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What an amazing #rolemodel for our community. thank you for being part of our campaign this week @nicolejoyinspire ❤️

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Active living tip: if you're making our green rice don't forget to add the lime as it's an extremely good source of vitamin c - it's also rich in dietary fibre. find the recipe on movenourishbelieve.com... l❤️

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Throwback to the 80’s ... when you took a picture for the memory, you only sought approval from people you actually knew - and you could escape in your kombi without worrying about phone reception l❤️ #throwbackthursday #lovemyvw #morethanacar #vwaustralia #lornajane #vwambassador

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Wise words - here’s to creating a little chaos today and everyday l❤️ #gettingitdone #lornajaneactive #nevergiveup #change

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This weeks plan l❤️

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Want to be more positive?? this can be challenging because as humans we are programmed to concentrate more on the negative things that happen in our lives than the positive. to counteract this we need to focus on positive things and think about them for at least 10-20 seconds so that our brains can create positive neural pathways. the longer you savior the beautiful moments in your life the more positive pathways your brain will develop and the more positive you will become. practice makes good practice right! l❤️ #bemorepositive #positivevibes #lornajane #practice photo cred: the beautiful @louisesmit

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Let’s celebrate women everyday 😘 #morethanawoman #rolemodels #lornajane

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Because we are stronger together l❤️❤️❤️ #happyinternationalwomansday #strongertogether #lornajane

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Ahead of international woman’s day ... i’d like to show you some behind the scenes action on last weeks photo shoot 😁😁 #internationalwomensday #letscelebrate #everyday #lornajane

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Because you can l❤️ #beyourself #rolemodel #lornajane

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I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this incredible woman whilst shooting our march collections ... and let me tell you she is an inspiration!! in a world were there is so much pressure to look a certain way @karinairby is a breath of fresh air and a wonderful role model for self acceptance, self love and self belief. karina, thank you for being you 💪 and for inspiring us (and making us laugh) every day l😘😘 #inspiration #morethanawoman #rolemodel #lornajane

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Crazy few days with @jasonzambelli and my amazing team creating something special that we hope you love .... let the editing begin! l❤️ #love #lovemyteam #lornajane #somethingforyou

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Yoga .... ommmm yeah!!! #calm #present #activeliving #lornajane

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Perfectly imperfect ... what an amazing #rolemodel for women everywhere ... love you @karinairby 😘😘 thank you for being part of our campaign this week l❤️ #inspiring #more #morethanawoman #morethanthis #lornajane

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Nourishing tip ... if you find vegetables a little boring!! try roasting them and they’ll go from blah to being the favorite thing on your plate! today i did pumpkin brussel sprouts and beets yum! l❤️ #activelivingproram #bonus #nourish #lornajane

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When you don’t want the weekend to be over!!! #snoozemode #lornajane

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Planning my workouts for the week ahead and reminding myself why i workout and take care of my body l❤️ #loveyou #loveyourbody #love #lornajane

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Sunday’s .... i don’t know whether this happens to any of you ... but when i wear this tank i find more people smile at me!! which got me to thinking that what we wear and what we wear on our faces (smile or frown) is our message to the people we meet ... here’s to spreading love and positive vibes today and every day l❤️😁 #lovemycar #vwambassador #vwaustralia #morethanacar #morethanawoman #lornajane

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Today’s smoothie: 1 cup of nut milk (i used macadamia milk but almond or coconut are good too x) 1/2 frozen banana 1 cup of loosely packed spinach 1/3 cup oats 1t almond butter 2t psyllium husks (optional) 1t pure vanilla extract 1t ground cinnamon 7 ice cubes blend together for 45seconds 💪🤸‍♂️ this is the perfect smoothie to replace breakfast when you have a busy day planned , need plenty of nutrition, but have little to no time before heading out the door enjoy 👍❤️

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All this rain calls for an indoor workout ... so push away all your excuses and check out the workouts on our active living program at movenourishbelieve.com .... oh, and did i mention that it’s free! #noexcuses #seeyouthere #activeliving #lornajane

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