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The first snow always feels like... #berlin

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To fresh beginnings #berlin - happy new year!

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In cold air #asundaycarpic

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All conditions #berlin - a day in the woods w/ @nike and @allupinitt

November 2018 comment 88 star 1,220

Couldn’t be happier to be part of the new #acgfamily. as a kickoff of our ambassador program @nikesportswear invited us to one of the coolest cities i have seen so far, #pdx. can’t wait for our exciting future together!

November 2018 comment 70 star 1,635

A secret hiding in the open #oregon - can you see the end of the road? w/ #acgfamily

November 2018 comment 61 star 3,656

No reindeer games #pdx

November 2018 comment 60 star 1,714

Life comes in small packages #london - next stop portland and i can not wait to tell you more #pdx

November 2018 comment 34 star 1,369

You are gonna see me in a new light #berlin - w/ @stutterheim #ad

October 2018 comment 50 star 1,402

Promise me a place in your house of memories #berlin - w/ @thomas_k

October 2018 comment 81 star 1,339

Tell me what my dreams could mean #kiev - w/ @rrrudya

October 2018 comment 58 star 1,182

In this cold place i used to think of you #mannheim #leicam240

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