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How are you impacting others?

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Keep fighting. don’t give up. until my last breath i will continue to fight.

2 days ago comment 3 star 103

Change can often be good for you. just give it a chance and do your part.

4 days ago comment 0 star 78

Change requires patience. building capability and expertise takes time. you can’t be any of those things overnight.

1 weeks ago comment 3 star 90

Taking care of yourself is critical to taking care of others.

2 weeks ago comment 3 star 119

Stop just talking about it and do something about it.

2 weeks ago comment 1 star 129

Closing out this year and going into next year is the perfect opportunity look at what it takes to survive and thrive, and change where needed.

3 weeks ago comment 2 star 100

Not all days have to be perfect. some days it is ok to get to the end of it. tomorrow is a new day.

3 weeks ago comment 11 star 361

Try to find the good in all. you can be happy or pisssd, either way, it still exists.

3 weeks ago comment 2 star 224

Merry christmas to our soldiers who gave me the freedoms to say, “merry christmas “ and “god bless”.

3 weeks ago comment 1 star 68

Let’s all do the world some good and give people the benefit of the doubt

4 weeks ago comment 15 star 511

Courage is showing the world who you really are, not who they want you to be.

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