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Doesn’t mater the circumstances, it’s how you chose to react to them.

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Lol. no need to say more. 🚫 bs

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Don’t let someone else hold you life map. you own it. if you’re married, you own it together. and if you hold your map, don’t put it in a drawer, use it! mark it up! put notes in your margins. you own how alive you feel!

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Sorry for delay tribe. just started chemo and it knocked me down a few days. filling your pocket is important - but use what you put in your pocket to go out and fill your soul!

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Ever notice how negative people seem have c**p in their lives...and positive people don’t? well the truth is, c**p happens to both. it’s just positive people look at those things differently and don’t use them as excuses or allow them to define their lives. love life!

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Don’t let someone’s jealousy put out your own flame. don’t let people make you feel guilty for your success (if you did it the right way). ignore the haters.

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Do you treat all your friends the same? or favor the ones that you think can do stuff for you? the latter will always ignore you at some point.

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No matter your climb, your journey, you will run into demons. to slay any demon, you have to know their weakness.

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It’s a process. it’s starts simply with your words. but with commitment it defines who you are. can you make the commitment?

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How badly do you want it? what are you doing to get it? are you doing enough? are you really?

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Don’t waste your tine on people that don’t show you the same love and respect. many others willing to invest in you!

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What a gift. the past doesn’t matter. it’s what you do this day moving forward. you can start now to change your ending if you want. but you gotta want it.

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