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Feeling so much gratitude for all of the wonderful people in my life, all of the amazing opportunities that i've been blessed with and of course for my continued health and happiness. may everyone of you feel this gratitude for your life as you start your weekend l❤️#practicegratitude #love #ljloveyou #movenourishbelieve #lornajane

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Thanks for having me la ... have so much love for this place but just as excited to get home to my aussie team, my friends, my family and of course my 'roger' l❤️ #ljloveyou #lornajaneusa #lalaland #lornajane

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Thanks for having me @homeandfamilytv i had so much fun talking about love you and cooking up one of bill's favorite recipes ... l❤️ #ljloveyou #movenourishbelieve #activeliving #lornajane

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Love these girls ❤️❤️if you've been watch my insta-stories you'll know that we were shooting a workout video here in cali yesterday ... was such an amazing day of fun and positivity ... thank you @katrinaascott and @karenadawn for all that you do to promote active living and for the inspiration and support that you give to women all over the world ... l❤️#community #girlpower #ljloveyou #activeliving #lornajane

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We make more than 100 choices every day ... let's make them good ones l❤️ #ljloveyou #potential #movenourishbelieve #activeliving #lornajane

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When in la right! ... these angel wings are directly opposite the @bottegalouie store so i can't decide whether this is me trying to resist or simply trying to decide which flavor to have next! what would you do? l🤔 #addicted #goodchoices #activeliving #movenourishbelieve #lornajane

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Thank you so much to everyone that came out to meet me and have their copies of love you signed. it was such a wonderful morning of inspiration and so amazing to here all of your stories ... till next time arizona l❤️❤️ #ljloveyou #grateful #girlpower #lornajane

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See you soon arizona ... so excited to meet you all today at my book signing l❤️ #arizona #meetandgreet #excited #ljloveyou #lornajane @lornajaneus @lornajaneactive

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So this just happened ... finished up shooting a segment about love you on @thedoctorstv so stopped in to @bottegalouie for a little la indulgence lx #noguilt #totallydeserved #activeliving #movenourishbelieve #lornajane

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Saw these stairs in la and just had to sit myself down and take a picture to celebrate their message of love ... if we do all things from a place of love just imagine the change that will bring in to the world l❤️ #love #morelove #ljloveyou #lornajane

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Dare to bare ... join me and my team @lornajaneactive to raise b****t cancer awareness by posting a picture of yourself in your favourite #lornajane sports bra ... let's reach our goal to raise $50 000 for this amazing cause lx please join me @actionalexa @lisamessenger @melissaambrosini @chontelduncan @roxyjacenko @ellie_gonsalves @turiapitt @toneitup @theskinnyconfidential @loriharder @thebalancedblonde @kayla_itsines

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There is no force equal to that of a determined woman ... l❤️ #ljloveyou #believe #movenourishbeleive #activeliving #lornajane

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Santa monica you were amazing ❤️ thanks for coming out to celebrate my new book with me, it was so great to meet you all xx next stop arizona! big love l❤️ #ljloveyou #booksigning #loveyou #activeliving #lornajane

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So many of us spend time searching for answers in the external world when we just have to stop for a moment and look from within ... l❤️ #ljloveyou #love #beyourownguru #lornajane

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So i'm in la doing interviews to promote my latest book love you and so many people are asking about my morning smoothie recipe ... so here it is 😘😘 lorna's morning smoothie: 1 shot cold brew expresso 1 scoop choc protein powder 1/2 banana (usually frozen) collagen sachet handful of ice roughly 1 cup of chilled spring water throw everything in a blender and bend till smooth ... enjoy lx i find this is the perfect pre workout pick-me-up i need in the mornings ... tell me what you think l❤️

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Throwback to shooting this months campaign at bondi ... it's always fun shooting summer styles in the middle of winter(not!). and it was so very very cold that day (look at me in my down filled jacket) and @natdarcas wearing barely anything was such a trooper 😘😘 #modellife #onsetlife #lornajane #throwbackthursday #gettingitdone

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Just thought i'd let you guys know that i'm doing a book signing this saturday 7th oct at the lorna jane santa monica store from 10am ... so if you want a personally signed copy of love you (or one for a friend) just come on down and say 'hi' see you there l❤️ #ljloveyou #meetandgreet #favthingtodo #lornajane

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Sending love to everyone but especially to those touched by the vegas tragedy ... our hearts ache for you l❤️#prayforvegas

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It's an everyday thing! and know that it's the same for everyone ... your trainer, the girls you follow on instagram and even your fav girl crush ... they have to find their own personal strength and commitment to be fit and healthy and make good decisions everyday. we're all in it together l❤️#practicedaily #ljloveyou #gooddecisions #activeliving #lornajane

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Can't believe it was just one week ago that we celebrated our 6th active nation day ... such an amazing day and celebration of how good it feels to be fit and healthy. a big thank you to everyone that celebrated with us either at an event or by moving with the lorna jane app. see you next year lx #activenationday #makeyourmovematter #activeliving #lornajane

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