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What would happen if you gave someone your full attention instead? hint: it’ll be worth looking up from your phone. #feelgoodgiving

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‘didn’t see you there.’—something you won’t hear when you’re running in the metallic speed up tight (link in bio). #lululemon

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Let’s face it, feeling tired, partied out, and spread thin is normal—especially in december. tag someone who could use a reminder that it’s ok to say no to plans this week. no guilt, no judgement. you might even join them. #feelgoodgiving

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Attention all runners: stay seen out there in these bold floral (and reflective) speed up tights—because even winter could use a dose of spring.

link in bio for full outfits.

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Sweating releases endorphins, and endorphins make you feel good. so put on our motivating playlist and lace up your running shoes—get moving, get sweaty, and get that feel good feeling. 🎶 available at the link in bio. #feelgoodgiving

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Serving up pre-game stretches before the greats at @champions_tennis take centre court. advantage, @lululemonuk.

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What’s something that makes you feel great this time of year? life hack: make it happen. better yet, inspire someone else by sharing your answer below. #feelgoodgiving

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Big news: we have fleece. and it comes in the form of the so sherpa hooded jacket. make sure she unwraps one this year—link in bio.

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Sometimes we all need a little reminder that taking care of ourselves looks different for each one of us. we’re completely inspired by the team at @loveyourbrain, who use yoga and meditation as tools to embrace their own version of wellness. check out this feel-good video on them and get inspired to find your way of looking after you. link in bio for the full vid. #feelgoodgiving #heretobe

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The forecast says...it’s going to be less than tropical weather for at least 6 months. help out the man who still insists on playing outside and get him the keep the heat hoodie and tight—link in bio for full outfit.

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Your saturday mission: spend time in the great outdoors. it doesn’t need to be a huge adventure or an instagram-worthy hike. skate, bike, do a lap around the block—it all counts. just👏🏼get👏🏼outside👏🏼. let us know your plans below. #feelgoodgiving

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The soft to the touch apres your way sweater and joggers are great to wear on their own. but even better when worn together. we say if you’re going to go for it—go full cashmere sweat suit (link in bio).

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