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Cali days ... really enjoying my time here xx i’m planning some shoots with my team so watch out for some behind the scenes footage l❤️

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Show monday who’s boss and remember to do the simple things every day that guarantee yourself the results you deserve. create good habits and do them daily and success will follow 👊🏻 l❤️

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For me, sunday night is all about getting organised for the week ahead. one of the easiest ways to keep my mornings stress free is to prep all of my smoothie ingredients into bags xx are you looking to shake up your morning smoothie routine? add one (or all) of these ingredients for an added nutrient boost! if you want some further inspo head to movenourishbelieve.com and find my smoothie recipes for detox, energy and recovery that include these ingredients. l❤️

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Every time you eat or drink you’re deciding how you want to feel. so even when i'm eating out at my favourite local cafe i try to make healthy and nutritious choices... and nothing beats a fresh green smoothie... after my morning coffee (of course)! l❤️

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Heading into the weekend strong 👊🏻 it’s always a mind over matter thing for me when it comes to planks… they’re not my favourite exercise but i know they're good for my core, so i just put a smile on my face and get it done! l❤️

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Don’t waste your time worrying about what people think… simply focus on being yourself. dare to be original and authentic in everything; your thoughts, your actions and the way you dress. our differences are what makes us who we are! l❤️

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Happy mothers day to all the mama’s out there ✨ not really convinced that roger did this on his own but loving it anyway... l❤️

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Tip: eat your greens! they're a great source of phytonutrients that boost immunity. they also contain a healthy amount of antioxidants, are a rich source of fibre and are low in calories! l❤️

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Start today knowing that you’re fierce and fearless… and that you're a woman to be reckoned with 👊 for that extra motivation i lay out my workout gear the night before (and on wednesday’s that often involves a super motivating inspo tank) to help me though my h**p day workout. this tank is definitely what i needed this morning - #humpday let’s do this! l❤️

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If you're feeling like you're in a rut, take a step back and shift your perspective... start with believe - because when you do, you open up to the possibility of change in your life and welcome the ability to achieve great things. believing is not about never feeling stuck or falling, but more about getting back up again when you do. l❤️

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For most of our life, nothing wonderful happens. so, if you don't enjoy getting up, working, finishing your work and sitting down to a night with your family - then chances are you won't be happy. enjoy the simple things in life because if you base your happiness on major events then it will be fleeting. l❤️

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At lorna jane we live to inspire women and we know that celebrating another woman’s success will not take away from our own. because when women love and support each other incredible things happen and we become stronger together! to read my thoughts and more about our motivations behind the #morethanawoman campaign head to movenourishbelieve.com ✨

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