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Earth day giveaway
we’ve teamed up with some amazing partners to give you the ultimate sustainable summer bag in honor of earth day on april 22nd. one lucky winner will receive a @madebyminga backpack produced with 100% all-natural and sustainable materials, a reef safe/plastic free mineral sunscreen from @loveavasol a swimsuit made out of recycled ocean plastics from @wdlk a beach towel from @calhounandco and a print from @arisayoon
to enter:
1. like this photo
2. follow @arisayoon @madebyminga @wdlk + @calhounandco -
3. tag a friend and let us know how you're going to be sustainable this summer! -
the winner will be announced by @arisayoon on 4/22! you must be following all accounts for valid entry. good luck!

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Today is #givingtuesday and we choose to donate 100% of purchases made through our online shop today to #californiawildfire relief through our friends at @changingtidesfoundation. it’s a perfect opportunity to stock up on suncare while supporting a great cause! and, as a thank you for your generosity we will include 1 free bio-jewelry bracelet for each item purchased for anyone who mentions this post. pick your colors too.
timelapse 🎥 by @kaelanbarowsky

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Did you see them in surfer magazine? @changingtidesfoundation and their women's outreach mentorship program (wompdr) is totally amazing and we’ve been stoked to support it from its inception. their new film #sameseas will be playing as part of the @womensadventurefilmtour friday, october 26 in here in santa barbara at the sandbox @sandboxsb!! we’ll see you there at 7pm!!! stop by the plastic free pop-up for ctf gear and eco-friendly favorites.
📷 @jianca_lazarus
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Check out the amazing short film from our friends ramon navarro, kohl christensen, and otto flores. “fleeting fall in south america” - @oue.mar & "sub sole" the movie - @surfer_magazine - “...this was something special. this was a wave that had never been surfed before – the ultra-rare combination of the right swell height and direction, the right winds and the sand set up in such a way to make for some of the longest barrels they’d ever surfed. it’s not like just seeing bigfoot, or the south american maricoxi, it’s like high-fiving both of them."
📷 @deheeckeren
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It’s been quite a year! you may notice that we don’t put very much effort into marketing and self-promotion. while we have a lot to say about sunscreen science, we’re deeply focused on making the best products and packaging as possible.

we’re a small team of humans devoted to earth and ocean stewardship, education and responsible business. but we also want to celebrate our successes, and it’s past due that we share that @outsidemagazine named avasol (along with our friends @patagonia @theseea @carvedesigns ) “the best sun protection gear of 2018”. this is after @outsidemagazine named avasol in "the best products of 2017” as well! we’re the only sunscreen mentioned and we’re beyond stoked to feel the recognition for the hard work we’ve been doing for the past 8 years.

what you do and what you buy matters, and we thank you all for your support!

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We have been on the road with the @patagonia _surf and @wornwear crew for the past month on their first ever wetsuit repair tour. they’re cutting down on consumption and waste by keeping wetsuits, clothing and gear in action longer through repair and reuse, and we love that. we’re here stoking people out with sunscreen to send them off on adventures with their newly-repaired gear. beyond that, we’re educating people about the science behind sunscreen and what makes certain ingredients (zinc), formulations (single-particle non-nano) and packaging (100% bio-based & refillable) human and planet friendly. come by with your stuff that needs repair, pick up some samples of our surfer’s barrier stick and hang with the crew!

next stops are:
july 13-14, 12pm-5pm at patagonia santa cruz @patagonia santacruz
july 18-19, 12pm-5pm at patagonia cardiff @patagonia cardiff

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Decided to plant veggies and admire the bees instead. #earthdayeveryday

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Take a deep breath and repeat after me “i have love, faith, trust, gratitude, courage and compassion.” make this your mantra. repeat as needed. #bethechange #liveyourdreams
-photo by @jianca_lazarus

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All it took was a half an inch of rain in five minutes and a monster was born. it was made of ashes, mud, rocks, boulders the size trucks, and as it tore and smashed its way through our community, it added cars and houses and sewage and gasoline and every manner of toxic human substance to the mix. it took friends and neighbors and mothers and fathers and children and didn’t stop until it made its way to the ocean. now weeks later, it dries in the sun and we breathe the toxic dust. we scurry around like little ants trying to clean up the monster, attempt to make sense of it and find words to describe it. how do you prepare to search for lost little souls in your front yard? how do you go about your business like this is ok? -

this was not a natural disaster this was a human-made catastrophe. natural and human-made disasters are only getting worse. it takes a tribe and everybody needs to ask themselves what they’re going to do when it goes down heavy in their neighborhood. we were fortunate to have survived the incident and to have had the opportunity to help others. know that a little training and preparation can go along way. so, we would like to share our experience in hopes that it motivates some of you to go make a difference in your community. my son kai really stepped up and had my back. we filmed the experience - see the link in his bio @kw.films -


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Need a really cool last minute gift with a great story? we’re giving away beautiful biojewelery from the amazon rainforest that supports sustainable products, prevents the degradation of biodiversity and irreplaceable ecological resources. we are supporting fair income to the traditional forest communities and creating an incentive to protect the forest resource, instead of cutting it down. we are already doing this with the wildcrafted ingredients that we source, directly supporting thousands of families with sustainable opportunities. so, when we were offered these incredible, hand-gathered and hand crafted jewels from the rain forrest, we couldn't resist. one of the things that makes them so special is that they are actually seeds that embody the life energy of the forest. how symbolic and meaningful is that? and they’re better than a fidget spinner too…


so, here’s the deal… we are giving them away with no gimmicks and no need to tag your friends and no hype. while supplies last, you will receive one free bracelet with each item that you order online. just be sure to mention this post and specify which color you prefer in the comment field. -
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We started today with a “red sky in morning, sailor take warning” moment and it went downhill from there. right now we’re about to evacuate a second time from our back up plan. this is a paradigm change and on its way to become the largest fire in california’s history. this is ridiculous. wish us luck.
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Come join us for a very special evening. the @changingtidesfoundation and @captainlizclark have invited us to put on a sunscreen education evening, tuesday night 8/22, 6:30-9:00 at the @tfrgallery in leucadia. come learn more about sunscreen safety and environmental impact. special goodies for sale to benefit @changingtidesfoundation .
enjoy a drinking water station by @mizulife, as well as some @vidakombucha, @duckfootbeer and @sotosake - see you there!
-photo by @jianca_lazarus
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