shopslo #visitslo #visitcalifornia

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We’re trying to lure the easter bunny to the secret garden with our sprinkly sweet treats! 🦋🐰#easter2019 is just a hop away!

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Brightening up your mid-week feed with a madonna inn rainbow! 🌈✨💘 make sure to follow @madonnainnshops for more #madonnainn merch and boutique shopping!

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Whether your prefer your #blackforestcake #n***d or enrobed in milk chocolate shavings, we’ve got you covered for #nationalblackforestcakeday

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In honor of #thefirstdayofspring (tomorrow) and #superbloom2019, here is a spring-inspired madonna inn suite - spring flowers, room 207. #vacuumlines #oddlysatisfying #vernalequinox

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Happy international women’s day from our madonna inn matriarch to all of you! anyone who knows phyllis will agree that she *always* has a song on her lips and a smile in her heart. without her drive, artistic eye, buoyant spirit, or loving devotion, the madonna inn would not be the magical place it is today✨💘 #internationalwomensday #madonnainn #strongfemalelead

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Our heated infinity pool and whirlpool jacuzzis are the perfect place to relax on a drizzly, gray day! that is, provided we don’t get any more lightning shows! ✨⚡️

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Enjoy a break in the rain this weekend with a stroll through the gardens, a hike up #cerrosanluisobispo or even a bicycle cruise through @downtownslo!
pictured here is our fabulous head groundskeeper, laurel!

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Happy st. valentine’s day to each and every one of our friends and followers. 🏹♥️you have no idea how special you are - to us and to the world. cheers! 🍷✨ #lotsoflove #shareslo #madonnainn

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