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Don’t spend your time thinking of all the things you did or should have done yesterday. focus on today!

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Life can be a difficult struggle for many people. the choice they make to keep on plugging away is courage.

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It’s so hard to know or trust what god has planned for our lives while at the same time proactively building your future. listen to you heart, pray for guidance and go.

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A time out from the lwp posts to say a very special happy anniversary to my beautiful wife. love you b!

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You are incredibly more capable than you are not. stop focusing on the negative and look at all the positive.

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Experience the world through new lenses. learn that being different is a blessing that makes the world go around.

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What is holding you back from pursuing your dreams? the thoughts in your head.

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Use your power, love and self discipline to touch the lives of others - it will help others and be fulfilling to you too.

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Don’t let someone else write your story. you own it. you control how it ends. not someone else. not your boss. not your family. not the person in your head telling you your can’t do it or you’re a failure. step in and own it starting now.

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Invest time wisely. spending it criticizing others isn’t a wise investment. spending it on you, you’ll get the best returns.

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Don’t measure yourself against others. be better than you were yesterday!

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Do what you do for the people that matter in your life. don’t pay attention to the rest of the people making noise. they don’t matter.

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