CenCal Entertainment Cen Cal Takeover Nov. 5th Mooney Grove Park Truck_Car_Bike Show Bringing back Mooney!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cen-cal-takeover-tickets-37906255631
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Dirty front end friday!!

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@onpoint_graphics will have a booth at @cencaltakeover ! he will have gear and shirts for sale! make sure to get your vendor spots before the 25th!

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Don’t forget to stop by @sketchycustoms booth day of show to check out his custom fabrication work ➡️ he will be raffling off a c-notch ⬅️

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A denali hd conversion done by @1_lowbee_cvt and myself. anyone that had questions about pricing for parts message me. we only use oem brand new parts on our conversions. i can also do amber delete as well for that clean custom look.

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Windshield stickers are ready for november 5th. #cencaltakeover2017 #november5th #mooneygrovepark

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At least this one is @cencaltakeover ready! lol send pics so i can share them!! #mcgaughys

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❌❌. for sale ❌❌. dmax has way too many things done to it to list!! message @jc_will_see @jc_will_see @jc_will_see for details!!!

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Only a matter of time before the single cab has on her new dancing shoes also . 🤞🏼

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Spent all my money on my truck i can't afford a toy hauler 🤷🏻‍♀️ #pismo

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Pretty cool that some one made this. use it as motivation 💯💯 do it for yourself and the people that support you not the haters 💯💯

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@groundzeroisrlimit will be out at @cencaltakeover nov 5th. follow the page to stay up to date on the event! #bringingbackmooney #cencaltakeover2017

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A time and place for burnouts and i had to break them in

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New wheels are on!!!! i want to thank my family for believing in me my friends for supporting me. and ig for allowing me to share my passion 😂😂. #mcgaughys

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Little guy started laughing for the first time. super funny he sounds like a squeaky toy lol

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Annnddddd this just happened!! lol the mock up. see how they do i'll have good pics tomorrow! #fuelforged #24x14 what do you think?

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I wish i wish with all my heart that my new wheels come in for mooney grove park #dragontales #onlyrealniggasknowaboutthat

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Special thank you to golden state credit union for letting me use their truck! they didn't even get mad when i lifted it! #12yearloan

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Cencaltakeover 2017 november 5th! at mooney grove park!! don't miss out!! we'll have some of cali's baddest rides at cencaltakeover! #livemusic #food #vendors #models #bringingbackmooneygrovepark make sure to follow @cencaltakeover to stay updated!! and questions contact @lozahd559 @centralvalleysunroofs or the cencal page!

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I love offer up. best thing is to have fun with dumb offers. i'm not expecting what i payed for them but still lol

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Truckin tuesday?! ok now i'm just making s**t up 😂😂 just want to delete these videos off my phone so i save them on ig 🙄😂

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